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Dec 24, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

Note:  This momi did not receive the product Driclor or any compensation to do this review.  All thoughts and words are the author’s own.

The Problem

I sweat excessively.  And it was most of the time very embarrassing.  I googled a solution for it and learned of Driclor.  I tried it for a month and a half. I consumed a small bottle and half of the big bottle.

Driclor for sweaty palms

Driclor for sweaty palms

The Solution

As I’ve mentioned, I sweat excessively.  And for a week of using Driclor, my sweating has been minimized.  I will continue using Driclor for I see it helpful – a solution to my condition.

Read some testimonials online that some Driclor users experienced a burning sensation, redness and choppiness.  In my case, though, thank goodness I haven’t experienced any — just yet.

Driclor for sweaty palms

So will I recommend Driclor?  I’ve seen and experienced its effect on me.  Yes, I will recommend Driclor to those who like me aren’t comfortable with sweaty palms and feet.

I noticed though that my feet sometimes sweat when I am using my Melissa shoes.  It must have been the PVC component.

Price:  small bottle is P350 or somehow near that

Bigger bottle is nearly P900.00



  1. Kathy Ngo

    I wish the photo was a little bit clearer but I’m gad that this works well for you. I don’t have sweaty palms but I know a lot of people who do. I’ll tell them about this.

    • momiberlin

      Thanks. Yes, the photo is blurred. Sayang. But I do hope this will work for others with the same problem I had before. Merry Christmas!


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