Tips for spending family time the most natural way

Aug 29, 2021 | Live, Only Berlin

Spend family time the most natural way

We always believe that spending time with our family is one of the greatest gifts we give to them. More than strengthening the family bond, the kids feel a sense of belonging and security when they have their family by their side. They know they can always count on their parents, especially if they had established a secure attachment with their elders early on as a child.

We have noticed, too, that our boys behave better, improve their academic performance, and get to share more about their struggles and achievements. This is because they know that their family is there to celebrate wins and even give warm hugs in times of defeat.

Building a strong family connection does not happen naturally, though. As parents, we should be sensitive to our kids’ needs. It helps, too, that we set a firm parent-child foundation. Now up on the blog are a few foolproof tips.

Arrange family time

Taking time to partake in at least once a day leisure activity with the kids will surely help establish a beautiful connection with them. We may bond with our youngsters by playing board games, inviting them to prepare dinner, and watching movies at home. Co-viewing allows us to cuddle our little ones and even talk about the film and its life lessons. Give pep talks and be there to listen as they share their hopes, dreams, and fears. And ow, it would be a pleasant experience to view from an extra-large television screen. With a bigger screen, the more we could appreciate and get that fantastic feeling of real things happening.

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Do Chores as a Family

We always believe that sharing household chores in the family can help improve relationships. And more than the bond between parents and their youngsters, doing chores together teach kids about responsibility and trust.

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Cook and Eat Meals Together

Giving time where the entire family can work together in the kitchen and create meals together is an excellent way to pause, catch up, and make a connection with each other. Working in the kitchen together also teaches kids kitchen skills and soft skills like collaboration, communication, and teamwork.

Eating together, on the other hand, makes kids feel they are given time. This makes them feel loved, secure, and valued. Injecting mealtime conversation offers kids the opportunity to talk about their day and even share their plans and aspirations.

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Family time well spent

Set aside time for family. It may be quite tricky how to, but it is possible. More than strengthening the bond, developing the time for the family provides warmth and support for each member. Simple ways like watching a television program, cooking and eating together, and even doing chores allow parents to communicate with their kids, laugh even, and hear their sentiments. Such time spent with the family builds the youngsters’ character, improves their self-esteem, and knows their value. And always remember that kids thrive where they feel loved. It is best to invest in those who mean the most to us. It helps big time, too, to opt for the best modern technology that helps us make life easier and help us have that added time for our family.

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  1. Mitra Lyka

    Napaka importante po talaga ng Family time para mas magkaroon ng strong relationship with each member of the family. At syempre po kasama ang mga appliances na makakapagbigay ng special bonding with kids at good to know na up to 50% off ang kanilang mga appliances sa Robinson.

  2. Rosalyn Mancha

    Thank you po sa tips sa family time momi berlinat sana po mkaipon para sa mga appliances na yan para magamit sa pag bonding tapos paggawa ng Households chores kasama ang pamilya God bless po…

  3. Henry

    Thanks for sharing these appliances from Robinson’s! They’re indeed a steal and could help build a stronger relationship among family members.

  4. Kristine Cruz

    Napaka informative nito mommy , agree ako na dapat talaga na as a parent mag give time tayo sa mga anak natin ,dahil napaka laking kasiyahan sa kanila kapag nakikipagbonding tayo sa kanila ,lalo na sa panganay ko na babae ,lagi kami ng uusap ,like tinatanong ko siya kung kamusta ang araw niya ,ano ang mga natututunan niya sa module niya , minsan tinatanong ko din siya kung ano ba tingin niya sa akin bilang isang mama niya ,kung mabait o masungit ,hehe nakakatuwa pakinggan ung mga sagot niya .Doon ko mas narerealize kung tama ba o may mali akong nagagawa o naipapakita sa kanila . Sa gawaing bahay naman ,pakonti konti tinuturuan ko na din siya ,minsan gusto niya siya na maghugas ng plato ,nag eenjoy daw kase siya pag tumutulong siya . Sobrang malaking part talaga sa paglaki ng bata ung time and bonding na binibigay natin as a parent .Thank you din dito dahil may mga bagay akong natutunan .

  5. Ma. Cyril Creer

    Sa panahon po ngayon minsan nalang po talaga magkaroon ng bonding time ang pamilya dahil busy sa iba’t ibang mga bagay katulad ng sa trabaho, ang mga bata naman sa gadgets, etc.
    Napakaimportante po talagang magkaroon ng family time upang magkaroon ng stronger emotional bond between family members. Makakagawa pa kayo ng memories full of fun and laughter na mattreasure ng bawat isa .
    May malaking bahagi din ang mga appliances natin sa bahay in spending time with our family. Like having movie marathon, cooking , and doing household chores. Simple activities but will create big impact sa pagkakaroon ng masayang pamilya ..

