I’m a SAHM and I wear my lipstick every day

Sep 28, 2020 | Likes, Live

We recently launched a book. We plan to do a series of Facebook live among other strategies, to make our book known as well as for others to know more about the authors.

This morning, as we review the outline, one question made us reflect on life.

What makes stay-at-home mom (SAHM) life different in this time of pandemic?

Before the coronavirus struck, being a SAHM meant finding time to take a nap once in a while. It meant attending playdates and even birthday parties. It meant going out with a date with girlfriends and even attending school activities. We can go out, only that we have to plan everything to do that. But at least, we can take a break.

Today, our movement is so limited. Staying at home sometimes feels excessively burdensome. There are times we need air, but because of the quarantine protocol, we can’t go out.

Being a SAHM at this time of the pandemic, for us, is a little bit harsher than the situation before.

But life goes on and as a strong mom, we can’t remain feeling unmotivated and depressed. If you think you’re like us living the same life for ages, it isn’t too late to make life meaningful, silly perhaps, and even spark happiness.

How about put on some lipstick?

We are not kidding

Lipstick can give you a boost in the most adverse situations.

It might feel a bit trivial to pull on makeup inside the house during a global crisis, but experts say it may make a difference in dealing with an overwhelming circumstance like what we have today. Putting on some lipstick helps boost our productivity. It helps us to separate our weekend self from our work self by presenting differently. Further, even a dab of lipstick helps us treat the day like a workday versus the weekend when we are so busy with house chores.

It happened to us, thus sticking with it. After taking a bath, we put some color on our lips. It feels incredible what a little blush on the cheek and color on the lips can do for our general attitude.

One brand we love right now is the Maybelline Marvel Superstay Matte Ink! Yes, you’ve read it right.

Marvel and Maybelline have assembled a limited-edition makeup collection.

It features the beauty brand’s bestsellers decked out in superhero symbols, namely, Pioneer x Spiderman, Lover x Blackwidow, Groundbreaker x Black Panther, Versatile x Ironman, and Ruler x Captain Marvel. All shades promise food-proof, fade-proof, and transfer-proof. This mask-proof lip ink can also leave us with 16 hours of no retouch!

This highly pigmented matte lipstick, though, is for a limited edition. Grab yours now at Shopee.

Another Maybelline Marvel item we love is the Maybelline Marvel Instant Age Rewind. Its superpower is its HALOXYL, or it lightens dark spots. This, by far, is the best concealer we’ve tried.

Perfect for oily skin, Maybelline Marvel Instant Age Rewind fully covers our acne scars and even pimple marks! We use it not just to hide blemishes but also to erase dark circles, and even for contouring.

It has a cushion tip applicator to make sure that even just a tiny dab goes a long way. The Maybelline Marvel Instant Age Rewind, just like the Superstay Matte Ink, is for limited edition only and is available via Shopee. Better download the Shopee app now for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Wear yout lipstick even at home

Though we’ve been doing and living the same things for too long at home, we shouldn’t let our daily routine limit our growth and happiness. Try putting some makeup even at home. This isn’t vanity but sanity. And aside from making you feel confident about yourself, sometimes, even a little bright color on the cheek and lips make it more appealing to our spouse.


  1. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Yes momi berlin bilang isang sahm or isang babae mag lalagay din akong light na lipstick sa labi ko at kunting kilay dahil lalo lumalakas ang pag kaconfident konsa sarili pag nakaayos ako kahit hindi sobrang ayos na ayos atleast nakikita ko sa self ko na hindi ko sya napapabayaan at nakakalimutan minsan haggardo pero gawa lang din yun ng maghapon na gawain bilang nanay at asawa pero hindi yun dahilan upang hindi ka mag asikaso ng sarili mo

  2. Erin Palapag

    Yes same momi SAHM pero awra pa din. 😊 I guess it gives you more of that good feels. Masaya ako kapag inaayusan ko sarili ko at pakiramdam ko maganda ako sa itsura kong yun. Walang masama to feel beautiful. ❤️ Kaya madami din akong lipstick for all occasions kahit nung dalaga pa ako until now. I use nude lipstick para natural lang ang dating kapag sa bahay. 😊

  3. Lyka (mitra) Baqueros

    Ako po hindi na nahilig mag make up simula ng may nanghiram po ng ilang make up ko tapos nasira or napudpod na at saka po parang feeling ko hindi bagay ang make up po sa akin lalo na kapag ako ang naglalagay sa mukha ko nito.. 🖒 pero bet ko pa rin po tumingin ng mga make up lalo na po itong bagong labas ni Maybelline ang ganda po ng mga shades lalo na po yung medyo dark.. ❤ sobrang gànda po .. 😍😍😍

  4. Ma.Elma

    Yes momi berlin nakakapaglagay din kung minsan..at totoo po na parang may difference sa pakiramdam pag may kunting awra sa mukha..feeling ko mas confident ako sa sarili ko khit certified SAHM..at iba yung aliwalas na binibigay sa mukha pag may kulay ang labi..

  5. Karen

    Yes momi berlin ng aayos pa rin po ako kahit SAHM po ako lalo n po pag lalabas at may bibilhin sa labas ng bahay .Dapat my time p rin po tayo mg ayos pa minsan minsan isang magandang produkto at kalidad ang maybelline

  6. Bessie Ramos

    Yes mommy , bigla ko naisip naboo nga why not put a lipstick kahut nsa bahay lang Pwede nga nman maglagay ng lipstick kahit ndi nman umaalis . Isa tlga sa magandang brand ng liptick ang maybeline newyork

  7. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    True Po momsh . Kahit na mommy na Tayo need natin maging presentable kahit sa mga asawa natin kahit na may mga anak na Tayo kailangan love your self parin like me SAHM at nasa bahay Lang palagi si hubby Kasi nawalan Ng work . Daming Gawain plus alaga Ng anak pero nagagawa ko parin mag ayos para din sa sarili ko ayun nalang nakakapag pasaya sakin Ang pag aayos

  8. Joy Castro

    Very true, nman momi berlin Nag liliptint nga ako after maligo. At True nkakagaan ng pkiramdam Pag Nag aayos

  9. jennifer s. cruz

    yes momi i do wear lipstick kgit nsa bhy lng kaso pag sinipag lang😂pero pg sinipag my konting powder kilay at blussh on. Masarap po sa pkiramdam pg nkakapag ayos ayos favorite ko pong brand yng maybelline gusto kong shade ay yung my pgka brown or orange, yun nga lng minsan sa dami ng gawaing bahay mas gusto na lng mahiga at matulog.


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