MOM STANDS TALL| Proactive prevention against Vaccine-preventable diseases

Nov 8, 2017 | Life, Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Monthly, we have five boys scheduled for vaccination.  If only we would compute the money we’ve invested on those vials and booster shots, we might have purchased a brand new car already.  Only that we prefer to secure the kids’ safety against vaccine-preventable illnesses. Thus, we take a more proactive approach and invest highly in their vaccine.

“Prevention is always better than cure, especially if the cure is not always available.”  I believe in this same line of Dr. May Montellano.  She is the sole guest speaker at Mom Protect talk I recently attended.

MOM STANDS TALL| Proactive prevention against Vaccine-preventable diseases

MOM STANDS TALL| Proactive prevention against Vaccine-preventable diseases

Mom Protect gives great emphasis on the importance of awareness of and access to new and better health prevention methods. As it further believes that family health and well being is any mom’s top priority, thus its aptly title Mom Protect.

Mom Protect is Mommy Mundo and the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination‘s (PFV) joint effort to encourage moms to take a proactive approach and educate them about vaccine-preventable diseases.  The almost two-hour event was overflowing with information, and I wish to share with you the key learning we got.

A proactive approach to unpredictable foes

Proactive prevention constitutes a three-pronged strategy –  Awareness, Diligent practice, and Sharing.


For moms to keep their family safe from illnesses, it is encouraged that they become actively aware of such cases of diseases.  Knowing the symptoms of dengue, for instance, is one.   Being in the know how to prevent such mosquito-borne disease is equally important, too.  Mothers should also show enthusiasm for learning new medical development that might be of help in the future.

Diligent practice

Knowledge would definitely be useless if diligent practice isn’t given importance.  It is prudent that as moms gathered all the information about dengue, for example, they would then follow the ways to prevent mosquitoes from breeding near their place.  Consistency is equally important and a major key to building and fortifying family health and resiliency.


Knowledge stored and practiced is good.  But sharing and passing accurate information to other moms is such a gracious act.  During her talk, Dr. Montalban even encourages the mom guests to join communities online.  She invites everyone to connect with other moms too and share their experiences. After all, nothing could have prepared them for motherhood than being a mother themselves.  Plus of course, the kind advice and wisdom of fellow moms.

Standing together

I truly appreciate the efforts of Mommy Mundo and PFV for giving Filipino families through the moms the right to accurate information.   Through talks like this, families get peace of mind, especially about health concerns.

MOM STANDS TALL| Proactive prevention against Vaccine-preventable diseases

MOM STANDS TALL| Proactive prevention against Vaccine-preventable diseases

I went home extra confident with the added knowledge I’ve recently acquired.  And I would love to share with you a beautiful statement from Dr. Cecillia Montalban, President of the PVF.  “We are hopeful that with our unified and strengthened resolve as mothers to quell worries with this forum, our families can live healthily and confidently no matter what the season.  With the information and resources already available to us moms, we know casualties of any of these diseases will lessen and lessen until there are none at all.”


  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    Very informative event. Let us be aware, practice what we’ve learned and share it. When I became a mom, I also read a lot of articles and join forums. Mas okay sa forums kasi you know na naexperience na nila.

    • momiberlin

      I agree on the forum. I also appreciate efforts like this. They truly know that among other things, its the health of their family that moms truly value the most.

  2. MrsEneroDiaries

    Sayang di ako nakaattend due to prior event. Aww, five vaccines monthly but yeah, family’s health is the most important to us moms. I haven’t attended forums like this, wish I have time ang ganda ng topic nila and I wish to see SumoSam too hehe!

  3. Nerisa

    There are differences in opinion when it comes to vaccination no? Some (like me) would say, invest in it, kasi like you said, prevention is always better than cure. Some naman, would rather not invest. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Melisa Sanchez

    I agree Berns, we should invest in it specially pag health na ang pinag uusapan. Mahirap na pagsisihan natin sa huli. At para din naman sa ikakabuti ng mga anak natin. Malaking tulong din ang mga ganitong event para maging aware din tayong mga mommy.


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