What difference does smile create?

Mar 3, 2019 | Likes, Only Berlin

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My youngest son would wake up smiling at me. That simple gesture creates a ripple effect that would lead me smiling to others as well. What seems to be a dull or bad day suddenly turns bright, something exciting to look forward to.

Before I close my eyes and finally retire for the night, my child would give his sincerest smile. Again, that simple act washes away any anger or hurt. I would find myself happy and grateful for the day that has been.

Indeed, my child’s smile affects me big time. I always look forward to seeing his every happy face. Perhaps he learned his adorable smile from his family. As we greet him, we always have a ready happy face for him. And so he does the same.  Children indeed mirror what happens around them, most likely copying the adult’s gestures, even languages, and interests.  

This leads me to ask then, what are the effects of smiling?

A healthier you

Stress has always been associated with lowering the immune system of a person, leading him to catch a virus or bacteria easily. Now, you can help your loved one erase those negative vibes and instead, embrace the positive.  This can easily be achieved by giving him that infectious smile. The irresistible nature of smiling makes others smile back to you. Not only do you make them feel better, but so do yourself, too.

A happier you

Studies say that as you smile and laugh, you affect the people you are with. Seeing your smiling face makes their brain release endorphins which prompt them to feel calm and gleeful. With just your simple smile then, you make someone happier, making you happy as well.

A more beautiful you

Often, a beautiful smile gives an impression of positive feelings. It makes the person appear friendly, charming, and yes, beautiful. The happy feeling from within radiates, making others see and feel the positive vibe. Yes, flashing that sincere smile makes you look and feel beautiful.

What difference does smile create?

What difference does smile create?

Make a good first impression

Make a good first impression with your beautiful smile. Flash that sparkling pearly white teeth during a job interview or even on your first date. Opt also to always give a smile to your family member and even to strangers. You will surely create a positive impact – magnetizing the people to not turn their heads against you. 

Often, too, a charming smile also makes it easy for others to trust the smiling person.  The smile easily translates to openness to do an assigned task or merely showing that one isn’t far from complaining. 

What difference does smile create?

Indeed, direct eye contact and happy smile create a big difference.  It makes you feel comfortable being with a smiling person.  However, to flash that confident smile, it is prudent that you practice good oral hygiene.  Regular dentist appointment for cleaning and checkup is a must.  Your premier dentist will continuously remind you of the importance of and how to maintain good oral hygiene.  

Now, how about sharing that beautiful smile to the person next to you, affecting him positively and even turning him to smile as well to people around him.  


  1. Farhanna Kabalu

    Hey momi Berlin. I already have a soon to be 5 month old daughter. Madalas na po siyang ngumiti at tumawa na may kasamang tunog ngayon. Naiiyak po ako sa tuwa minsan dahil may development na naman sa Baby ko. Sobrang nakakawala po ng pagod ang ngiti at tawa ni Baby ko. Yun bang titignan mo lang siya, ngingitian ka na nya agad na parang nakilala niya ako bilang nanay nya. Sobrang nakakatuwa po. Ang saya pong magkaroon ng Baby. May papawi sa lahat ng pagod mo sa buong araw. At higit po sa lahat, may inspirasyon ako araw-araw. <3

  2. Ma.theresa Priela

    Hi Mimi Berlin nakakaganda at nakaka bata kpag always naka SMILE ❣️❣️❣️

  3. jhaiiloves

    true to momsh ! ganyan din ako sa 2 prinsesa ko kahit anong pagod nawawala sa isang smile and kiss lng nila, the stressed reliever ko

  4. Jessica Encomienda

    Ung nka simangot ka ta pag nakita mo sila i smile sayo bigla promise momi mapapasama ka din sa pag smile ako tong mahihiya kaya nka smile na din ako.
    Saka baby ko ko kc prang alam nya pag sad ako tatanungin ako ng ok ka lang mama kc un lage ko tinantanong pag nakikita ko tahimik aya kaya gnon na din tanong nya sken tas sabay kiss hug ay bigla ok ang araw ko ❤❤

  5. Chin Enriquez

    Indeed! Kahit nga yung problema kapag nginitian mo, gumagaan ^_^ and yes, yung smile ng baby ko ang gamot sa lahat ng hinagpis ko hehe kapag bad mood ako, minsan nga kahit kapag napagalitan ko sya, tas ngingiti sya sakin, mapapa smile narin ako tas wala na.. okay na ako ulit.. okay na ulit kami. Kasi ganun din ininstill ko sa baby ko.. noong babyng-baby pa sya, naka smile ako sa kanya tuwing titingin sya sakin. Kaya siguro ngayon palangiti din sya. ^_^

    • momiberlin

      when i have some problems, titignan ko lang ung anak ko, medyo nakakaramdam na ako ng konting ginhawa. iba tlaaga ang ngiti ng anak, ano? hindi mo mapaliwanag basta meron syang magandang effect sa yo.

      • Chin Enriquez

        True that momi Berlin hehe gamot sa lahat ng bagay.


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