Packaging Difference Between Ground Coffee and Whole Coffee Beans

Jan 20, 2021 | Likes

Differences Between Packaging for Ground Coffee Vs. Whole Coffee Beans

A nice cup of coffee can be a wonderful way to excite your senses and wake your mind and body. Despite basically always combining water with coffee beans, differences in the brewing process can significantly change the cup’s quality. One of the key factors is how the beans are stored. Understanding the ground and whole bean coffee needs can help you find the right option for your product.

Ground Coffee Needs and Options

Ground coffee is more convenient for consumers in a lot of cases. It doesn’t require grinding; they can just put it in their coffee maker and get started. However, ground coffee is more susceptible to oxidation due to more of the bean being directly exposed to the air. Therefore, your custom coffee packaging for ground coffee will usually need to be designed to be very resistant to the air.

Typically, ground coffee should be stored in an airtight package. Additionally, it should be resealable, unless being sold in a single-use unit. Coffee’s acidity and oils mean that plastics are usually the best option. However, glass jars can also work in some cases. Paper-based packaging usually is insufficient. Finally, you will want to make sure that your coffee can stand out on the shelf. So, a printable, high-visibility package is a must.

Whole Bean Coffee Needs and Options

Whole beans have similar needs and options as ground coffee. However, they are significantly more resilient. For example, beans can be sold in plastic bags, provided that the package is only being used short-term. Like ground coffee, moisture, sunlight, and oxygen can degrade coffee beans, just at a slower rate.

Plastic containers and glass jars are common choices for coffee packaging. Options such as paper bags should be reserved for short-term packaging, such as when selling beans by weight. Ideally, the packaging should be resealable.

Stand Up Pouch Packaging

One of the best options for all types of coffee is a mylar stand-up pouch. This can provide all the characteristics that both ground and whole bean coffee need.

Pouches are airtight and non-reactive. They also keep out sunlight and moisture. Plus, they can be designed with resealable zipper tops. Their stand-up format and colorful printing options mean that you can make your product stand out on the shelf. Better yet, they can be stored and transported at a much higher density than rigid plastic containers or glass jars.

You can even opt for PCR sustainable packaging options with stand-up pouches. For many modern consumers, this is a high-priority concern. Sustainability has become a big part of the conversation around coffee in recent years. So, doing your part can help you to satisfy your customers more.

Learn More

Discover more about packaging for coffee products. From paper bags to mylar pouches, there are a lot of options. However, you need to know the requirements of your type of coffee and the circumstances in which it will be stored and used. In many cases, mylar pouches are the best choice. However, the more you understand, the better your packaging decisions will be.


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