Our #CrispyFryPlayDay with Ajinomoto and Kuya Lucky

Jan 15, 2021 | Likes, Live

#CrispyFryPlayDay: Ajinomoto celebrates first Lucky FryDay PlayDay

Our Friday was spent quite differently with a game show, and a virtual meet up with Kuya Lucky. Crispy Fry brought together media and their families for the first #CrispyFryPlayDay done online. It likewise officially introduced its newest brand endorser Luis “Kuya Lucky” Manzano.

#CrispyFryPlayDay with Kuya Lucky

Have we mentioned a game show? Yes, we were treated to a game-show themed virtual event where Kuya Lucky gave us a special task to complete. Held via Zoom, the virtual game had three exciting rounds, where we had to guess the ingredients, and the price of special ulam made better with Crispy Fry products. Special awards and prizes were given to select Frymates and winning participants. 

As the pandemic has introduced many changes, one thing remains certain- our even stronger bond with our family. The new stay-at-home lifestyle creates opportunities for new bonding moments between loved ones. And Crispy Fry encourages everyone to make cooking a shared activity because it’s fun, easy, and rewarding. 

Cooking with Crispy Fry®

Cooking is made better and more special with Crispy Fry®, the #1 breading mix brand in the market. Perfect for Filipino families, Crispy Fry® is made from choice flours and starches perfectly blended with seasonings, concocted to make fried chicken and fish crispy-delicious.

The brand has an extensive list of variants available on the market. This includes Crispy Fry® Chicken Breading Mix, which comes in Original, Garlic, and Spicy so families can enjoy fried chicken in different ways. Crispy Fry® also has a variant with Gravy Mix and another with Japanese bread crumbs, seasonings, and spices. Meanwhile, the new Crispy Fry® Fish Breading Mix reduces oil spills while cooking so families can enjoy fried fish without the hassle.

Crispanalo and isda-licious fried dishes

Even Manzano revealed that “Crispy Fry® is a staple in his kitchen because it makes cooking so much easier. When he doesn’t have the time, he fries chicken or fish using the easy-to-prepare breading mix. Each meal is made more special because Crispy Fry® guarantees crispanalo and isda-licious fried dishes, every time.

Crispy Fry® and #CrispyFryPlayDay are part of Ajinomoto’s Eat Well, Live Well promise for Filipino families – to create high-quality products for delicious, healthy, and enjoyable mealtimes.

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