Essential Appliances for Start-Up Families

Aug 9, 2021 | Live

Essential Appliances for Start-Up Families

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

Indeed true. When my husband and I decided to live independently, we were able to feel proud of our decisions and feel our growth. We may have a small house, but we are pleased to pay for our rent, bills, and grocery. We felt the importance of our hard work to earn for the family. And yes, we always talk about and weigh our options before coming up with a decision. We are cautious with our purchases as every peso counts. And that includes the first appliance we had as we started our family.

Looking back, we slowly fill our tiny home with essentials. We never were in a hurry, though, to complete our list. After all, our priority at that time and even until now is the boys’ education. Thus, we always focus on items that would bring the most value and happiness.


We consider a refrigerator an essential appliance. With a fridge, we can enjoy a cold drink. We may also cook extra food and have leftovers, reducing the amount of food preparation. We can definitely save time visiting the market every morning to buy vegetables and meat. With a refrigerator, we can stock up on meat and some grocery items. We could even have ice cream and popsicle sticks!

Among the many choices, we opted for the Panasonic 9.0cuft Two Door Inverter Refrigerator. More than its slim design, it has no frost and prime cooling features. The freezer is on top with a portable icebox. I also love that it is so spacious it could accommodate almost everything a family of five needs. Love, too, its metallic diamond black body.  

We bought our refrigerator at a Western Appliances branch. Now, one could quickly check out this kind of model via Shopee. How convenient that can be! And Shopee also delivers within Metro Manila.

Automatic washing machine

With technology evolving every day, our daily chores have been made easy. Husband would often say that we need to take advantage of technology, and so we did. With the many household chores and child-rearing we need to attend to, having a washing machine would bring some respite to our busy lives. But we didn’t consider just a washing machine; we opted for the automatic one.  

An automatic washing machine can help us multitask in a way one never thought was possible. We may do other tasks like cooking or mopping the floor while our clothes are being washed in the machine. We also do not need to return to and fro to transfer the washed clothes to the dryer. The automatic washing machine would do all the soaking, washing, spinning, and drying! We will just come back after the wash cycle is over and need to dry the clothes on the clothes pin. 

Among the many options available, we go for a Sharp 6.0kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine. This top load washing machine has advanced functions like air dry, memory, stainless steel tub cleaning, and child lock feature. It also has a dual filter and low water pressure valve, which make our washing convenient and practical. Love, too, its sleek look. 


We consider our family hardworking, and we deserve a television set as a form of entertainment. It’s nice to have one while the family gathers in the living room. Often, too, when this mother is alone, and the boys are at school, we keep the television on. It comforts us to hear someone talking in the background while we cook or clean the house. 

I love that most of today’s television sets all look sleek. Upon browsing Western Appliances at Shopee, we are easily impressed by the ultra-slim and DBX sound enhancement features of Haier 49″ UHD Digital TV. Should we buy a unit, we will prefer this one. 

58% off on 8.8 Mega Flash Sale

All these appliances are available on Western Appliances via Shopee, and we could enjoy up to 58% off on 8.8 Mega Flash Sale. But first, we need to download the Shopee App on Play Store or App Store. 

A refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, and a television set, among other appliances, enhance our lives. We also consider these as essential appliances that, without them, life would be different. How about you, what are the first pieces of appliance you bought when you started moving out of your parents’ place?


  1. Owen ponce

    These are the basic one .. having them makes our lives more convenient and comfortable.. ,having them makes a lot of difference between … Whether you’re just starting out with your family

  2. Mitra Lyka

    Yung ref po ngayong year lang po kame nagkaroon at bigay po ng tita ng partner ko po at yung microwave oven nabili namin sa barter. Yung T.V po namin last year po namin nabili at saka po po pala yung washing namin, bigay lamg din po ng tita ng asawa ko. Lahat ng mga appliances po na meron kame ngayon ko lang po naranasan pwera lang po sa T.V . Napakalaking tulong po talaga nitong mga appliances na ito sa pang araw araw talaga.

  3. Rose amido Lazaro

    Naalala ko po nung unang pagsasama po namin ng mister ko po. Ang unang napundar po namin. Isang kabinet po, yan po unang nabili po namin ung natapos po ako magtrabaho nakakuha po kc ako ng pera po. Tas magksama pa po kami ng kapatid ko po sa iisang bahy. Parehas na po kami may pamilya po. Nangungupahan din po kami nun. Bukod po ang lutuan po namin. Hati po kami sa bayad sa upa ng bahy, tubig at kuryente po. Mahirap pero kinaya po namin. Hanggang sa bukod po kami ng bahy. Lumipat po kami, nangungupahan pa din po kami. Meron naman din po kami naipundar na gamit kgaya po tv, electricfan at washing machine po. Nakakatuwa lng po kc kahit papaano po eh nalkita po nmin ung paghhirap po namin mag asawa para po sa aming Pamilya po.

  4. Yanpaladquisol

    Maganda talaga pang start ang ref para di kailangan pumunta sa grocery or sa wet market araw-araw …Lalo Kung kayo lang ng kids at Walang maiiwan pag lumabas tulad ko kami lang dalawa ng anak ko…sa Amin naman ni partner nung unang nagsama kami lutuan, e-fan at kutson una namin binili yun pa lang Kasi Kaya ng budget Kasi nagiipon kami pang gastos sa panganganak ko. ❤️

  5. Mercy

    2 years palang kaming kasal ng husband ko but our biggest but cheapest price na naipundar namin is itong bahay namin. We really prayed na magkaroon kami ng sariling amin and God answered it siguro mga months lang din after naming ikinasal may kapitbahay kaming binibinta na niya bahay nya kasi don na sya titira sa anak nya kasi matanda na sya at kailangan may kasama na sya. Imagine from 15k binigay nlg nya sa amin ng 3k. What an answered prayer po.

  6. Trina Ollidutse

    i agree momsh yan po talaga ang p inaka essential needs ng family lalo na yung ref para makatipid din sa gastusin na pambili ng food dahil pag may left over puede ulamin kinabukasan iinitin na lang

  7. Maribel Cordovilla

    Yes at the beginning of married life need talga ng essential appliances same ng sayo mommy napakaimportante ng refrigerator dahil no need lumabas araw araw kapag may stocks na, during my pregnancy kelangan din washinh machine ang gamitin para makapag multi task,, pero during my pregnancy si hubby ang naglalaba hehehe sensitive kasi pagbubuntis ko. And TV is very important din to lessen stress and entertainment for free time. Yung burner namin is wedding gift kaya hndi na kami bumili. Very helpful tips na naman momi Berlin. Magandang idea ito sa nagbubuild pa lng ng family and bumubukod sa mga parents.

  8. jennifer sarno cruz

    Agree itong mga appliances na ito ang dapat meron tayo at syempre bumili lang sa mga legit distributor para makasiguro sa kalidad.Recently ng invest sa sharp automatic washing machine at ang laking ginhawa talaga.

  9. Roselle Rubi

    Ang sarap sa feeling ng nakabukod ano, Kami hindi pa kami nakabukod but im praying na soon makabukod na kami, pero ngayong nakikipisan pa kami sa side ng asawa ko, unti unti din kami nag iipon ng gamit. Planning to buy washing machine, thanks dito momi may idea na ako ano bibilhin namin.


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