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Jan 8, 2017 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

I found these old pictures (all blurred and out of focus).  They made me smile and cry.  My boys were so small then, and yet they learned to be independent at such a tender age.  Their mama needs to work, and as they arrived from school, they only have their mother’s note for them to read.  That made me cry.  But what made me smile was that they have grown to be independent.  And until now, they carry with them an old habit that only started with a simple love note from mama.

writing those love notes

Aside from hugging and kissing my boys and loving to smell them, I also enjoy leaving notes for them to read.

As I pack their baon, I would often include a note.  Usually written on a colorful pad or even on the bread itself, the message would always be to remind the boys that mama loves them so much.


I thought the kids would just be bored with the notes.  But I later found out that they commented on them and even are thrilled to read them again and again.  Or maybe on Big Bunso’s case only.  As I arrive from work, he would always reassure me that they have read the note and would ask, “did you write them for us, mama?”

I also leave notes for them to read at home.  These are mostly my reminders for them.  I really would like to prepare their merienda, but because I need to work, I am not always at home to guide and serve their needs.  I leave notes then for them to be reminded that they have to fill their stomach with something while waiting for supper.  I know they would raid and eat something from the ref or cookie canister, but I still leave a note to remind them.  Old habits perhaps.



beyond those love notes

Then I realized.  It wasn’t an old habit.  While the world is filled with negativity, the best option we as parents can do for our kids is to always remind our precious little children that their home is a place of safety, love, and joy.  With leaving a note for them to read, I believe that even when I am not around, they would still feel that they are well taken care of, and their mama always thinks of them.

Many might find this corny or too crappy.  I wouldn’t mind.  As long as my kids do not complain, I will always leave something for them to read.

Even the boys would leave messages for their parents  Firstborn would message his father to help check his math assignment.  Husband used to be home rather late that the kids were already asleep by the time he arrived.


And so nice to find out that even husband would acknowledge the favor by leaving a message as well.  I felt relieve that in our household, leaving messages isn’t awkward at all.

send them your message of love

So why not leave a message for your loved ones?  It might be a thank you note or a  bit of encouragement for an upcoming test or activity.  That simple note might even make a day so grand and special.


Husband’s pancake with a heart at the middle, designed by his Big Bunso.


  1. Wendy

    Ang cute nung notes mo. May drawing pa. You’re really the coolest mom. No wonder you are bunso’s first love!

    • msbolin

      naks! salamat. blush blush.

  2. Michi

    Wow, so sweet naman. I’m not a type of mom who always leaves notes and I’m not sure if my son appreciates love notes. I give cards if there are occasions only but I will try that, maybe next school year. hehehe!

    • momiberlin

      Heheh, no harm in trying. He might find it sweet as well. And definitely, he will all the more feel your love and concern,

  3. Shai

    I love handwritten notes. I just feel like it is something more personal and emotional 🙂 And your sketches are so cute too! Super #mommygoals talaga 🙂

    • momiberlin

      My kids draw better than me. I guess I learned drawing from them. I could be a silly and playful mom but could sometimes be so strict din. Ehehe.

  4. mhaan a

    They are so sweet. I wish Cloud do the same when he gets older.

    • momiberlin

      Your Cloud will definitely be sweet. Just be consistent on being sweet and caring to him too and he will remember and be used to that. He will definitely reciprocate.

  5. Nilyn Matugas

    I don’t see this a corny or crappy at all! I think it’s really cute and thoughtful! You know what, you’re giving me home tips for Nate when he starts going to school. And who do I ask when it comes to growing boys? you, of course, lalo na siguro sa puberty stage niya! haha.

    • momiberlin

      Start him young. Even today you could draw ships and letters on his bread. It will help him appreciate learning as well.

  6. Melisa Sanchez

    Wow! You’re so creative and sweet, CREATIVE look oh sa mga foods na prepare mo subrang effort with love. SWEET, your so sweet mother kasi aside from preparing good food for your boys may letter pa, so it also a big motivation to your kids and reminding them that you love them very much.

    • berlin

      Thanks. Now na malaki na sila. They seem to dont mind the letters na, dapat masarap na food na lang. ehehe. Pero I agree, our love letters to them not only make them feel loved but motivated them as well to study hard.

  7. Michelle

    That’s such a sweet act, Momi Berlin. As for me nga, what I plan to do is create an email address for my son, where I can send him love letters on that email kahit on a weekly basis lang. Then pag malaki na s’ya, i’ll give him the credentials and let him log-in para mabasa n’ya yung emails from me. I’d like to raise kids din na thoughtful and expressive just like how you did it. 🙂

  8. May Palacpac

    Awww….I wish I were that sweet but it’s my under-sentimentality that is probably why I don’t give out love notes that much, haha. In fact, it’s not that I don’t appreciate them, but I do not keep cards and love notes. I take photos of them and post them, and hope that one day I’ll find time to compile them and scrapbook them. But I admire moms who find the time and put love effort to write notes to their children and their husbands.

  9. Neri Ann

    I would really love to receive notes from my kids too! I remember nung high school days usong uso ang mga letters lalo na hindi pa uso ang facebook nun.


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