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Apr 24, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Miracles are an understatement, dear friends.

I manage a household with five boys and still could sleep soundly at night.  Perhaps, I was too tired to even notice I was tired.  But what I would like to drive at is that this is the life I choose to live.   Thus, I am living it to the fullest and seeing to it that I wholeheartedly play the role I choose.

I would often race against time, finding myself too exhausted at the middle of each chore.  I cook, manage some household chores, look after our 20-month-old baby, and still find a few times to caress the growing child inside my tummy.  This mom seldom goes outside as I prefer to again, cook, manage some house chores, look after our little tot, and sit back to spend even a few minutes to check on the growing human inside me.  Do I ever shop given my so busy schedule?

Of course, I do.  I am just a gal who enjoys the thrill of bargain hunting, the victory of finding first, and the delight of bringing home a great find.  But unlike my girlfriends who never tire of walking the aisles of each mall, I prefer to shop at the comforts of our small house.


Online shopping even in my pajamas

How to enjoy great discounts at ShopBack!

How to enjoy great discounts at ShopBack!

I am positive most of you have heard of  It is a Singapore-headed e-commerce startup that offers shoppers extra cash back for every purchase.  This cashback site has more than 500 merchant stores and is the preferred site in Singapore and Malaysia.  It was last year when this Asian online shopping craze finally hit the Philippine shore.  Honestly, I was not even aware what it offers not until recently when I was invited to try it out and make a review.  And I must say it indeed made my life easier.  I need not go out to shop for my needs or my boys’ needs.   I could even do my online shopping in my pajamas.

Shopping is not limited to dresses and shoes.  I seldom buy clothes for myself.  But I love to buy a bottle or two of perfumes to give as gifts to my loved ones.  Last Christmas, I shopped for fragrances which I gave as Holiday gift to our pediatrician.  I enjoyed the Sephora sale in addition to the cashback I received.  I made an additional order of makeup for my mom simply because she loves to glam herself just like those movie stars.

Cheaper booking with coupons and cashback

To celebrate the New Year, we preferred to book a hotel.  It was a first time for the family to greet the New Year in a different place, and definitely, it will never be the last.  The boys enjoyed our Subic adventure as they were able to swim till they drop, sleep not in their usual bed, and dine not their mom’s typical dishes.  I just booked through Shopback and was redirected to  I attest to the cheaper bookings with coupons and cashback.  And if ever we will decide to make an out-of-town trip or hopefully a trip abroad, I will certainly check out through Shopback again.

When I check ShopBack’s list of shop affiliates, I spotted  I haven’t tried this yet but I am excited to find amazing deals, discounts, offers, and coupons through

Unlimited savings on my favorite stores

Unlike other shopping platforms, what sets ShopBack a way different is its cashback feature.  This means that whenever one shops through this online platform, participating stores pay commission.  Shopback shares this incentive with the shoppers by giving cashback! Yes, online shoppers literally get cash back from their purchase. Aside from the cashback reward system, ShopBack also provides discount coupons and voucher codes for each online shopping.   With more than 500 merchant stores like Lazada, ZALORA,  eBay,  Forever 21, Gap, SanDisk and the list goes on, who wouldn’t get excited and prefer to shop online instead?  Surely, one couldn’t find all these stores in one location and window shop for about an hour or two only without hurting those feet.

How to enjoy great discounts at ShopBack!

How to enjoy great discounts at ShopBack!

One could request for payout once he reached the redeemable cashback of P300.00.  Cashing out the cashback may be done through PayPal or your bank account.

Free Shipping from select stores

 Perhaps there are a few who are discouraged to do online shopping because of the high cost of the shipping fee.  With the comprehensive range of products in front of you, you would certainly love to get as much as you can.  Only that you begin to have second thoughts because the more your list weighs, the more expensive the shipping would be.  But with Shopback free shipping at these stores, you need not worry about such rules.  They have taken their deals to the next level with the free shipping on all items.  One only needs to reach a minimum amount of spending.  But if you factor in the cashback that comes from these merchant stores, you still have the best overall savings.

Great discounts at ShopBack!

Honestly, I love ShopBack!  Not that I am an online shopaholic.  But when I checked the merchant stores, almost all of the shops I occasionally check online plus frequent at the malls before are working with ShopBack.    Another reason is that I get extra and even unlimited savings whenever I shop online because of its  “getting cash back” feature.  Not to mention that the free shipping is definitely a helpful way for me to save on my shopping.  And lastly, I could shop without leaving the small house and still look after my 20-month-old son as I cook lunch for my family.  I told you, I could be that real busy.

Again, miracles are an understatement.  Miracles do happen.  Online buying or booking while getting back cash is a form or it.   And it is a massive understatement to comment that ShopBack is just plain online shopping.


  1. Wendy

    Great intro! Now i get the understatement thing.

    • berlin

      Hehehe. Yes. And thanks sa help.

  2. Katzi Felix Santos

    I didn’t know we had this here! Thank you for writing about this. I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping since becoming a mom to twins late last year. It saves plenty of time and allows me to be with my babies more. One downside, though, is that I don’t get to earn points for my in-store rewards cards anymore. So I’m really glad to know I can now get rewards for shopping online!

  3. theresa

    It’s a good thing that cashback offers a percentage of the cash you used in a merchant. I hope they would lower their cashback amount because for people who aren’t into online shopping much, it’s such a waste if they can’t get the percentage of what they bought. UI have an account from them but I haven’t received my cash back yet. I think I ordered more than 5 times in different establishment already using cashback.

  4. Johna

    Mmmm interesting! It’s actually my first time hearing about this. Thanks for the intro, will def have to do little more research into hehe.


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