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Apr 23, 2017 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

I am 27 weeks pregnant and I plan to have a water birth at Shiphrah Birthing Home.  A birthing place in Taytay Rizal, Shiphrah Birthing Home is run by missionaries and midwives.  Their goal is to help empower pregnant women and guide them to make informed choices.

At first, I opt for a water birth at Shiphrah because I would want to be practical and save our family from the high hospitalization cost. As I compute it, we will be needing more or less P100,000 for my normal vaginal delivery.  At Shiphrah, we will not even pay half or one-fourth of my estimated birthing cost.  And as I read more about water birth, the more I am encouraged to experience a more mother-focused birth.  This means it would be I who direct my labor and birth with the help of welcoming midwives.  Plus, there will be no pain-relieving drugs or medical intervention during my labor which, I believe, is both beneficial to my baby and myself.

Sadly, though, my mother and husband are not in favor of my initial decision.  This made me doubt my own choice and go back to the traditional way of childbirth – normal vaginal delivery.

Not until I met again and this time had an inspiring quick chat with Ms. Betty San Luis, CD.  She is a certified doula and the main childbirth mentor of Birthing is a Blessing. Aside from conducting childbirth preparation classes, she is trained to assist a mother during childbirth giving the mom an empowering birthing experience.  I saw her again at the recently concluded Smart Parenting Baby Shower in Crowne Plaza Manila Galeria.

MOMI LIVES| Water Birth for our Fifth

MOMI LIVES| Water Birth for our Fifth

Unlike the four normal deliveries I had before, water birthing is as uncomplicated as it sounds.   A woman labors and gives birth in a tub filled with water.  As Ms. San Luis explained, water calms the body.  It also improves circulation which helps lessen the body’s reaction to pain.  Add to that, water makes a mother in labor feel lighter.  This helps reduce the pressure making her sensitive to her body’s wanting to find her most comfortable position and invite the natural flow of labor hormones.

the natural flow of labor hormones

MOMI LIVES| Water Birth for our Fifth

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Oxytocin is naturally released when a woman in labor feels safe, comfortable, and loved.  And the best place to feel all these is when she is with her family.  Thus, in my upcoming water birth, I plan my family to be there.  Seeing them relaxes me and their encouragement would be more than enough for me not to feel the pain of labor.


With the presence of her family, a mother will feel more relaxed and calm through her childbirth.  And the more relaxed she could be, the more endorphins she produces.  Because endorphins are natural pain killers, the less then that a laboring mother feels pain.  Given this, I need to prepare as early as now and determine what relaxes me most.  I know thinking of happy thoughts relaxes me thus I plan to imagine my boys swimming, laughing, and us playing board games and just laughing out loud.

Change the way you view birth

I am nearing my 40s.  My family is gifted with four healthy and smart boys.  And we will be having our last boy by July 17.  Though unexpected, I have learned to accept this reality and in no way ruin it just because I am not ready.  But what I am most certain is the way I view birth now.  I am very much informed of my choices now.  I do not want to say it came in late.  It just came at the right time when I know I am now physically and emotionally ready.  And what changed the way I view birth?

MOMI LIVES| Water Birth for our Fifth

MOMI LIVES| Water Birth for our Fifth

Motherhood, as I live it, is a gift not anyone can appreciate until she learns to truly live it.

I am an empowered pregnant mother and I know what is best for my baby and myself.  I know I was born to be a mother and so I live it by heart.

This mother thanks Smart Parenting for inviting her cover its first Baby Shower event for the year.  As usual, I learned a lot from the speakers, discovered new products to try, and met new mom friends.  Special thank you as well to Mommy Treats, Giant Carrier, Smart Steps, Babyganics, and Baby Belo for all the gifts.


  1. Wendy

    Beautifully written! So touching as well.

    • berlin

      Thank you. I hope i also got your approval re my decision, huh?

  2. Michi

    It is really expensive to give birth now, you really need 6 digits figure if you will choose a private hospital. How much more yung mga expensive na hospital pa. I watched water birth in one movie parang ang hirap kasi wala anes.

  3. Nilyn Matugas

    I would loooove a water birth for Nate’s siblings! I’ve always wanted that since the day I watched a video of it on Youtube! Kasi, hindi pilit e, and it’s more natural. Healing is a lot easier din daw with water birth. I hope mas madami pa water birth in the future.

  4. Jill

    Water birth is really sketchy for those who aren’t familiar with it. However, I am seeing a lot of deliveries through this method nowadays. I think, with proper education, self-preparedness, and support, I am sure this will turn out to be a success. I also think this is more natural doing NSVD in the hospital. You are more in control of giving birth.

  5. Martine

    Wonderful, mama. I applaud you! I had a gentle, unmedicated, doula-led birth for my second, but it was done in St. Luke’s. Considering how well that went, maybe next time (if God wills it), I will be able to experience a water birth. Betty is amazing; she and my doula, Irina Othmakhova, are increasing awareness for home births.

  6. Teresa Dumadag

    I’m glad that more and more women are now being educated about birthing. I used to be so afraid of giving birth. I must have heard a lot of horror stories. But, I’m also happy that I was relatively happy with the way I was able to give birth to my 3 children. I didn’t have any painkillers. They were all-natural. I thought that I didn’t have the strength and courage to go through this kind of birth but God showed me that it can be done. I felt empowered! I pray for your safe delivery.

  7. mhaan a

    I would love to try this in the future. But I have to wait many years pa since e-cs ako kay Cloud. Sobrang bilib ako sa mga mommies na nagwater birth. I can’t imagine how did they manage the labor pain lalo na kung walang anes. Ang galing talaga!

    • momiberlin

      I also have high regards to moms who choose water birth. How I wish I could push through with this plan. Not to make myself proud but I truly love to experience it and so my boys wouldn’t be injected with any chemical.



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Motherhood, as I live it, is a gift not everyone can appreciate until she learns to truly live it. More musings and realizations, fun discoveries, and mommy tips at Momi Berlin's blog.

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