Turn Passion into profit

Mar 22, 2022 | Life

Passion Into Profit

It is often our dream to turn the things we love the most into something that can support our lifestyle and give us an income. Although there is a saying that we should be careful when turning hobbies into income, it can be freeing for most people. 

Passion Into Profit

It can be incredibly life-affirming to take what we love, see it blossom into something bigger, and see other people enjoy it. 

So what steps could we take to turn our passion into profit? 

Write it out

If we are passionate about something, the chance is we have a lot to say on the subject. For example, we probably know its history, how to do certain things, where to read for more information, and many other useful things. 

Creating a newsletter dedicated to the niche in Substack, for instance, is something we can see ourselves as making money from what we know. While most people will say they aren’t a writer – no one is until they start writing. 

If starting a newsletter seems like something too far out of our comfort zone, perhaps a smaller blog is a better commitment. Profits don’t usually come until we have built up a readership in either, but it’s a great way to start. 


We can sell what we create across multiple platforms, including our website, eBay, Etsy, and even launch Woo on amazon too. We don’t need to sell physical products; digital products are welcome, too. 

When we commit to selling our products, we will also need to learn more about marketing and the industry we are trying to sell in. But that is part and parcel of making our passion pay. 


If we love something and are good at it, we can create a community of people who love it. We often see people create videos, discord channels, paid content on Patreon, and more. 

Although there are a lot of essential parts to building a community, we don’t need to keep our community digital. Instead, we can create retreats, park meetings, community hubs, etc. Over time, we will have a loyal community of people who love what we love and love what we do, too. This can open up more ways to make an income from our passion. 

Coaching or Mentoring

Turn Passion into profit
Turn Passion into profit

If we are a specialist in the subject and maybe even have some qualifications, we can sell our services as a coach or mentor. Over time, the more clients we get, the higher we will be able to raise our prices. 

In the early days, though, we’ll need to position ourselves as an expert, and to lay those foundations, we will need to produce content, take part in or start conversations, and put ourselves in the spotlight. 

Creating a profit from our passion doesn’t need to be just one thing; we can combine our love of people with our love of astronomy. Or our knowledge of nature with our passion for writing. 

If we have a creative business idea that we are waiting to get started on, or we are in the middle of growing our business, read more: 3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business – Momi Berlin


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