MOMI SHARES| Pillars of quality education

Mar 21, 2018 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| Pillars of quality education

MOMI SHARES| Pillars of quality education

I remember when we were hunting for an elementary school for the boys.  We considered the quality of education, the environment, and the tools they have for teaching and learning.  Our parents invested a lot in our education, thus, we are giving the same privilege to our children.  As parents, we believe that a brighter future starts with an education.  Success though would be incomplete if the students aren’t given the right and appropriate tool and support to progress in school and in life.  Thus,  we always opt for a school that delivers, and it would be a blessing if the tuition, too, is more affordable.

Imagine then my happiness when I learned of a college that delivers the quality of education I believe each student deserves.  That after 75 years of supporting Filipinos’ education and lifelong learning, National Book Store is taking the next step by creating an institution for higher learning.  More than the quality of education it seems to give, the place as well is so strategic that it sits at the heart of Quezon City just along Quezon Avenue corner Scout Borromeo and Panay Avenue.

Quality of teaching

I am impressed with the people presented before us.  From the President to the Dean and Program Heads, each holds a vital position in the academic scene, now joining forces to deliver a formidable college education.

I always believe that the program heads are the most important educational resource and a critical determinant of quality.  With Program Heads like Ms. Lydia Echauz, for instance, I am positive the students will end up an achiever under her care.  Aside from Ms. Echauz, NBS College has an impressive line up of Program Heads, each achiever in his respective field of interest.

These Program Heads are responsible for hiring good teachers who will make the students’ educational experiences successful.   These teachers, on the other hand, are the ones who will help the students acquire fundamental learning.  Through their patience, mastery, and dedication, they can change a student’s life.   As they are more than just academic educators, the teachers can be any student’s role model.

MOMI SHARES| Pillars of quality education

MOMI SHARES| Pillars of quality education

Quality environment for teaching and learning

School facilities have a great impact on the academic performances of students.  And when we toured around the new NBS College, I am again impressed.   I must say that they have ample classrooms that can accommodate students of up to 45 each class.  They have teaching and learning facilities that are conducive and surely to meet the growing needs of each student and teacher.

The NBS College stands along a strategic location where public transport is easily accessible.  Diners within the vicinity as aplenty, giving students options when it comes to places to eat. Though NBS College also has a spacious cafeteria that serves food for both the students and school employees and executives.

Quality tools for teaching and learning

For the school year 2018 – 2019, NBS College will offer six in-demand degree programs.  These are BS Accountancy, BS Accounting Information System, BS Entrepreneurship, BS Computer Science, BS Library and Information Science, and BS Tourism Management.  Each course has appropriate curricula and inclusive teaching and learning materials and resources.  Impressive as well is that their teaching programs are not limited to theory alone but are linked to practice.  They use practical activities based on the subject for students to better understand the theory.   The school also utilizes a great amount of information and communication technology and immense potential of the internet to support the students and teachers’ needs.

True to its values of nurturance benevolence, and service, NBS College also offers academic scholarships and a special scholarship grant for its pioneer batch.

Pillars of quality education

MOMI SHARES| Pillars of quality education

MOMI SHARES| Pillars of quality education

My Firstborn still needs to spend one year in Junior High School and two years in Senior High School before he chooses his college degree.  But should he opt for NBS College, I will support his decision.  More than the physical structure of the learning institution, I am impressed with NBS College’s core values, Program Heads’ credentials, and theory-to-practice approach to teaching and learning.   These three, together with the school’s facilities, are what I consider the pillars of a quality education.

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  1. Danielle S.

    I love this! So important to know what’s going on in the schools where our kids go!

  2. Kate Andrews

    These are all things that I have never even thought of and you are right, they are so important! Thank you so much for bringing these issues up.

  3. Yonca

    Can’t agree more! The teachers can change a student’s life. Thanks for sharing this post! NBS Collage sounds like a good choice!

  4. Khushboo Motihar (@kbmotihar)

    Absolutely agree. These are the basic pillars of education all over the world and I hope schools take note of this.

  5. Sweet Southern Savings

    We are fortunate to have several wonderful local collages to choose from but that isn’t the case for many areas. So many are not getting the best education that they can.

  6. EscapeWriters

    Your post make me to rethink about my thoughts on learning…we mostly concentrate on physical structures of schools rather than core values.

    • Blair Villanueva

      How many years is National Bookstore? Over 30 years perhaps. This is one of the trusted and have strong foundation company, and its time to diversify their brand and pursue explore the education industry. Kudos for NBs for opening its first school.



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