MOMI EXPERIENCES | Delgado Clinic’s Optimal Birth Outcome

Jan 19, 2018 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

MOMI EXPERIENCES | Delgado Clinic's Optimal Birth Outcome

MOMI EXPERIENCES | Delgado Clinic’s Optimal Birth Outcome

It was 15 years ago when I visited my OB-Gyn for my regular prenatal checkup.  He told me my cervix was already 3cm and I should pack my things and proceed to the hospital.  I was so clueless about what to expect and what would happen next.  All I knew was to trust my doctor and if I can, enjoy each experience.

My Optimal Birth Outcome experience

We arrived at the hospital passed lunch time.  I was brought to the labor room.  The room was similar to an emergency room, with curtains dividing each bed.  I could hear other moms in labor wailing, even cursing.  My doctor warned me to never be hysterical or else he will leave me alone.  I took it seriously and cried in silence.  The labor pains were really something you wouldn’t want to experience again.  After 11 hours of monitoring, a number of IEs, and several BPs, I was finally brought to the delivery room.

It was midnight of May 17.  My hands and legs were strapped.  I was instructed to make a push.  It took us three hours before finally hearing a loud wail of a baby – my boy.  At 3:10 am, I gave birth to my Firstborn.  And everyone in the room gasped, “your son is so handsome.” Then I lost consciousness.

The Optimal Birth Outcome program

MOMI REMEMBERS | Experiences firsthand Delgado Clinic's Optimal Birth Outcome

MOMI EXPERIENCES firsthand Delgado Clinic’s Optimal Birth Outcome

I went back to that hospital yesterday.   The facade is still the same.  The security guard may not be the same person 15 years ago, but the same courtesy was extended to me.  I, together with fellow online influencers, toured the place.  The wall painting and even the curtains changed.  But the same secure feeling was there.  I knew that again, I was home.

Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital, more popularly known as the Delgado Clinic, has been championing mother care for 70 years already.  It has recorded more than a hundred thousand babies delivered since 1948.  From normal births to high-risk complications, the Delgado Clinic has always been known for taking the extra measure of love and personalized care to each mom and baby.  I should know because I was able to experience it first hand, 15 years ago with my Firstborn.

Now, to all the more live up to its legacy, the Delgado Clinic introduces the Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) program.  It is a free three-day workshop that serves as the ultimate care, support, and education system for moms-to-be and even their partners.

The program focuses on five aspects of health, all scientifically proven to have wide-ranging effects for every pregnancy.

Nutrition and Wellness

Delgado Clinic has localized the latest scientific nutrition information.  This is to support reduced negative birth outcomes, achieve optimum growth and development of the baby, and provide a stable environment from which both mother and child may spring from.

Biotransformation & Elimination of Toxicants

The advent of urbanization has surrounded mothers with multiple toxic elements. Pulling from the latest scientific evidence, the OBO program equips mothers with the practical knowledge of avoiding and substituting today’s most commonly used harmful chemicals.

Stress Management

The Delgado Clinic believes that stress during pregnancy may bring problem.  For one, it may affect the baby’s developing brain, metabolic system, and body.  The workshop will discuss the long-term maternal and childhood diseases linked to stress.  Likewise, the mothers will learn multiple ways of managing stress.

Exercise in Pregnancy

We all know that physical exercise improves overall health and wellness.  The OBO program will stress the importance of exercise during pregnancy and how it prepares the body for labor, delivery, and life after delivery.

Sleep Management

Establishing good sleep patterns during pregnancy is physically, psychologically, and emotionally important. The OBO program will tackle how a good sleep pattern plays an important role in the preparation for birth.  It will also demonstrate sleep’s significance in protecting the baby from the psychological stresses and strains of pregnancy.

The Optimal Birth Outcome goal

MOMI REMEMBERS | Experiences firsthand Delgado Clinic's Optimal Birth Outcome

MOMI EXPERIENCES firsthand Delgado Clinic’s Optimal Birth Outcome

Dr. Rolando Balburias, President and General Manager of Delgado Clinic, stressed that “an Optimal Birth Outcome is achieved when there is zero or reduced complications. The OBO program aims for this by providing added-value services to all moms-to-be. And no matter what level of physical or emotional health each mother comes in with, the goal of the program is to provide the best possible childbearing outcome for each mother and child.  The Delgado Clinic is firm in its commitment to making sure each child not only lives but flourishes, too.

Such goal isn’t hard to achieve at all.  After all, the Delgado Clinic remains committed to the legacy left by its late founder, Dr. Jesus Delgado.  The hospital operates with the same vision and mission of its founder.  And for the past 70 years, it remains faithful to championing mother care.  I should know.  I was able to experience such, 15 years ago with my Firstborn.

For the schedule of workshop, check Momi Berlin’s directory

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  1. Neri Ann

    Sana lahat ng hospitals may ganitong program kasi hindi naman lahat ng nanay nakaka-attend ng mga maternity events. Katulas ko swerte na lang at may mga blogging events for pregnancy, breastfeeding and the likes. Mahalaga talaga yung mga ganitong klase ng activities especially for moms to be kasi madame silang makukuhang impormasyon.

  2. Michi (@michisolee)

    It is good to know that hospitals are now offering free workshop. Kudos to Delgado Clinics. This is a big help for pregnant women, lalo na sa mga wala budget.

  3. EINz

    Wow! ibang level na ang support ng hospitals especially to first time moms. Good to know they have programs like these.

  4. Ditas | Henry’s Mom

    Oh wow! What a great program. As an OBGYN resident in training, I am glad to know that there’s a hospital that gives such importance to prenant women.

  5. Janice

    I was invited to attend this event as well but I had to decline because it was just too far from our place. It’s great that they have this program for moms and babies though. It’s really important. I wish all the hospitals here will have a similar program too.

  6. Mommy Gracie

    Love to know sis that hospitals are now taking initiatives sa pag aalaga at pag educate sa mga buntis at bagong nanay



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