Let your gift soar

Nov 27, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

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This parent believes that if we want our youngsters to soar, we need to let them explore the sky.  Allow them to discover what is comfortable and not, fail if they may, and learn from the consequences of their actions. Because it is only through that experience will they learn to bounce back.

Same with discovering their gifts, let them choose what interest them.  If possible, support their talents and hone them through practice and mentorship.

As it is most parents’ basic instinct to be overly protective or excited, it is prudent that we give our youngsters the distance they deserve.  Often, hovering smothers their growth. Likewise, coming to their rescue now and then only makes them incapable of doing something on their own. But allowing them to decide (with our guidance, of course) and letting them fail isn’t harmful. On the contrary, letting our children resolve their conflict and confusion will make them appreciate big or small successes.  And all the more we are training them to be competent.

Let your gift soar

Let your gift soar

Recently, this mother, together with her little ones, attended the celebration of the National Gifted Week. Held at the spacious Burnham Green in Manila, Promil Four organized a kite making and flying event.  The activities are so perfect for helping nurture and encourage creativity in kids.

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Both my husband and I saw the beauty of the kite making activity.  It pushed the kids to practice creativity and ingenuity.  They may not realize it, but when they challenge their minds to go outside the box, they are then beginning to develop mentally and creatively. Their imagination all the more fosters critical thinking and creative problem-solving.  And these skills are vital as they grow and join the real world. 

As we observe our kids create their kite, we realized that –

Parents need to trust their kids

Give our children age-appropriate tasks and trust them that they can deliver.  Doing things on their own and on their pace helps them become more confident learners and better thinkers. Trust issues also involve allowing them to face confusion and conflicts on their own.  Let them brainstorm solutions as after that, and they will feel more accomplished and capable. 

Parents allow kids to discover their gift

The children’s talents are innate.  Allow them to discover their gift by supporting their likes and interests.  If we have the resources, enroll them in a mentorship program.  Insisting our interests far from their wants would only create a half-baked effort.

Parents need to trust themselves

For the other things our children can’t decide on, we do the thinking and decision. We need to trust our good judgment then.  Opting for the appropriate milk for our children is one, for instance. 

As we all know that proper nutrition plays a critical role in learning, support our kids’ growth with food and drinks that fuel growth, immunity, and mental and visual development.  Giving them PROMIL® Four, for example, together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, would all the more support the children’s growth.

Let our kid’s gift soar

Let your gift soar

Let your gift soar

As parents, we want our children to be successful in everything they wish and try to do.  And letting them decide, act, and make mistakes teach them frustration tolerance.  They realize that life, after all, isn’t all about rosy, but they can always opt to move forward and do better.  Better trust ourselves, too, with our decision about proper nutrition.  And most importantly, let our youngsters go through the process of learning; otherwise, we take away that opportunity for them to learn and grow.  Let them sour high like a kite, and should they fall, give them the needed encouragement to stand up and revive their enthusiasm and energy.


  1. Nhet Mendoza

    Thanks dito momsh.. guilty ako minsan sa dapat pagkatiwalaan ang anak . May takot kasi ako minsan dahil sa panahon ngayon lalo pag naglalaro sya sa labas kung ano2 naiisip ko, dapat hayaan sya matuto ng sa sarili nya pagkatiwalaan ika nga.. ang ganda ng sinabi nyo momshie dto.

  2. jen guzman

    super agree po momi , kaylangan talaga natin pagkatiwalaan ang mga lo natin sa mga gusto nyang i explore , minsan tlaga hindi natin maiiwasan na madapa sila at mag kamali in the end naman babangon sila at matututo sa pag kakamali nila, andito lang tayong mga magulang para gabayan at sumuporta sa kanila


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