Education in the Time of Covid-19

Mar 22, 2021 | Live, Only Berlin

Change has been massive

Our three high school students and pre-schooler suddenly embraced distance learning as it went from optional to mandatory. Though online learning isn’t new, the big difference now is that we are forced total reliance on remote learning all at once.

We may embrace the change and accept it, or wait for one to two years for everything to go back to the old chalkboard method. We took the challenge, though, because we don’t want the kids’ schooling to come to a halt. The only concern we raised during the parent-teacher orientation was how the school could develop an ideal technical solution to manage large numbers of students from a distance without sacrificing education quality.

Our concerns as parents were addressed adequately by the school. Luckily, too, our four boys were able to navigate the e-learning framework quite easily. By the end of the second quarter, they are all used to the system. It helps big time that we also have the tools and resources. 

invest in dependable resources

we are grateful that our mother gifted each boy with a laptop. Now, with the three high schoolers owning a computer, all they need is to show up in class and learn. 

Another necessity? Access to technology is a must. We are grateful that husband made sure that the boys experience minor to no downsides at all – from no logging out of online classes and no student absenteeism – just because of poor internet connection. 

the newest and fastest Home Prepaid Wi-Fi from Globe at Home

We got the newest and fastest Home Prepaid Wi-Fi from Globe at Home. It is readily available at P1999, and one can get it from, Lazada, and Shopee. 

Powered by LTE-Advanced Technology, our Home Prepaid Wi-Fi allows our children to collaborate smoothly with their teachers and classmates on real-time video screening and video conference. Likewise, our students can quickly join online study groups and work on school projects virtually because of our fast connection speed. 

As for our preschooler, he can join virtual field trips and take tours to places he has never been before. He can even see the depths of oceans and outer space via virtual tours.

Education in the Time of Covid-19

In this new normal of schooling, a fast and reliable internet connection is vital for students to take advantage of the educational benefits of e-learning. We, parents, should support our children’s schooling by providing them with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. And we may start with getting the new LTE-Advanced Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi.

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  1. Karen

    Perfect s homeschooling ang globe momi lalo n ngayong online distance learning n ang mga bata magandang connection itong gamitin para s pag aaral ng ating mga anak.

  2. Aci Bornea

    Super sulit ang preapid wifi diba momshie? lalo na for inays na in a budget. Tas doble bilis pa! yay!

  3. Michi

    We also upgraded our internet plan because of the pandemic, work from home na kasi si hubby and onlince class na rin anak ko. Additional expense per at least mabilis na. 🙂

  4. Czjai

    I’ve been with Globe for almost ten years na. Very reliable ang connection, especially during these times. 🙂

  5. Dianne Salonga

    I can relate with you sis, since it’s pandemic no one on one with teachers and hard to get internet connection too. I got my Globe at Home internet subscription few months ago since need for online class. Better than using mobile data.

  6. WanderWoMom

    im contemplating in getting nga this one. kaso my question is iba kaya ang signal ng globe sa phone with this. or pag mahina ang globe sa area, eh negative na din ito. i want globe kasi talaga hahaha! hihirapan na ako sa internet namin palagi nawawala huhuhuh

  7. Mommy Levy

    Kailangan talaga natin ng reliable internet connection at home. If only meron sa probinsya namin, doon na lang kami mag stay at malayo sa tao. I hope Globe will have a tower in that area soon.

  8. May Palacpac

    We’re still on Converge but we’re considering getting a prepaid wifi package also for emergencies. Mahirap kasi talaga mawalan ngayon ng internet, hindi pwedeng basta basta lumabas at kung saan saan sumalpak. Thanks for sharing this. I have a fairly good experience with Globe at our old apartment before.

  9. Emiliana

    I stable, reliable internet connection is really our lifeline in this pandemic.

  10. Emiliana

    A stable, reliable internet connection is really our lifeline in this pandemic.


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