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Apr 20, 2017 | Likes, Links, Only Berlin

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I once wore a wig.  I got those curly black ones to make myself look like an 80s person.  Everyone had a good laugh.  Those big curls did not suit me.  But then, I had fun wearing it.  And if asked to wear one again, will I try for the second time?

Definitely, but I think I would prefer the short hair wig instead.  Also, I would opt not for the synthetic but the human-type hair wig.  When I checked some sites offering short human hair wig, I smile as I imagine myself wearing one.  Unlike my previous experience wherein I looked like a funny clown, these human hair wigs are my preferred choice when I want a natural, beautiful look.

But why do I want to wear wigs?

Wear your style

Wear your style | I checked Black Hairspray and fell in love with its large and fine selection of human hair wigs.

Not that I want to hide some hair issues as I love my hair as it is. I just like the thought of how easy it would be to try various hairstyles.  Sometimes, I am in the mood to try a distinct look and definitely, a different hairstyle makes one look different already.  I could change my hairstyle from short to long and even change my hair color.  Definitely, with wigs on my dresser, I will never get stuck with a certain hairstyle especially if I feel bored with that look.

Are wigs safe to wear?

Being the Obsessive Compulsive person that I am, I researched first on the possible side effects of wearing wigs.  I am relieved that no problems would occur if I just take care of those head pieces.  Aside from that, I need to always clean and condition my hair regularly.  It is also important that I use wigs that fit my head properly and they should be worn correctly.  It wouldn’t hurt as well if I check on any allergic issues about the material.  With human or natural hair wigs, there wouldn’t be any issues with allergies, I suppose.

Wear your style

So do you feel a little playful sometimes and wear the style you would love to project?  How about we try wearing human hair wigs for a change?  Sometimes, all we need is a wig to feel fun, classy, fabulous or trendy.




  1. Wendy

    I think i need one. I’d love one which is jet black, very thick (oohlala), straight and medium length. Hahaha

    • momiberlin

      Do you still remember when we passed by SM Department Store’s Ladies Accessories? Then I tried those wigs? Ihihi. I really love to have at least two or three.

      • Wendy

        Yup bagay nga sa yo yung wig hehehe

  2. Stephanie Guinoo

    I would love to kaso po nung nag try ako once hindi din talaga siya bumagay sakin at hindi din po ako marunong maglagay heheh.. Maganda din po talga sana mag wig noh..para for a change naman po. ❤

    • berlin

      yes, for a change naman. Perhaps practice makes perfect. Or we may ask help from salon stylist how to properly put on wigs. Ihiihi.

  3. Kris

    I never thought of wearing one but this article made me ask myself..what if? Haha! My hairstyle has always been the same, long and straight, with black to darker shades of brown. I guess wearing a wig would as well give me an idea of what I would look like if I would change my look. I won’t be buying one though but I guess I’ll try the ones on display if I have the chance..haha!

  4. baldyosa

    You know, the hair that we have in our heads are our crowning glory. Whatever we do, whatever we say, people would always be looking at our heads — our hair. And because of that, we must always find a way to innovate and be able to show off our styles and personality. Wearing wigs like these ones are perfect for extroverts and those who are willing to experiment and have fun. Wigs give people confidence and a boost for self-esteem — people should really purchase a pair or two

  5. Nicole P.

    I am definitely in want of having a pixie cut, but I know I can’t commit. That Cat woman Halle berry style is so cool <3 <3 You think that black hairspray has a style like that? 😀 Also, Human hair wigs are great for doing cosplays… because you won't need to have your hair undergo so much process of curling and bleaching just to get the right anime color. D


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