MOMI LEARNS Children teach us to rest

Sep 25, 2017 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

My two-year-old son can be real energetic that often when I am busy beating deadlines, he would act so unreasonable and would want my attention.  That is how I would describe him -unreasonable and uncooperative.  However, it isn’t him but me acting unreasonable and unaccommodating.  He is just a kid and obviously, he loves to play and he would want to include his mother in his pretend play. How insensitive can I  be?

There are instances as well when he would again sit beside me and after a few minutes urge me to go to bed.  And I would again think he is acting so unreasonable and uncooperative.  I need to finish a deadline and yet here is the little kiddo disturbing me.  Shame on you, Berlin for thinking of that!  He just wants to sleep because it’s way past his bedtime and you are still there burning the midnight oil.

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– Tom Robbins, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

There will always be too much work to do

MOMI LEARNS Children teach us to rest

MOMI LEARNS Children teach us to rest | This is us, our usual day.  Momi Berlin working while babywearing SumoSam and the LittleMan beside us.

Stop when we need to. Often, we force ourselves to finish everything that we become insensitive to the people around us.  We reason out that we’re beating that deadline for our little one’s future but then sadly, we can’t even give our five minutes to him.  How can we give a beautiful future if we haven’t established a beautiful present?

Deadlines are beautiful.  They keep us focused on our goal.  But it wouldn’t hurt if we also stop for a while and rest. That way, we can even be more productive because we have refreshed our soul with a few minutes of playtime with the little kiddo beside us.    We become more inspired to work because the sound of our kid’s laughter lingers in our mind as we work.

Children teach us to rest


There will always be too much work.  We will never have enough time.   Because work is given.   Running against time to beat the deadline is a foolish quest.  Thank God for children, they remind me to stop and have some rest.


  1. Juvy Ann

    Me and my husband used to bring home office work. However, one time when my
    eldest son then 4years old so us working, he put on a face and angrily said “late na nga kayo umuwi, work pa rin kayo sa bahay!” It was an eye openner for me and my husband. We stopped bringing work home ( and even if we do, we do it only after sending the kids to sleep). We alsi made it a point to leave the office on time to reach home early. We also dedicated our weekends to family time.

  2. Michi

    I feel you, when my son was at that age I was working at home. I always have deadlines to finish and nawawalan ko ng time sa kanya. So after several months, I resigned and focus na lang ko sa kanya. Ako na lang kasi kasama niya so walang playmate. 🙂

  3. Nerisa

    Sometimes when you have a lot of things to do and deadlines to meet… you forget to rest na. Its good that your little man was the one who taught you how to rest. Most of the time, its our body who does… and its not a good sign.

  4. Melisa Sanchez

    I feel you Berns, lalo na pag ikaw lahat lang sa house lahat gumagawa at kumikilos. Sometimes your body wants to rest but your eyes maraming nakikitang pending na trabaho nakakainis diba? Pero may magagawa pa ba tayo? hahahah! One time si Zd habang karga ko sya sabi nya sakin ” mama, down si Zd kasi tired si mama” nong narinig ko yon subrang nagulat ako kasi sa kabila ng kalikutan nya nakikita at naramdaman nya din pala na pagod ako!

  5. Gilian

    This is exactly my second son. He’s turning 4 now, but when he was 2, he was being very unreasonable(sometimes even now) and it was unbearable. I didn’t understand him that time. I asked for God’s help he showed me what to do every time he behaves that way. Usually just really sleepy or wants something. He’s too playful. I also stopped everything I was doing to meet his needs first because everything becomes ok after that. When he’s pacified, I can do my my chores. 🙂 Let us keep on learning. I do hope other moms can get encouragement like we do. I mean we learn from each other, I keep on thinking about other moms who don’t have people to talk to about their experiences at home while parenting. 🙂

  6. Nilyn Matugas

    Ahhh! I can totally relate! Nakakaguilty minsan na pinagbibigyan na nga ako ni Nate during work time, as in very minimal sya nag aask ng attention ko when I work, he knows my sched already, pero minsan masyado din akong nagiging abala sa mga iba pang online chuchu that I’m doing, I sometimes don’t realize that time was supposed to be for him already. If only we can have 2 bodies, ano? But, no, that’s not possible. I always remind myself of this every day.

  7. Tipid Mommy

    I need to hear this. Medyo workaholic ako, and recently ito ang reminder sa akin si Lord “rest” “pause”. Thanks for reminding me again mommy to take time to rest dahil di naman talaga nauubos ang gawain ng nanay


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