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Sep 4, 2020 | Live

How to raise smart kids

As parents, we always aim what is best for our kids, some even pushing the little ones to do grown-up activities just to act smart. This kind of parenting, though, may traumatize the children and may affect their interest to learn and explore more. So how to raise smart kids the practical and hands-on way?

How to raise smart kids

Identify our kids’ learning style

There are different learning styles depending on how kids understand and remember a learning material. By knowing first how our children adapt to a new lesson, we could all the more complement their strengths rather than work against them. Using their learning style likewise help ignite their innate curiosity which will lead them to acquire new knowledge.

Make learning fun

One way to help youngsters understand the things around them is to introduce opportunities to learn in a fun way. We can make learning fun through hands-on activities rather than mere memorization. Studies say kids are more willing to participate and even take the risks to involve themselves if they find the method of learning enjoyable. Such process is likewise more memorable for them.

Spend time with our children

There are a lot of educational toys that are a great help to discover and boost kids’ natural talent. Such toys can encourage creative and interactive play and even help stimulate cognitive skills. However, the best way to boost children’s confidence is by spending time with them and letting them know we are there for them. Our mere presence is more than enough to communicate they are valued and loved.

Be a smart example

For kids to be smart, we must show them how to think, act, and talk smart. Most kids imitate their parents and it is prudent to orient them even at a tender age of how smart people think and act. Through familiarity, they will unconsciously carry the same manner and thinking we do.

Feed our kids smart food

How to raise smart kids
How to raise smart kids

Both our body and brain need sufficient nutrients to function normally. Kids, too- however small they may be- also need adequate nutrition in order for their body and brain to function well. Giving them milk like Lactum is a prudent decision as milk is packed with nutrients which boost brain health. Lactum, for one, is readily available on Shopee; just download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play. And this coming Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, we can get up to 25% discount on Lactum products.

Expose kids to the outside world

This pandemic is no excuse not to bring the kids outdoors. If we can’t take them to parks, zoo, and even the playfield, there is the internet to give that experience. There are museums that offer a virtual tour in just one click. Books are a beautiful resource, too, of discoveries.

Raise smart kids

Expensive toys and private coaching sure do help raise competent kids. But more than these, it is the parents’ affection that often boosts the confidence of a youngster. As supportive parents, let us give this kind of love to our kids. It wouldn’t hurt, too, if we give them the milk they need like that of Lactum.  

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  1. Karen

    Maganda at msustansyang gatas po talaga ang lactum at ngbibigay talas sa kaisipan dapat mging mabuti tayong halimbawa sa ating mga anak hayaan natin cla explore ang mga bagay bagay… may 25% discount sa shopping sale ng shopee.9.9 ang lactum


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