Hinga Lang, Girl to Uncomfortable, Sticky Periods

Mar 6, 2021 | Likes, Only Berlin

Here’s to Finally Saying ‘Hinga Lang, girl!’ to Uncomfortable, Sticky and Stuffy Periods 

Many describe stress as an unavoidable reality of life. We find stress as something manageable, though.  

Stress is our natural response when triggered by something that makes us feel uncomfortable. If we are intentional with our actions, we can manage not to be stressed and let any dangerous situation affect us. But if we already let stress come our to us, one way to release the heavy tension brought by it, is conscious breathing. Deep, conscious breathing makes us aware of the present situation as we become more in touch with our mind, body, and spirit. 

Hinga lang, girl

As we are conscious of our emotions, we can now shift and release any negative energy.

One stressful moment a lady may experience is facing that dreaded time of the month – monthly period. It’s also sweaty, grimy, and stuffy that all lead to many challenges and stressors — one on top of the other. 

Even the most mundane tasks can seem like such a struggle because of the sweatiness and stuffiness when using unbreathable pads. But we can always opt not to settle for an unbreathable pad.

NEW Whisper Breathable

We can experience the Presko protection we always longed for with the NEW Whisper Breathable with thousands of Airflow Vents! 

We could very well understand that suffocating feeling when our pad just won’t let our skin breathe. And now, with the Whisper Breathable, it has thousands of airflow vents that let air pass-through for a light and airy feeling. We can also confidently strut without checking for leaks with the new and improved top-sheet with deep anti-tagos channels.

Again, hinga lang, girl

When life gets a hold of us, we feel like slowing down, hinga lang, girl. Get that well-deserved respite and bounce back better than ever. Life shouldn’t be much of a hassle — especially when on our period. 

Again, on our red days?

Hinga lang, girl, and give yourself and your skin a breather with the new Whisper Breathable with thousands of airflow vents. And even on ordinary days, we feel the pressure of life, again, hinga lang, girl!

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  1. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Wow nice nitong bagong whisper breathable super comfy kana, wala ng sweaty icky feeling pag red days dahil kay whisper makakakilos at makakahinga kana ng walang alinlangan pa

  2. Madel Genito

    Yes to whisper po talaga momi,very confident ako Pag Ito gamit ko Lalo na po lagi malakas ang period ko.

  3. Vivian lazo

    Favorite napkin ko tong whisper momi super light and airy, comfortable and fresh every time na my red days ako. No more sweaty and fluffy feelings kaya pag gamit ko to super Confident ako talagang breathable ang whisper tried and tested every since nagkaperiod ako eto talga ang gamit ko up to now

  4. jennifer sarno cruz

    super comfy talaga ang whisper breathdable especially on our wet days

  5. Jeng Manalo

    Yes to whisper talaga ako momi Berlin , dahil sa whisper you feel free to move and very comfortable talaga kaya trusted namin gamitin kaya confident kahit may red days pa

  6. Dhel Manog

    Yes to hinga lang! Lalo na kung red days na natin kaya super trusted ko dyan ang whisper,you can move what you want.Very comfortable pa.

  7. Yanpaladquisol

    Nakakatulong talaga itong whisper para less stress tuwing red days dahil mas comfortable at mas breathable.

  8. Karen

    The best po talaga ang whisper lalo n pag red days no more tagos at comfortable pa ang feeling

  9. Karen

    Maganda po talaga gamitin ang whisper very comfortable in our red days no more tagos feeling

  10. ellaine parame

    Bet ko talaga ang Whisper Pad,Dito ako hiyang,no tagas less stress..Super bango at fresh kapa all day ♥️♥️♥️ Recommnedable to all women out there ♥️

  11. Lyka Mitra

    Matagal ko na rin po ito gamit talaga since nung dalaga pa po ako kase talagang nahiyang po ako dito at walang tagos talaga kaya trusted ko na po ito sa aking monthly periods.

  12. Laarni Tarray

    Dati ayaw ko talaga lumalabas kapag may red days kasi hindi ako komportable lalo na kapag heavy flow. Pero nung Whisper ang ginamit ko hindi na ko nagwoworry at naiStressed dahil sobrang comfy to wear nitong Whisper.


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