  6. Lester Mae H. Enguito

    Spending quality family time is very important and I thank you Mommy Berlin for reminding me of this and for the tips you have imparted. I personally have struggle regarding family time nowadays because of work, no helper in the house, I have 2 toddlers and one infant. While I was reading this, it made me realized that I’m too busy doing house chores , more time with my infant thant other kids and my husband. From now on, I will strive to be better and to aim to have a family time well spent so that bonding will be more intimate, relationships will flourish, and good attitude will be evident.

  7. Karen

    Mahalaga talaga momi para s pamilya ang bonding oras at komunikasyon s isa’t isa buti n lng at mayroon robinsons appliances na ma enjoy ng buong pamilya

  8. Ruby Grace Pagar

    Agree ako dito momi mas may connection ang bawat myembro ng pamilya kapag sa loob mismo ng bahay nag bobonding yung simpleng movie marathon every weekend, tapos house chores para sa mga chikiting with matching pag turo sakanila mag bake o mag luto ng fave food nila ang sarap na sa feeling natututo pa ang mga bagets

  9. Maribel Cordovilla

    Chdren who spend time with their parents participating in activities together build a positive sense of self worth. That’s why children feel that they are valued by their parents , they feel more positive about themselves. Spending more quality time with my kids deepens our relationships and creates memories and it makes them feel important and loved but the most important we can spend quality time with the whole family. For me we always have time in watching movies, probably the cartoons or Sci-Fi movie which makes them interested and allow them to speak and explain the stories. They feel much happier if I’d prepared snacks while watching. I’d give to hear this Robinsons Appliance sale you can avail on a big discounted price and more savings Pa. Thanks for sharing this momi your blogs and learning tips on family bonding. I’ve learned a lot.

  10. Niña

    Yes momi npkahalaga tlga ang oras sa ating pamilya..iba p rin tlga sa pakiramdam ung bonding nyo sa isat isa kya dpt mglaan ng oras sa pamilya..kahit simpleng bonding or kainan..mas magiging masaya ang pamilya..

  11. Kacie Morgan

    These are excellent tips. I’m really enjoying being able to spend more time with my family since the lockdown ended

  12. Jcka Ranum

    Thanks for the tips momi Berlin . Pinaka mahalaga po talaga Yung always tayong naglalaan ng oras para maka bonding Ang ating pamilya . Lalo na Ang ating mga anak .. maturuan ng ng mga bagay bagay .. magluluto .. sabay sabay kakain .. gagawa NG household chores .. manunuod NG movie every weekend .. maging happy family …

  13. Rose Amido Lazaro

    Tama po Momi. Napakaimportante po tlga ng oras, bonding po sa pamilya po. Dapat po.tlga naglalaan ng oras sa ating pamilya. Kahit papaano po nagkakaroon po ng sama sama, at kasiyahan po sa loob ng bahay po.

  14. Stephanie

    We almost always have dinner as a family. It’s very rare that we aren’t all at the table together. I remember family dinners growing up, and the only time I wasn’t there for it was when I was at golf practice in high school. I think it’s so important to create those family bonds.

  15. Aedhyl Mar Sanchez

    Thanks mommy for sharing this po,tama po kayo lahat ang sarap talaga kasama ang appliances ng robinson kasi napapadali lalo ang ating gawain bilang isang ina,nandoon yung nagkakaraoon tayo ng building sa panonood kasama ang pamiya .Grave ang Robinson appliances ang laki ng discount na bagay talaga na mag invest tayo ng gamit habang may sale pa.kaya ako bilang mommy unti unti akong nag iinvest pag may tira sa budget ko.tulad sa kusina gusto ko makabili ng oven para magbake kami ng kids ko na nandun yung kwentuhan at yun yung pinakabonding namin.Always happy Family.


    Thanks for sharing momi Berlin..very important talaga ang family bonding para maging close talaga.We need to spend quality time with our family lalo na ngayong pandemic .We never know what will happened tomorrow. Maganda yung may pang Li libangan talaga na appliances like tv etc. Para sa bonding moment.

  17. Lorenda Failano

    Agree with your tips mommy. Family should always be practice to fill out the gaps, to resolve misunderstandings, to learn how to cope up and respect differences as well as enjoying each family member’s company to build a strong family ties.

  18. jennifer sarno cruz

    i practice all of this tips momi especially yung cook and eat meals together dahil we really enjoy eating…we build connection over food we love to eat and prepare…lumaki kasi akong di masyado nakakasalamuha ang nanay at tatay ko kaya i tell myself that i wont let it happen pag nagkapamilya ako.

  19. Rose Ann Mae H. Fernandez

    Sobrang ganda po neto mommy, thanks for sharing po. Pinaka maganda at Pinaka Importante po tlga ang Pamilya natin dahil sakanila po umiikot ang mundo natin. Masarap magkaroon ng pamilya na masaya at punong puno ng pagmamahalan. Nung bata po ako akala ko madali lang maging isang nanay at tatay pero hindi po pala Mas mahirap maging isang ina at ama Dahil kung nahihirapan ang ating mga anak ay mas nahihirapan din po tayong mga magulang. Pinaka importante din po yung Maturuan ntin sila sa simppeng gawain tulad ng Pagwawalis pagayos ng mga laruan sa tamang lagayan upang sa ganoon ay alam nila ang tama at mali. Lalo ngayong pandemic mas dapat nating alagaan ang pamilya natin lage po tayong magdoble ingat.

