Colourette Velvetints: Every Busy Mom’s Secret

Jun 17, 2020 | Likes, Only Berlin

I will tell you a secret.

Or perhaps, this isn’t a secret anymore. But at least still something new to those like me who do not know much about makeup.

As I often dash from one work to another, I do not find time to at least comb my hair and much more put some makeup.  Why glam up yourself if you will just stay at home all day and clean the house, look after the kids, and cook meals?

Colourette Velvetints: Every Busy Mom's Secret

But there is something about feeling beautiful that brings deep happiness in life.  All the more, the more attractive you feel, the more opportunities come. This is because as you are happy with your looks, you act more confidently, and this confidence transforms you into a productivity powerhouse.

Now, what’s the secret?

Have you ever heard of the drunk blush look?

I’ve been seeing many celebrities wearing that particular kind of glow-like blush similar to when one has too many drinks.  It became so popular that many refer to it as the “drunk blush” look.

Now, you only need a multifunctional product to achieve this look – a lip crayon that doubles as a blush and even eye makeup. For us to achieve the “drunk blush” trend, I use the Colourette Cosmetics Velvetints.

How to rock the drunk blush look?

I’ve noticed that even a few swipes of blush can make one’s look healthier.  It also adds glow which, when applied correctly, looks like a natural blush.  It can enhance the beauty of one’s face and even cancel out any dullness. It also adds glow which, when applied correctly, looks like a natural blush.     However, with a few tries, I’ve realized it isn’t just a simple swirl of color on the cheeks. I stopped trying blushes on my cheeks after numerous failed attempts.

Until I’ve seen how the “hangover makeup” trend enhances one’s natural beauty. From several tries and observation, I’ve noticed that the drunk blush look involves applying over the nose and right under the eyes.  It imitates that natural flush after several drinks.  

Step 1

Using Colourette Velvetints, make an even horizontal C-shape dot pattern over the cheeks. Start from the highest point of your cheekbones then slide under your eyes going to the sides of the nose.  

Step 2

Blend the dotted pattern using your fingers.  

Step 3

Make a light line across the bridge of your nose.  Blend it properly.  This creates a continuous cheek-to-cheek flush.

Step 4

Seal the blush effect with a layer of powder brush over your face.

Step 5

Dab a highlighter over the top of your cheekbones and also along the bridge of your nose.  This adds extra glow. 

What gives the best-drunk blush look?

I do not have an immense collection of makeup items. I am not familiar either with how each cosmetic works.  But when I tried Colourette Velvetints, I am happy with the brand. 

First, it is easy to blend, lasts long, and dries down from velvet to powder matte finish.  When I apply it, it gives that natural flush of color on my cheeks.  From the 12 flattering shades, my favorites are Rose, Bubbly, and Debutante.

Colourette Velvetints: Every Busy Mom's Secret

Colourette Velvetints in Bubbly on my lips, cheeks, and eyes.

foolproof tint that works three ways

As this foolproof tint works three ways- on eyes, cheeks, and lips – I tried applying it as an eye makeup, and I love how it delivers what I imagine.  The color isn’t as heavy and dense, thus giving me a subtle look I would want to create. 

I also love this brand on my lips.  The tip of its brush perfectly outlines and fills in the rest of my lips to ensure an even coat.  Its color stays for more than five hours while remaining comfy on my lips.  I particularly love Confetti on my lips if I want to be a little flirty.  The Bubbly shade gives me the sweet mom look, which I often love to portray. 

There are 10 more flattering shades for every modern-day Filipina that the new packaging holds.  For me, this is my new holy grail – a good three-way formula that is so easy on the pocket.  It is also readily available on Shopee at Php 349 each (3.5ml size).  The whole 12 shades, on the other hand, is at Php 3,499.

Am I happy with Colourette Velvetints?  

Yes, I am.  For me, Colourette Velvetints are the best multipurpose makeup product every lady should have.  I also call them every busy mom’s holy grail solution, too,  because Colourette Velvetints could be applied to almost every part of my face.  Such convenience!   And I’ve successfully tried and tested each shade to give me the look I very much would love to see, feel, and touch. 


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