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Dec 22, 2016 | Love, Only Berlin

We had our Christmas party at home. After our lunch, we exchanged gifts and wished everyone a fruitful 2017.


A sweet friendship refreshes the soul| from left Melisa of Seafarers Wife Diaries, Nilyn of Above Precious Rubies, and Mhaan of Mommy Rockin’ In Style

They are my closest mommy blogger friends. We met first quarter of 2016 in one Eats a Date event in Quezon City. Seldom did we see each after that. Looking after our boys is perhaps one demanding task that hinders us from leaving the house anytime. Blogging events should be scheduled appropriately or else the kids would suffer. And it is the least we want for our children.

An occasion in our family called for a reunion. They were supportive of the preparation and found time to be part of it. We celebrated my son’s first birthday. From there, I know I have girl friends I could run to for help. They care for and love my little man as their own.


A sweet friendship refreshes the soul

Because of our common interest, we’ve attended a few events together. And in each meeting, we exchanged tips and ways to improve our blogs and even ourselves. There was even a time when Mhaan of conducted her first makeup workshop with us as her students. She also shared brands she trusts and colors that would complement our skin tone.


A sweet friendship refreshes the soul|  We are complete here with (second from left) Madz of Mommy n’ More

Though we rarely see each other, we still communicate through Facebook. We share stories we’ve heard and seen, update ourselves with the latest trends in blogging, and laugh at our silly jokes and mommy musings.

Last Wednesday, we met and celebrated Christmas. We shared food and stories. We laughed a lot. Each wished one another happy holidays. We also prayed for an even stronger friendship that would last a lifetime.


A sweet friendship refreshes the soul

They are my mommy blogger friends, and I love them dearly.  Thank you for the friendship.  With you, I always feel safe.

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

— Proverbs 27:9


  1. Nilyn Matugas

    Love you, ladies, my closest blogger friends! ♥
    Thanks for the time together!
    Happy holidays! :*

    • momiberlin

      And more time together in 2017 and beyond 🙂

  2. Wendy

    I like the bible quote. So true.

    • momiberlin

      Yes, the same way your love brings to me everyday 🙂

  3. Louisa

    It’s great that you’ve found friendships through blogging. I’ve also been able to find close mommy blogger friends. It seems like we’ve known each other for years. I hope I get to join Mhaan’s make up workshops!

    • momiberlin

      Friendship makes life more meaningful and worth living. They are life family. Hopefully Mhaan conducts another make up workshop, there’s still so much to learn. 🙂


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