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Aug 17, 2017 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

My kids have their favorite toys.  And more often than not, they keep those precious possessions just for themselves.  I felt a little paranoid knowing this.  I’ve been very vocal to the boys to share what they have.  Read, though, in one Psychology book that a growing kid develops an attachment to things as well as persons.  It was like a child having the difficulty to share his mother with others or share his favorite pillow to his other brothers.  He becomes too attached to that stuff that it becomes a part of himself.

Teaching the kids, though, how to share is something not forbidden or hopeless.  I’ve learned that sharing is a learned activity.  We may teach our kids the value of sharing.  And though it takes time to master the art of sharing, we parents should be patient.  After all, we are building here the groundwork of a more selfless and giving individual.

As I was checking some photos, I came across these photos.  It was Christmas 2012 when this mother has been too proud of her boys.  The kids gave me a list of the names of their classmates and told me that they want to give a Christmas present to them.

MOMI SHARES| The Value of Sharing | not too grand but something to show WE APPRECIATE YOU


MOMI SHARES| The Value of Sharing| coloring books for bunso’s grade 1 classmates.

It really felt great to see the kids growing up to be responsible and sensitive.  And as always, this mama is always proud of her boys. She then thought of sharing some simple steps to introduce to the children the value of sharing until it becomes a part of their system.

The Value of Sharing

Model generosity

Model generosity through simple everyday deeds like “Momi is sharing her chips.  Who wants some chips?”  It is important that children see that their parents share as well.  This means sharing is something OK to do.  Remember, children imitate their elders and usually, they consider us their role models.  Seeing that we are selfish of our things may most likely teach our kids to do the same.

 Do not force a child to share

To any youngsters’ mind, some toys or possessions are just too special to share.  Perhaps these are gifts from their parents.  Or toys they saved up for.  They simply cannot stand the sight of others holding or playing with their things.  Should they cling to their belongings, respect that attachment.   It is but unfair to force them to share.

At their tender age, they still cannot grasp the idea of sharing.  But with constant modeling, they will soon understand the concept of sharing.  And it will come naturally to them to let others borrow their things.  As we display kindness, they will be kind as well.

give children opportunity to share

It would be helpful as well if you verbalize to your kids that “sharing makes momi happy.  It will make you happy, too.”  And to encourage them more, it wouldn’t hurt if you expose them to volunteer works and other opportunities that promote generosity and kindness. Through these, your children will learn that sharing is something natural.

MOMI SHARES| The Value of Sharing

Our kids will learn the value of sharing if they see this value in their own home.  Be a role model.  Do not force them should they become clingy of their things.  But be consistent in displaying generosity.  Above all, give them all the opportunity to share.  Being exposed to such activities will all the more make them realize that sharing is a natural thing to do.  In the end, we are building here the groundwork of a more selfless and giving individual.


  1. Indrani

    Children should be taught these values when they are very young. I liked the tips that you have given. There used to be some very good books on these concepts. They helped a lot then. It is in blogs these days. 🙂

  2. Teresa Dumadag

    I agree that we need to be patient in teaching our kids values. It is easier to teach academics than values. We need to regularly model the values and give them opportunities to practice them. We need to remind them countless times, also.

  3. Milton Coyne

    It is very nice to see that at a very young age your kiddos already know the real value of sharing.. it’s really wonderful to teach your kids on how to share their blessings without expecting anything in return.
    This kind of value is being learned by kids more effectively not from their schools but from the comfort of their home through the help of their parents
    Kudos for yor kiddos!



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