BDO strengthens #BDOAntiScam campaign

Apr 20, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

BDO strengthens #BDOAntiScam campaign

Despite the continued observance of the enhanced community quarantine, scammers are still prevalent.  They post as bank personnel and urge clients to verify their bank accounts by clicking on a link. This link, however, directs to a fake website that looks exactly like a bank’s official website. Clients are then tricked into divulging their personal information.

Account numbers, online banking login details, and credit card information are an example of personal information.  These details enable scammers to use clients’ identities, access their online bank accounts, and eventually steal money.

Banking from home

In this time the country is moving to flatten the COVID-19 curve, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) encourages account holders to transact onlineOnline banking promotes social distancing, thus the avoidance of face-to-face interactions. Likewise, being at home lessens their chance to catch the virus and pass it on to their loved ones.

BDO adheres to the call of BSP and encourages its clients to do online banking instead.  And to guide first-time account holders to transact online, BDO uses how-to videos. Such videos are readily available at the bank’s official website, Facebook page, and YouTube page.

Staying vigilant against scammers

Given that many are into online banking due to ECQ, scammers are taking advantage of the lockdown situation we are in.  Many even use different sophisticated tactics to communicate convincingly and win our trust. The many reports of online scams alarmed the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP), and call on bank clients to be extra vigilant.   For one, they stressed that any bank would never request sensitive information such as a one-time PIN or password. 

For its part, BDO launched its #BDOAntiScam campaign to empower its clients with information on how to outsmart scammers.  The campaign also exposes scam attacks as well as shares defenses to avoid falling under the scheme of scammers.  

BDO strengthens #BDOAntiScam campaign

BDO strengthens #BDOAntiScam campaign

And if you are a victim of or you suspect scammers, coordinate with BDO through its  You can also chat with its bank representative via Messenger. 

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  1. Nhet Mendoza

    Yes po. Be vigilant. Magsearch po muna and alamin kung legit talaga.


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