  20. Cindy B

    I love this! This is such a great reminder for quality family time! Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. Winnie L. Cruz

    Isa po sa mga pangarap ko ang magagandang appliaces lalo napo ung gas range or ung ref po.. pero sa ngayon ipon po muna soon mag kakaroon din po kame nyan.. Salamat po sa pag share mommy, napaka importante po talaga ung pag kakaroon nang time, bonding po samin pag tuwing sunday po sabay sabay po kakain sa labas nang bahay po minsan mag iihaw nang isda po nag kakaroon ang masayang kwentuhan at kamustahan po.. Sa anak ko naman po minsan nag kukusa po sya mag hugas at pag egg ulam namin sya taga halo po pag scramble po.. Sana nga po bumalik na sa dati medyo nakakamiss na ung dati po na nakakasama din po ung mga ibang kamag anak po.. Family is Love

  22. Aileen may nunez

    Thank for tips mommy Berlin importante Po talaga na mkbonding mo ung family mo .sobrang nakakamis lang gumala with kids Lalo n malayo sakin mga anak ko..Sana nga maging ok n Ang lahat..Ganda Ng mga appliances jn mommy..

  23. Heather

    It is so important to make time in every day for family time. They grow up so quickly.

  24. Mary Carizo

    Para sakin oras ang pinaka mahalaga na kaya at kailangan nating ibigay when it comes to our love ones. Si papa at si mama napakalaking role na ginampanan sa buhay ko na alam kong buong buhay ko madadala. Kwento ko lang,nung mga bata pa kami hindi kami kakain hanggat hindi kami sabay sabay.Habang nakain kami may konting kwentuhan pa. Si mama lagi syang may task saming magkakapatid mula panganay hanggang sa bunso namin. Para lahat kami may ginagawa. Sa paghuhugas ng pinggan,may schedule, sa paglilinis rin.
    Kapg may bagong palabas sabay sabay rin namin yun pinapanood habang mga nakakumot kami Haha. Nakakatuwa lang.
    Si papa bihira lang sya umuwi samin noong mga bata pa kami kasi kailangan nya magtrabho sa malayo para may isupport samin pero kapag nakauwi na sya buong oras nya nasamin lang. And that things that they have done to us surely a big impact to us., ngayon may kanya kanya na kami pamilya. Naisip ko na lahat ng ginawa nila noon, gusto ko ganun rin. Narealize ko na kung ano talaga yung ginawa ng magulang malaking bagay yun para sa mga anak. Hindi mo masyado matatandaan kung anong presyo ng mga bagay na ibinigay sayo, kung gaano kamahal yung regalo na natanggap mo hanggang paglaki mo. Pero nasa pusot isip mo kung ano yung naramdaman mo sa araw araw na may mga simple kayo pag uusap, pagkkwentuhan,paglalaro,o kahit pa pagtatalo. Yung oras mo sa kapatid magulang o anak mo na kakamustahin mo sila makikipag kwentuhan ka kahit saglit bago matulog. Sobrang laking impact non sa magiging pagkatao nyo pareho. Kaya napaka importante ng communication sa pamilya. And lahat po ng shinare mo Momi berlin naka relate ako na medyo nasenti pa. Thank you po

  25. Blair Villanueva

    It is important to spend quality family time together especially while kids are growing up. They will remember those happy days and when they have their own family, they can share similar experiences with their little kids.


    I try to arrange time for us to spend together. I’ll often eat with the kids too and sometimes they’ll even help me cook!!

  27. Laura le Roux

    I love this so much. Every day we watch a few episodes of MasterChef as a family – it is a simple thing but it has become such a big part of our daily routine.

  28. Mosaic Designs

    Thanks a lot for the amazing tips! Unfortunately, I had to travel and live in a different country for work! I miss my family so much but every time we spend time together, it is magical!

  29. Melissa Cushing

    Love this and there is nothing more special than time spent together as a family bonding and making memories. Thank you for this reminder 😉

  30. Jupiter Hadley

    We try to go out swimming as a family twice a week, and always eat all of our meals together, talking about our days. It’s so important to make time together as a family.

  31. Monidipa

    Really good tips I must say. Family time is always must.because it increases the love between each other.

  32. Yeah Lifestyle

    These are some fantastic tips – it is so important to spend time together as a family and to do it in a natural way is even better!

  33. Candy Olivares

    What fantastic ideas for families to spend time together. These are all great practices that will build the family bond.

  34. Laura Schwormstedt

    Yes to getting more family time!! We always try and eat our meals together – especially our evening meal as it gives a chance to discuss the day – we do this away from any screens, it really helps

    Laura x


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