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Sep 24, 2016 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

An X-ray of what happened to Second son’s forearm and how his surgeon proposed to insert the metal pin.   His first surgery was scheduled November 3 or 5.

Instead of staying long at the hospital to wait for the surgery, we opted to go home, with of course the doctor’s approval.

The doctor recommended that my child receive general anesthesia during the pin fixation.  I had second thoughts about that.  I have seen how my boy reacted after the close reduction procedure.  He became hysterical and cried so hard immediately after taking the anesthesia dosage.  And we took this as a warning commonly observed in children. After the anesthesia, he also felt like vomiting though there was none to vomit since his stomach was empty.   A few hours after being subjected to anesthesia, he also experienced an itching sensation.  Plus, there was this common misconception that anesthesia might affect one’s memory.  I was subjected to anesthesia four times (three during child birth and the other one on my emergency appendectomy), and I have problems remembering things, places, happenings, and even names and directions.

I could still remember how we prayed so hard that the operation be a success.  The closed reduction our doctor did to our son was unsuccessful, thus opted for a surgery.


  1. msbolin

    my second son fell from a monkey bar last tuesday. the surgeon did closed reduction procedure but failed. my son then is sked for a surgery next week. the surgeon will insert a pin/screw on his bones. and we are hoping for the best.

  2. Rej

    Oh my. This looks really painful. Your first child is so brave to agree to have this surgery too. And I’m pretty sure he got really braver because you were there to help him and be with him through the ordeal. Is it really true with the anaesthesia issue?

    • momiberlin

      Hahah. Not so sure on the anesthesia claims but most moms and even some doctors say its kinda true.

  3. Neri Ann

    Jusko, I can never imagine how I can take this if it happens to my sons. Hindi naman kasi natin talaga maiiwasan ang aksidente expecially that my twins are super active! Yung tusok pa nga lang ng dextrose sa anak ko I can’t really take it na, surgery pa kaya? I hope he will recover fast.

    • momiberlin

      He recovered fast naman. Though the stitches are still there. Sometimes he would tell me his wrist would hurt but nothing serious.



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