Strategies to promote healthy living

May 25, 2021 | Life, Only Berlin

Promote healthy living

Men more frequently require to be reminded than informed. -Samuel Johnson, The Rambler

We may know ourselves better than others do; how committed we are to a task and how much effort we can give to fulfill it. However, even though we have the commitment and determination, it still helps that we are reminded of our purpose once in a while. Reminders inspire us to move closer to our goal. And that’s what Dr. Luigi Gratton, Herbalife Nutrition Vice President of Product Training, did during this morning’s media roundtable.

Herbalife Nutrition Philippines sets a monthly media gathering to constantly give knowledge or remind media practitioners about the importance of health and nutrition. And this morning’s roundtable tackles strategies to maintain healthy living to boost our immunity.

Allow us to share with you key takeaways, and hopefully, these would remind you of things we already know but need to be reinforced for us to achieve our purpose.

Balanced nutrition

We often hear that maintaining a good diet helps us enjoy life longer as it protects us against diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. However, a good diet doesn’t mean aiming to get slim and sexy, but more on balanced nutrition.

Have more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and low-fat dairy. Cut down fatty meats, sugar, processed food, and butter. Balanced nutrition also includes taking food supplements, and we must be selective of our options. Herbalife presents a number of supplements we need to replenish and build our body. We may check with a Herbalife distributor for supplements that best cater to our needs and goals.

I love how Dr. Luigi reminded us that we are helping ourselves have more time for our loved ones and enjoy retirement in a more meaningful way with balanced nutrition. 


Most of us know that physical activity can improve our muscle strength and boost our endurance. It also helps our cardiovascular system work more efficiently, improving our heart and lung, thus giving us more energy for our daily chores.

We belong to those who use motherhood as an excuse not to having time to exercise. To compensate, we try to do walking for at least 30 minutes every day. It helps that we have our firstborn who walks with us early in the morning. Lately, we also do resistance band and belly dancing.

Dr. Luigi reminded us that being physically active helps keep our brain cells healthy and our muscles strong.


Stress management

Stress is how we react to any demand, threat, or change of the usual. As life may test us in many ways, it is prudent that we remain mindful not to welcome stress shake us. It helps, too, if we stay grateful and optimistic. Research shows that those who think positively can extend their lifespan by 7.5 years.  

Being optimistic is something we can learn. It takes time and practice, though. Simple ways to help us remain positive until it becomes a habit are: surrounding ourselves with positive people, practicing positive self-talk, and smiling. 


Sleep is essential in our physical health. More than healing and repairing our heart and blood vessels, a night of good sleep can help improve concentration and productivity.

Dr. Luigi shared that it helps to wake and sleep on schedule every day. This practice helps keep our body clock in sync, thus gives us quality sleep.

To support us enjoy a good night’s sleep, a few helpful tips are:

  • Keep the bedroom dark.
  • Turn off gadgets that produce blue light.
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine intake before bedtime.
  • If possible, do not nap longer than 20 minutes during the daytime.


No man is an island. – John Donne

This famous phrase expresses the idea that we human beings need to be part of a community to thrive. Socialization upholds societies and cultures, as well as helps us grow as an individual. With socialization, too, we gain an outside perspective on ourselves. And this feedback we get helps us boost our confidence and self-esteem.

But what makes socialization even more beautiful is that it promotes purpose. We feel useful and realize we are needed; thus pushes us to take care of ourselves and stay healthy to serve and meet our purpose.

Live a healthy life for better immunity

Living a healthy lifestyle extends our life and rejuvenates our body and mind. It also makes us feel better, which radiates how we talk, think, and even deal with people. A healthy habit may be a bit challenging to develop, but it is possible. All it takes is to acknowledge our purpose and be kind to ourselves to aim for that purpose – enjoy life in a healthy way. 

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  1. jennifer sarno cruz

    kulang na pala ko sa socialization sleep at excercise kasi simula nun nag asawa po ko naging busy na po ko sa mga anak ko,thanks for sharing this momi.

  2. Karen

    Dapat talaga momi mging healthy tayo need talaga natin ang healthy nutrition sleep at exercise s pang araw araw natin n pamumuhay

  3. Owen ponce

    Very well stated that we need,Dina everyday basis

  4. ellaine parame

    Mahalaga talaga ang mga strategy na ito Mommy,minsan nahirapan din ako matulog salamat sa IDEA na nalelearn ko dito sa blog mo,Malaking tulong ito sa pamilya ko at maibahagi sa kanila na importante talaga ang proper exercise at maingat din sa mga pagkain..

  5. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Guilty ako sa part ng matulog ng maaga ewan ko ba nakasanayan ko na at talaga namang nakikita ko ang panget na feedback nito sa katawan ko at sa manage your stress hindi maiwasan isipin lalo na Kung tagalog naman nakakapag alala ito maganda itong 5 tips na shinare momi dahil ito ang sagot talaga sa healthy living natin

  6. Lyka Mitra

    Aminado po ako dito hirap po ako sa mga ito magkaroon ng tamang balanced lalo na po sa tulog, exercise at stress. Pero hanggat maaari po ginagawa ko ang lahat para mabalanced ko po itong mga ito. Napakalaking tulong po kase nito sa ating katawan.

  7. Rose Ann Obejas

    Ang kalusugan ang ating kayamanan. Kaya dapat ingatan natin. Thanks sa pag share momi dagdag kaalaman ito samen.

  8. Joan lacida Andal

    Not enough sleep ako every day kasi mglalako kami ng gulay at isda,, gicing ng 1am tapos tulog sa gabi 10pm,,, para sa future ng kids, ang ehersisyo ko pg namamalengke lng ako

  9. Karen Joy Daban

    Its is Very Important po talaga to Live healthy malaking tulong po ito hindi lang sa physical nating pangagatawan pati na din po sa mental health natin.Thanks for sharing this momi berlin I must apply it all on myself

  10. Switzel Butanas

    Tama mamsh kailangan natin ingatan ang sarili natin as a mom always tayung pagod kaya malaking tulong po na matutu tayung maging healthy physically mentally and emotionally..thanks for sharing momsh


    Thankyuuuu for.sharing this mommy sobrang laking tulong sakin ,kasi hirap tlga aq matulog ,at Kung anung oras n nakakatulog,sobrang importante kasi tlga ang ating kalusugan ,sobrang laking tulong tlga netoh ,Lalu n sa ating mga nanay

  12. Gellai Cruz

    importante talaga na healthy living tayo malaking tulong to hndi lang sa physical pati na rin menthal health natin lalo na sa panahon ngaun

  13. Cheng Broquiza

    Thank you for sharing this all Momi. Minsan tlaga sa sobrang busy natin nakakalimutan n ntin Ang healthy lifestyle. Tulad ng sapat n tulog at sapat na pahinga. Eat healthy foods balanced diet and exercise.


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