MOMI SHARES| Glassicology all hand-painted with love

Dec 14, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

I’m happy right now because I found something that actually feeds my soul.

Such beautiful words coming from a happy individual who learned and accepted her talent.  Later, she shared the same happiness by offering her hand-painted glassware pieces to the market.  And her works of art are simply stunning, all reflective of her passion towards the arts and of bringing joy.  She is Fchel Estanislao, an artist and the owner of Glassicology.  She offers hand-painted glassware items ideal as gifts, event tokens, and souvenirs.

MOMI SHARES| Glassicology all hand-painted with love

MOMI SHARES| Glassicology all hand-painted with love  (photo credit: Glassicology Instagram)

Glassicology inspiration

Fchel was an Event Management College Instructor at different universities and colleges before.  She also worked as an Independent Event Consultant.  Her uncle’s figurine family business inspired her to put up her own souvenir shop.  Since she has always been a lover of glassware, she decided to focus on that.

Glassicology difference

What I love about Fchel’s work is that she can make an ordinary glass coaster, for instance, appealing and unique.   And because everything is hand-painted with love, you can feel and see the passion on each piece.

I would want to order a Starry Night glass coaster from her.  I sent her the design I would want her to copy.  Not only do I admire her creativity, but more so salute her integrity.  She begged not to copy the art I sent her but instead offered to make her own interpretation.

This only shows how she respects other artist’s work and her confidence in her own capacity.

Glassicology souvenirs

MOMI SHARES| Glassicology all hand-painted with love

MOMI SHARES| Glassicology all hand-painted with love (photo credit: Glassicology Instagram)

I know this may come very late for the holidays.  But there will always be special occasions when you would want to give the gift of hand-painted glassware. Check Fchel’s Glassicology and surely you would love her beautifully hand-painted items.  Aside from accepting online orders, she also joins bazaar where her masterpieces and custom pieces are displayed.

No wonder looking at her art pieces brings joy.  Fchel must be working on each with such beautiful smile as well.

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  1. Pooja Thakur

    OMG! It looks so beautiful! It is hard to believe that its hand painted. Well done 🙂

  2. Carola

    This is so creative! I haven’t seen anything like these handpainted glassware items. The coasters are really awesome! It’s so great that she’s also so integer. I really love artists who put all their creativity in their work.

  3. Indrani

    Wow magic creations out of glass. So perfectly made.
    This gives a personal touch to the gift. I like that she respects others’ art and doesn’t copy them.

  4. mariaisquixotic

    Anything handmade is lovely! Well, I’m going to be biased about it. Haha! But, painting glass can be quite tricky at times since not all glasses are compatible with paint or paint markers. Moreover, these are great gifts that for every loved one that you have and surely, they’ll be happy to receive versatile gifts.


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