Advantages To Using Managed Online Chat Services

Jul 20, 2019 | Likes, Only Berlin

Advantages To Using Managed Online Chat Services

Advantages To Using Managed Online Chat Services

Have you thought about adding an online chat feature to your website? There are several benefits to having this assessability on your site. Your customers can ask questions, request a quote, get in touch for services, and much more.

While this sounds like a no-brainer to add to your site, it does come with a few downsides. Chats only work when someone is available to answer a customer. What options do you have to make this feature work? Have someone in your back office on standby at all hours, or worse having sleepless nights?

For the plumbing and HVAC industry, customers need to be able to get a hold of you, 24/7. Giving them another alternative, such as chat is an excellent way to enrich communication between you and your customers. They are pleased because they can request service, or ask if their problem can wait till morning. But instead of you or someone in your office having to respond, you can enlist the help of a managed online chat provider. But what do you get with these services and is it worth the investment?

Serve Customers

Managed online chat services can do great things for your company. Not only can your brand be accessible any time of the day, but customers can also reach a friendly, professional specialist to ask questions, request service, or receive a quote.

What many HVAC and plumbing companies come to realize is they have been missing out on tons of customers, by not being as accessible as their competitors.

How a managed online chat service works, starts with a customer hitting the chat now button on your website. They will then converse with the specialist that will gather critical details, including name and phone number. The specialist can answer questions about services, costs, and forward their details to your company. For those that offer 24/7 emergency services like plumbing and HVAC companies, they find their increase in service tickets rise. This is simply because customers have an additional outlet to contact.

Engage Customer

Advantages To Using Managed Online Chat Services

Advantages To Using Managed Online Chat Services

Customers want to know they are being taken care of, that they are being listened to. With having an online chat on your website, you engage your customers. Another online feature chat can do for your website, is the service will greet the customer upon landing on your site. If the customer has questions, they are free to ask. When during regular business hours, the chat representative can have the person transferred to your company’s phone.

Generate Lead

Lead generation is massive for home service providers, such as plumbing and HVAC. Any connection made is the possibility for a new customer, which means more income potential. Online chat is an excellent way to increase leads, but only if someone is there to reply. A managed online chat service gives the company’s a hassle-free way to connect with customers at all hours without the inconvenience of staying awake 24/7 or having a dedicated back office team member waiting by the phones.

Advantages of Managed Online Chat Services

If you are curious if managed online chat services are right for you, visit today. HSBO provides no-contract services, with a pay as you go monthly fee based on each chat session. As the leading provider of online chat support to the home service industry, their specialists are highly trained, respectful, and most importantly, available 24/7 to assist your customers.


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