Fate Happens

May 22, 2019 | Life, Live, Only Berlin

What’s meant to be will always find a way. – Trisha Yearwood

Do you believe in fate?

I would want to assume I don’t. Because I always hold on to what I believe.

We make our destiny as life is the sum of all our choices. Everything we do and do not do adds up, leading us to the life we created for ourselves. For every thought, word, and action is a chance for us to change lives and be directed to the one we envision ourselves to enjoying.

Fate is not the present

But as I live life, it’s becoming clear that yes, fate is real. And it is not the sum of all the choices we made and are bound to make. Those thoughts, words, and actions are our life decisions.

Decisions are like the seed we scatter to the ground and reap in time of harvest. They are the skipping meals, thus the ulcer thing kind of life. Or the YOLO (you only live once) thinking; therefore, every choice means exciting even if silly or dangerous.

Fate is not the near future

Looking at my life, I made a lot of quick and careless decisions. That led me to some agonies and hardship. But I also had some wise options that made me smile and are the reasons that keep me to love life. Both my bad and good decisions from the past are what continuously remind me to be careful of my present choices. Why? Because I look forward to a happy future. Thus, for a fruitful one life at a time, I always opt to be careful on my thought, word, and action.

Fate is our ending

As a fruitful life is very much possible as long as we make choices leading to that option, we are still destined to our fate.

What is our fate?

Fate is our ending. The present and near future are what makes living happy and sad. They are the moments that would make our fate sweet or sour.

Again, we cannot escape fate. It is bound to happen. But as life leads us to our destiny, we can make the present and the near future the reflection of a happy and contented life. They are what would make us smile on our deathbed and say, we had a happy life.

Fate happens

Fate happens

Fate happens

Why this kind of reflection?

I read to my 33-month old son the One-eyed Doe fable. The narrative is from the 200 Aesop’s Fables book I bought at the National Book Store Warehouse Sale months ago.

It’s the fable of a doe who had the misfortune to lose one of her eyes. Her thoughts and actions were pretty much calculated, opting to always feed on a high cliff near the ocean. Through this position, she could easily see with her good eye any hunter approaching her. Time passed, and the hunters were able to think of ways to catch the one-eyed doe. They hired a boat and rowed under the cliff where the doe used to feed. And fate happened. They shot the doe from the sea, and the poor one-eyed creature died. She finally met her fate.

The lesson of the story

You cannot escape your fate.


  1. Hnhfua

    Yes momshie I believe in fate pero dapat kasama rin yung mga gawain natin hirap ay explain hehe .. bsta momshie dapat gumawa lang tayo ng mabuti at maging masipag sa buhay .

  2. julie tagum olleres

    yes momsh i really believe in fate
    sabi nga nila wlang imposible sa naniniwla sa inio ❤️❤️❤️
    lahat ng impossible magigibg possible

  3. Dhiasalazarrivera

    Yes momsh i believe in fate too



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