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Jul 22, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

Raise Your Child’s Self-Esteem

We have seen them. Children who have healthy self-esteem feel valued and accepted. They are ready for any upcoming challenges because they know in their heart, they could do it. How to raise one? Momi Berlin leads you the way.

Let kids do things on their own 

As our children grow, many opportunities come as a perfect chance to learn and develop self-esteem. Successful first steps, first time to hold a drinking cup, and even the earliest time to sing ABC are just a few of those opportunities when our kids are the proudest and us parents the happiest. They have mastered them on their own.

That is how to help our children have faith in themselves. Let them do things on their own. Of course, we are there to show them how to do those things first, but for the remaining time, allow them to shine. Give praise when needed to encourage them. Praise, though, should be about their efforts and not the result of their work.

Focus on their strengths

Be sensitive and observant of our kids’ talents and skills. Know what they love best. Most likely, doing what they enjoy most becomes their strength. Nurture these strengths rather than finding faults on their weaknesses. They would surely feel good about themselves if they were able to showcase their talents, especially to their parents. Why? Gaining their parents’ approval is very important to them.

This is what nurture their gift is all about. To focus on the kids’ strength, we parents should be observant to spot our children’s unique gifts. And to unleash their full potential, it helps, too, that we give them proper nutrition. Proper nutrition plays a critical role in learning as it fuels mental and visual development as well as growth, immunity, and digestion. And one food that gives proper nutrition is Wyeth Promil Gold Four.

Wyeth Promil Gold Four is on Sale in Shopee

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Give kids the right to choose

Our kids have preferences. Give them choices within the set of options we’ve preselected. Those given the opportunity to select would find making a decision a lot easier when they grow up. Also, it boosts their confidence that they are given the freedom to decide for themselves.

Listen to your children

Children, even at a young age, develop sensitivity. They could feel if we spend time with them and listen to their stories. They create the thinking that “if someone listens to me, I am then worthwhile.” Make it a point to spend alone time with our youngsters. Listen to their stories. In the process, we are building their self-trust that they are worthy of anybody’s time.

A perfect example of alone time with our kids is when we give them Wyeth Promil Gold Four before bedtime and have a little chitchat. It helps, too, that we do this as a habit. Having a regular milk drinking session and chatting with the kids will make them feel the secure connection and love we have for them.

Raise Your Child's Self-Esteem
Raise Your Child’s Self-Esteem: A regular milk drinking session with the child makes the latter feel his parent’s love and attention.

Raise Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Parents remember that self-esteem develops over time. It is also acquired. We may help our kids improve their self-worth. A positive sense of self is a great gift we could give our children. They would surely feel loved and appreciated. They see in themselves they are competent thus would eventually act, speak, and think with confidence. This confidence is what would bring them to happiness, contentment, and success. As parents, let us give this gift of confidence to them.

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  1. Ellaine Parame

    Napakalaking hamon talaga ng isang ina ang pagpapalaki ng anak.. To be honest Wish ko talga noon pa itong Gatas na ito PROMIL pero i fail di ako nakapagwrk at walang enough money to sustain that Milk.. Pero God know how much I care for my son mommy..4 years old this year ung little one ko,we will try na makabili ng PROMIL GOLD FOUR dahil maganda po tung gatas natu.. BIG HELp ito sa nutrition ng anak ko..


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