4 Essentials for Online Learning

Aug 20, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

Essentials for Online Learning

COVID-19 has tossed us all into a new reality: social distancing is the “new normal,” and online learning has replaced the centuries-old chalk-talk teaching method. Our admiration for the government and the schools for working hard and fast to make sure the education of the children are not put in vain.

Essentials for Online Learning

In our household, we may say that the transition to distance learning is a big adjustment. For one, we have three high school students and an incoming pre-schooler who would all need to use laptop simultaneously. Likewise, both their parents are freelancers who often stay at home to do their business. Now, the parents have an added task to oversee their children as they learn from home and navigate this new landscape of digital education.  

To aid our four learners’ journey through these unprecedented times, husband and I agreed on four essentials for distance learning.

Provide comfortable nook

Before starting their online classes, we’ve already asked the boys to identify their preferred spot within the house to do their e-learning. 

We emphasized to them the need to be in a comfortable nook where they could concentrate and spend at least six hours studying. Of course, their bed isn’t part of the option. Husband and I both agreed that a study place has such a significant impact on one’s ability to focus. 

Prepare food for the boys

Putting all one’s effort in attending class for an extended period may be too overwhelming. Thus, as a supportive mother, we make sure to prepare food and drinks for the boys. 

They need to replenish the lost energy with a new set of energy-boosting meal same with preparing a nutritious and substantial breakfast for them before they start their classes.  

Learn about virtual learning

To better assist the kids in dealing with the challenges of online schooling, it is prudent that as parents, learn the “new normal.” Read works of literature and news about how to help your children understand and adapt the new ways of learning. If there are webinars about online schooling, attend one.  

Essentials for Online Learning
4 Essentials for Online Learning

One webinar we recently attended to was the Learn@Home: Parents’ Online Schooling Essentials.  The one-hour free webinar was conducted by Teacher Gabby Limjoco, owner of Playworks Early Childhood Center, and celebrity mom and content creator Bianca Gonzalez-Intal. Through the session, we learned the essentials on how to make our home a conducive learning environment for the boys. We also got useful tips and hacks to ease the kids’ anxiety about the new process. The session also tackled the importance of having a strong and reliable broadband connection and the appropriate tools and tech set-up at home for optimized learning.

Get a good internet connection

We all know that a good internet connection is essential to online learning. And as we move forward and embrace the changes brought by the new normal, it is prudent to rely on a provider that wouldn’t give us headaches. And that is what I love about Globe At Home. It is committed to providing a smooth and fast internet connection so our children will experience less learning disruptions. One can avail or upgrade to UNLI Plan 2899 with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The plan also comes with a pair of TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh devices which expand the WiFi coverage to more areas of the home so everyone can stay connected.

Essentials for Online Learning

We believe that one of the pillars of sustainable growth is the quality of education we receive. With this in mind, we send the boys to a good school. However, if we can’t provide these four essentials to them – the real goal of education is doomed.

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  1. Karen

    Thank you sa useful tips momi berlin.. ako po problema ko po yung internet connection kc nkikiconect lng po ako sa hipag ko… ngayong nagstart n po ang online homeschooling mas pinili po namin ang modular pero my time po na my pinag susubmit din po tru online… ang edukasyon po ang mahalaga dahil yun lng po ma ipapamana ko sa anak ko hanggang sa pagtanda nla…


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