#Promil4iShine Masters shares ways to nurture your child’s gifts

Apr 3, 2022 | Live, Only Berlin

Nurture your child’s gifts

Does your child sing in tune after hearing a song play just a couple of times? Or does your youngster perform a Tiktok dance routine flawlessly after watching the steps on your mobile phone?

#Promil4iShine Masters shares ways to nurture your child's gifts

Children are gifted in their ways, and these typically manifest early. Parents who recognize these gifts early on can help nurture and help youngsters reach their full potential.

There are various ways parents can support and nurture these gifts. Still, the most basic and essential way to help children nowadays is to ensure they have fewer sick days and more healthy days. Likewise, there should be more opportunities to rehearse, practice, and give their commitment.

Give them a daily glass of the new and best-ever* PROMIL® FOUR. It now has the NutriGift System™ with MOS+ (Milk Oligosaccharides), the not-so-secret ingredient that doubles your child’s immunity to nurture the gift.

Aside from MOS+, the new reformulation contains 4x higher DHA levels versus the previous formulation, contributing to overall brain growth or mental development, and 37 other mind and body nutrients, like Selenium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and more. 

The most respected mentors in various creative fields share how PROMIL® FOUR NutriGift System™ with MOS+ can support nurturing your child’s gifts:

Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, National Artist for Music

#Promil4iShine Masters shares ways to nurture your child's gifts

“All of us at the #Promil4iShine Talent Camp want to remind you to please keep healthy, and especially keep your immune system strong, really strong, so you’ll be able to play your music well, write your new songs, and be able to sing, and play your instruments.

Theatre Veteran Audie Gemora, Director and Founder of The School of Academic and Arts

#Promil4iShine Masters shares ways to nurture your child's gifts

“Performance is something you do with your whole body and mind. A good stage or online performance requires you to be present. That’s not something you can do well if you are not feeling well. Working with #PromilFour i-Shiners, I’ve seen how important immunity is to nurturing the gift of performance. PROMIL FOUR’s new formulation helps double immunity, letting kids focus on nurturing their talents.”

Craftmaster Robert Alejandro, President of Papemelroti 

#Promil4iShine Masters shares ways to nurture your child's gifts

“I’ve been sharing a lot about how important good nutrition is in our lives. It’s not just about staying away from sicknesses. As an artist, I realize I can create better illustrations and crafts when I feel good. That’s even more important for young and aspiring artists. I’ve been working with PROMIL FOUR for years now on their i-Shine Talent Camp, and I’m happy they continuously help nurture the gift. Now, their new formulation includes the NutriGift System with MOS+ to double your child’s immunity, which means double the masterpieces, too!”

Celebrity Choreographer Georcell Dapat-Sy, Founder of G-force Dance Center

#Promil4iShine Masters shares ways to nurture your child's gifts

“When I teach kids to dance, I love to see their full energy–that’s what brings dance to life! Dancers make it look easy, but there are lots of rehearsing and practicing to polish a routine. It can get tiring; dancers must have a strong mind, body, and immune system. All these years working with PROMIL FOUR i-Shine, I have seen how kids shine when they enjoy dancing–but they need to keep their immunity up to do that. The new PROMIL FOUR formulation has the NutriGift SystemTM with MOS+ to help double the immunity so that we can nurture kids’ gift in dance with double the dance moves!” 

Arts Director Kara Escay, co-founder of Masterpiece Movement 

#Promil4iShine Masters shares ways to nurture your child's gifts

”Growing artists need a strong body to build and create works of art. Let’s help our bodies stay healthy and strong with double the immunity, so our hearts and minds can soar, explore and have exciting new art adventures! Health is a top priority! Let’s keep our immunity strong and keep our creative light shining bright.”

Nurture your child’s gift by doubling your child’s immunity because more healthy days mean more opportunities to nurture the talent. 

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  1. Owen Ponce

    Nurture the gift ! Honing them continuous, supporting them to be the better version of themselves! This initiative and effort really appreciated as a mom #Promil4iShine

  2. Pat Loyola

    Malaking tulong Ang Promil Four milk para mapunan Ang mga nutrients at vitamins na kailangan Ng katawan Ng mga Bata. Para mas marami Ang Araw na malusog at masigla Sila kesa sa may sakit.

  3. Jen Guzman

    Natural na talaga sa mga bata ang pagiging gifted nila , mas na boboost pa lalo ito sa tulong ng pag papainom ng Promil .

  4. Ellaine Parame

    The best milk talaga ang Promil Four, big help sa ating mga kids.. Dahil sa Promil madaling natutunan ng mga bata ang mga kanta o sayaw. Na eenhance at na dedevelop nila ito agad agad.

  5. Ilonah jane sales

    Iba iba talaga ang mga bata every generation..katulad ngayun ang mga bata makarinig lang ng music iindak na yan …ata makarinig lang ng kanta .basta lagi nya naririnig makakanta na nya ito .every child there have a gift .talent ..para mapalawig pa ito suportahan ng mga magulang lalo na ang pamilya na nakapalibot ata lagi nya batiin o bigyan ng lakas ng loob o supporta para mapagpatuloy nya ang kanyang gusto gawin kapag malaki na sya. Habang bata palang suportahan at samahan na abutin ang kanyand pangarap at samahn ng promil milk..laking tulong sa develop at pagpapalakas ng isang bata.#promil4isshine

  6. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Nakakatuwa na kasi kahit bata palang sila nakikita ma natin ang magiging gusto nila kapag lumaki sila or talent nila

  7. Maricel

    Ang galing naman Ng mga kids ngayon kahit bata pa sila madalinaila matuto dahil sa generation ngayon napapagaya na sila

  8. Ruby Grace Pagar

    iba ang natural gift ng mga bata at mas matutulungan pa itong ma boost with the help of promil four milk kaya habang bata palang kaylangan nating suportahan ang mga gusto nila malay natin isa sila sa magiging tanyag sa larangan na gusto nila ❤


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