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Oct 21, 2016 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

Note:  Written three years ago, I chanced upon this writing from my old files.  Again, another lesson from a nine-year-old boy, and this time, Momi Berlin learns of trust and faith. (September 18, 2013)

Innovation begins with wonder.

Living with three beautiful growing boys is always an adventure and a learning experience.  Everyday, I learn new things.  and it is because of them that I learn important lessons in life such as patience, humility, and love.   Most of the time, too, they teach me valuable lessons that I hope make me a better person.

Yesterday was another learning experience.   I learned about faith.    That I should trust my boys even if they are twenty years my junior. Belittling any of her sons’ creativity isn’t something a parent should do.  Because from these youngsters’ imagination  bore inventions.  And almost all inventions begin with mere wondering.  It is then their desire to sophisticate things that further push them to innovate.

It was my second son’s imagination that led him to invent and create his own cellphone holder cum charger cup.




trust and faith from a 9yo boy

Second son imagined having a cellphone holder.   And if his mobile phone was with him inside his bag or pocket, he imagined a holder to keep his cellphone charger neatly tucked.  He still had not seen one in the market.  And he wasn’t fond of buying, either.  He preferred to collect things which I labeled as “scrap” and “trash”.   He did not mind, though.  He still collected those empty shoe boxes, drinking cups and spam / pork and beans cans.  And from there created his own precious belongings.


Yes, I believe almost everything begins from imagination. Even the airplanes and telephones were all discovered and invented by an individual who one day wondered.   And the “scrap” and “trash” around these individuals further ignite their natural curiosity, challenging them to create, and invent things which for them are innovative and useful.

And so, second son proudly showed to me his cellphone holder cum charger holder.  He reassured me that he washed the drinking cup thoroughly before using it.


Inventions are aplenty.  It is my son’s aspiration — to make use of  a disposable drinking cup useful other than its original purpose of holding a drink — that makes it very inspiring and commendable.    He aspires to innovate.


trust and faith from a 9yo boy

However, our little inventors may stop innovating if we do not show much faith.  I learned once that the presence of a great audience further inspires us to keep going and find new things.  And so, from this day forward, I will be your fan.  Because I will always have faith in you, second son.


My then nine-year-old boy is now 12.  He was able to invent a lot of things already, all were neatly tucked inside his knick knack box.  And just this morning before he left for school, he brought with him his newest invention – a trebuchet.  He was in a hurry I wasn’t able to take a photo of his catapult.  But to give you a better view, it is something close to this –

trust and faith from a 9yo boy

trust and faith from a 9yo boy


This is his entry to the Engineering Club Make your own Trebuchet Contest.  I hope he wins.  But surely, he won already in my heart.


  1. Gracie

    Wow! Your son is very creative sis. And you’re very supportive. Engineering for kids program is perfect for him.

  2. Michi

    I always collect boxes and sell it in junkshop so sometimes I get irritated when my son gets all the boxes. He likes using my boxes for his artwork, he uses it as a cellphone holder too. I hope he can also invent trebuchet in the near future.

  3. Above Precious Rubies

    Very good, Miguel! ♥ Baka maging tanyag na imbentor paglaki itong batang ‘to. I’ve said this so many times already, I will say it again – ang talino talaga ng mga junakis mo! Good job boys and good job Momi Berlin and Papa Joema! 😀

  4. Melisa Sanchez

    Wow ha, your son Miguel he is amazing to think that things. What a creative idea!Your so blessed to have your sons na mga matalino at mababait sis.

  5. Mommy Anna

    Kids now a days is so creative and has a wide imagination There are things that they can think or they can do na hindi na atin alam na magagawa nila or tayo ang makakagawa. My son loves to experiment in old boxes and etc na patapon na. Good job to your son

  6. Madz

    I think it’s great that he was able to make trash useful again. That’s very creative! It’s really true that kids teach us to see the world in different ways!

  7. Michelle

    Parents showing faith in what their kid(s) can do is definitely a confidence booster! It’s always good to know that someone believes in you, diba? When I was a child I was told that I don’t dance gracefully and it broke my heart to pieces. So up to now, I still think that I don’t dance gracefully so I might as well not opt to dance at all. Hehe. Btw, you’re raising a future inventor, Momi Berlin! Keep it up. 🙂


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