MOMI MUSINGS| acute stress

Sep 8, 2017 | Life, Only Berlin

I brought myself to the emergency room of a hospital.   I  was patient 594.  After five hours of waiting, I was told the problem was acute stress.

MOMI MUSINGS| acute stress

MOMI MUSINGS| acute stress

The long wait

1.  I accomplished the form.  Answered a few standard questions — how-would-you rate-the-pain-from-1-to-10,-10-being-the-highest  included.

2.  Had blood pressure.  Temperature.  All normal.

3.  Waited for my name to be called.

4.  Saw different scenes like a pregnant lady in a wheelchair crying out loud but without tears.  She has been experiencing terrible abdominal pain.  A little boy with diarrhea.  A little boy again with a high fever.  And a young man with a recurring high fever.

5.  Finally, I heard my name.  Went to the doctor.  The young physician asked me to lie down.  He examined my stomach.  A few interview.  Then done.

6. Waited again at the lobby for my sample urine test and blood extract.

7.  Sample urine.  Done.

8.  Waited.

9.  Blood extract.  Done.

10. Waited.

11. No more ER commotion.  ER so quiet.

12.  After long hours of waiting, my results in my hand.

13.  I was experiencing acute stress.

Acute stress

With the demands and pressures of work and balancing time for my family and work, I experienced acute stress that time. And because it was short term only, my acute stress that time will do no extensive damage on me.  I was only experiencing that time a muscular problem.  The muscular tension led to pull my muscles on the side of my appendix causing the pain.  The doctor stressed as well that the pain is highly treatable and manageable with a pain reliever and some distressing.

Great.  I waited for five hours in the hospital ER just to be told I was experiencing stress.

MOMI MUSINGS| acute stress

MOMI MUSINGS| acute stress

I decided to treat myself with a plateful of seafood pesto and a glass of red grapes while reading the story of Xian Lim.  Great way to distress.



  1. Blessie

    ” i waited for 5 hours in the hospital ER just to be told that i was experiencing stress.” <– Nakaka-stress! LOL

    • msbolin

      hahahaha. mismo, but the doctor says i need to smile and laugh often and avoid stress. so now you would see and hear me laugh often even for no reason at all. ehehe.

      • Blessie

        Tama. And when people see you laughing for apparently no reason, they would sadly shake their heads and say, “Epekto ng stress.” (“Crispin! Basilio!”) He he he.

  2. msbolin

    hahaha. at least youre making me laugh right now — for a reason. sadly, people around me here just dont know why i am laughing. hahaha. thanks really, blessie.

  3. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    Awww… you need a break talaga, Mommy Berlin! I was sick last week too, but I think it was more fatigue than anything. Pero grabe, di ako makabangon ng matagal. Lagi ako nahilo. it took me more than a week to recover. Iba na ngayon. We moms really need to prioritize our rest.


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