Benefits of Healthy Snacking

Sep 29, 2020 | Live

Herbalife Nutrition Virtual Tea Party Event

Seriously, we thought snacking means grabbing a burger, fries, or chips. It is more about satisfying our wants more than being too conscious about weight gain and eating healthily. But when we attended the Herbalife Nutrition Virtual Tea Party this morning, we learned that we are doing snacking the wrong way. That there is such a thing called healthy snacking which could improve overall health, even curb cravings, and fight weight gain.

Introduction to Healthy Snacking

Ms. Susan Bowerman, the Senior Director of Worldwide Nutrition Education and Training and the Chair of the Herbalife Dietetic Advisory Board, made a live cooking demo on creating a protein bite snack. She also gave an insightful talk about healthy snacking. She holds a registered dietitian title; thus, she speaks confidently about the topic.

Though the talk was short, we learned the importance of balanced nutrition and healthy snacking.

Eating healthy snacks in between meals

We’ve learned that having healthy snacks in between meals prevents us from getting too hungry. However, even if such snacks are healthy, they do not mean we can eat an enormous amount of them. We still need to monitor portion size and eat in moderation.

Taking healthy snacks increases our nutrient intake, sustains energy levels, and helps our bodies recover from strenuous activities. Such an example are tuna sandwich, fresh fruit with yogurt, and fresh-cut vegetables.

Keep healthy snacks on hand

Perhaps what often happens is that we need to tame our hungry stomach, so we grab anything we see at home. It helps if we keep healthy snacks on hand and do not keep anything sweets around. It starts with being mindful of what we put inside our grocery cart.

It likewise helps that we prepare healthy snacks ahead of time, then have them readily available when hunger strikes. Such are the protein bites Ms. Susan Bowerman demonstrated earlier. The no-bake protein energy balls we did are tasty, guilt-free snacks perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones. They are made with flax seeds and chia seeds, raisins, peanut butter, honey, and dark chocolate chips. An addition of a few scoops of Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength helps in the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass and deliver protein to tired muscles. This is what we love best about Herbalife. The company sincerely helps people change their lives by providing the best nutrition and weight-management products.

As we consume these healthy snacks, we’ve realized that they allow us to have more energy throughout the day. We could also compare when we used to eat nutrient-poor, sugary snacks like candy bars, bagel, and a doughnut. They are the fuel that runs hot and flames out. They give us a quick push of energy but leave us more hungry and even unable to concentrate after some time.

Benefits of Healthy Snacking

A healthy life starts with knowing what nutrition is. And once we are open about nutrition, It will definitely lead us toward improving our overall health and, eventually, lower our risk to acquire heart disease among other illnesses. If we are too overwhelmed with knowing what nutrition is, we may start by taking healthy snacks.

So how about you try the protein bites Ms. Susan Bowerman taught us?

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  1. Karen

    Kailangan po natin kumain ng masustansyang pagkain para mging healthy katuwang po natin jan ang herbalife …


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