U.S. Potato Kitchen opens fabulous food to delivery

Nov 18, 2021 | Likes, Only Berlin

U.S. Potato Kitchen serves fabulous food to delivery

Satisfy your U.S. potato cravings this season. Potatoes USA-Philippines lines up some of the country’s finest chefs and their most sought-after dishes in a virtual kitchen of delights.

U.S. Potato Kitchen opens fabulous food to delivery

The best potato dishes

These Filipino master chefs presents a selection of their best potato dishes, using everything from U.S. fresh potatoes, frozen potatoes, and dehydrated potatoes. If you aren’t among these chefs’ numerous followers, it’s time to get clicking and order your favorites for delivery.

Chef Kalel Chan

Chef Kalel Chan, Corporate Chef of The Raintree Restaurant Group, presents Asian-inspired dishes Kimchi Potato Leeks Gyoza with Cheese, and Mapo Tofu Potato Cheese Fries. He can have these sumptuous innovations – appetizers or entrees – ready for your table.

Chef Victor Barangan

Chef Victor Barangan, Executive Chef of the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, offers Potato Bibimbap for an elevated Korean dining experience; and Sushi Aburi. The renowned chef gets creative with his Korean bibimbap, and delectable flame-seared sushi. Both dishes are made extra special with U.S. potatoes.

Chef Noel Mauricio

U.S. Potato Kitchen opens fabulous food to delivery
Korokke and Crunchy Potato Shreds Donburi (PHP 325)

Chef Noel Mauricio of the Tasteless Food Group has created Korokke and Crunchy Potato Shreds Donburi and Hayashi Beef Casserole. These filling and beautiful Japanese dishes raise the notch in flavor and pleasurable dining. And to truly enjoy these dishes, better be hungry before ordering.

U.S. Potato Kitchen opens fabulous food to delivery
Hayashi Beef Casserole (PHP 645)

Chef Sonny Mariano

Searching for desserts? Better not look further than Chef Sonny Mariano’s sweetly balanced creations. Chef Sonny is the Pastry Chef of the Tasteless Food Group and has served up baked goodness for years. Take your pick from his Potato Bombolini (delicious Italian-style doughnuts), Potato Carrot Cake, and Vegan Choco Lava.

Ready to get ordering? Follow these U.S. Potato Kitchen-appointed culinary masters and Potatoes USA-Philippines on social media,

U.S. Potato Kitchen runs throughout the holiday season from October 1 to December 31, 2021. Let’s get ordering!

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  1. jennifer sarno cruz

    looks delicious momi berlin…congrats potato US now enjoying potato dishes is just easy as pie.

  2. jennifer sarno cruz

    looks delicious momi berlin…congrats US POTATO KITCHEN now enjoying potato dishes is just easy as pie.

  3. Ma. Cyril Creer

    Ang sasarap naman po ng mga potato dishes na niluto at ginawa bg mga Professional Chiefs gamit ang U.S. Potato Kitchen !
    Good news pa kasi pwede ng matikman lahat ng ito thru delivery ..

  4. Maribel Cordovilla

    Love all their creations lalo yung Hayashi Beef Casserole parang Hindi pa uso ang mga recipe na ito nung time na nasa Japan ako,, mga potato crockets and mashed ang madalas ihain sa amin sa hotel. I have stocks of Potatoes USA Philippines I always use in cooking of omelet and used as bread crumbs. So healthy and make delicious meal ang mga products nila.

  5. Ruby Grace Pagar

    Healthy and delicious recipe lalo’t gawa ng magaling na chef at panalo din sa product na ginamit galing sa us potato kitchen ❤

  6. Owen Ponce

    It’s healthy and delicious! You can create a balanced meals with this one .. highly recommended


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