MOMI SHARES| Benefit of getting the kids outside

Sep 4, 2017 | Life, Likes, Only Berlin

Six years ago, my Second Son fell from a monkey bar.   He had a surgery that repaired the broken bones in his right forearm.  The surgeon affixed three metal pins – the length of a ballpen – in his forearm.  These pens are to align his broken bones.

Just last week, we visited the playground where he fell.  The place was still the same.  The swing was still there, same with the seesaw.  And yes, the old monkey bar was still there.

MOMI SHARES| Benefit of getting the kids outside

MOMI SHARES| Benefit of getting the kids outside

Then I asked myself.  How many children already met an accident playing at that playground?  Probably a dozen or a hundred.  Or perhaps only my son.  But that doesn’t dismiss the fact that an accident occurred there and still might happen if no necessary safety measure is applied.  How I wish the subdivision officers would install a playground flooring within the area like an artificial grass or coloured flooring design.  I have read and seen a number of those soft surfaces installed in playgrounds, kids’ activity area, and even soccer fields to keep the children using the facility safe in the event they fall or stumble.

Children are naturally drawn to playing outside.  And this mother of five believes that there are numerous benefits of outdoor play. Aside from developing their fine and gross motor skills, they also gain self-confidence and of course, develop their social competence.

Allow me to share with you one benefit of getting the kids outside- they become considerate.

Being considerate is beyond politeness.  I have seen that my boys, even at a tender age, are able to treat others decently and with respect.

Mindful of their manners

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Manners make us be sensitive to other’s feelings.  It is being polite.  It is thinking first before action.  Often, I would remind the boys that in dealing with others, they should always be guided by the golden rule.  They should treat others the way they would want to be treated as well.  With that as their guiding principle, they would be mindful of their actions, wordings, and thinking.

Intuitive of other’s needs

MOMI SHARES| Benefit of getting the kids outside

MOMI SHARES| Benefit of getting the kids outside

Being surrounded by peers makes kids extra sensitive to the needs of others.  They also develop within themselves the sense of empathy and begin to consider how others around them feel.  They pay great attention to others in a non-judgmental way thus peace and harmony are observed within the play area.  Children are highly attuned to the emotions given off by those around them and use this information to refine the way they act in a situation.

Becomes patient

Sharing the playground with others make kids extra patient.  They need to wait for their turn to use the seesaw or the swing, for instance.  They are able to learn to master their impulses and responses when they develop a character of patience.  In the long run, they will bring this same quality to their school and workplace.

 They apologize if needed

A wholehearted apology is a gift one can give to the hurt party, the relationship, and himself.  Saying “sorry” is often hard especially if we protect our ego.  But children who often mingle with their peers are able to understand and share the feelings of another, thus making it easy for them to apologize if needed.  Admitting that they made a mistake is the first step toward self-improvement.  This also contributes to building a better relationship with peers and in the long run, with workmates.

Benefit of getting the kids outside

There are many reasons parents should allow their kids to play outside.  For one, children can express their creativity.  They could freely run and thus feel a sense of freedom.  And most importantly, outdoor play helps kids develop empathy and consideration. They learn how to properly assert their needs but still aware of the people around them.  Before making any move, they try to put themselves first in someone else’s shoes.  They grow up to be kind, gracious, and tactful – the qualities this world needs to make it a better place to live.

Plus, this mother also gets to go outside and enjoy both her reading and Mother Nature.

MOMI SHARES| Benefit of getting the kids outside

MOMI SHARES| Benefit of getting the kids outside


  1. Teresa Dumadag

    Oh, that’s painful! Sorry to hear that it happened to your child.

    We also have those in our village park. I agree with you that there should be safety precautions included as well. I don’t let my kids use the monkey bars when their Dad is not with them because I’m usually busy running after the youngest and I don’t have a nanny to watch over the older boys.



    I wish my kids would be more appreciative of going outdoors. As it is, they already spend too much time inside the house playing their games. Well, actually, the younger one does. Elder one balances playing and coding.

    I can see the how much values children can pick up just by being exposed to other people, say in a park. I agree with you completely on your post. Furthermore, there is also the matter of being healthier. Of course, some may argue that being out in public, that is where children get exposed to more harmful pathogens. But then again, that is how they build up their immune system.

  3. theresa

    At least mommy, you still had the courage to go back from the place where the heartbroken incident happened. That’s one courageous act already. If only playground can also be childproof, then no worries. I also like to buy the idea that there will be soft surfaces on the floors in case children fell, it wouldn’t be as painful as it can be.

  4. Pia

    First of, let me just say that your son is so brave for venturing out again despite getting injured. That being said, I wholeheartedly agree with everything that you said. My husband and I were talking about this recently- how so many kids nowadays end up cooped up in the house. I really think outdoor play is not just physically healthy, but like you said, it teaches them soft skills that they would need later on in life. it’s character-building.

  5. Me-An Clemente

    I wholly agree with you that there are real benefits of allowing kids to play outside. Since we didn’t live in a subdivision where there is a playground, I can vividly recall my mom bringing me to Kids at Work in SM North Edsa. That is where I learned how to socialize as I was a homebody and a bookworm. I said to myself that, when I become a parent, I’ll bring my kid to a similar place. I’ll think twice about bringing him/her to outdoor playgrounds because of the possible accident. However, I’m sure to bring him/her to an indoor playground. Great to know that your son wasn’t traumatized by the accident and he chose to embrace his wounds.

  6. Grace

    Our subdivision has a mini playground, too! But I seldom bring my kids there because 1. The kids playing there are bigger kids and some are impolite and 2. My kids can’t play, aside from they are the youngest, the other kids dont know how to take turns. But I agree that letting the kids play outside is very beneficial. My eldest has his clan already even if some kids can’t understand his bulol-english language!

  7. Maria

    I’m actually a fan of letting kids play outside. Not only that it practices their social skills, but they are able to learn many things in dealing with other kids. From being respectful to their own parents and to their playmates’ parents, they also get introduced with Mother Nature.

    I’m sorry for what happened for your soon. When I was reading that part, my mind was kinda imagining things. Grr! But anyway, I know that he has learned a lot from that experience and I think he’d be sharing a lot to his younger brothers.

  8. Clarice

    I agree with everything you mentioned. I believe that kids should go outside and explore the world. There are far more benefits than keeping them “safe” inside our homes. Playing, getting hurt and little accidents are all part of growing up. They will provide them with important life lessons.

  9. Kris

    Being a 90’s kid, I was able to play often outside. In a time where there’s no tablets or smartphones yet, I get to enjoy the outdoors more. Being able to play outside helped kids develop thir social skills. Skills that may be something that won’t matter to them yet but these values would be their foreground for their emotional quotient.

  10. Aica Batoon

    Too bad I didn’t spend too much time playing outside when I was younger. My parents are very strict, and I grew up being envious of my brother and sister (10 and 11 years older than me) who experienced playing outdoor games on the streets with their neighbors. I’ll make sure to learn from this post as I become a future mother one day. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  11. Swayam Tiwari

    I am trying to instil values of humility and gratefulness in my kids. Yesterday, I took them out for a dinner in a hotel. When the gateman opened the door for me, I said, Thank You. Similarly, when the bearer/ waiter delivered my order, my kids thanked him too. I felt good.

    • momiberlin

      wow. that’s so nice to hear. love kids when they observe and pick up those nice qualities.



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