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Sep 27, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

With the rise of e-commerce and in particular mobile e-commerce, life has become a lot easier especially for this mom.  I seldom leave the house. I need to look after a toddler and a two-month-old baby plus their three other brothers.  This mother also has a house to manage plus a little writing business she needs to give some time.

What I love the most about our technology is that the internet allows brands to connect with potential customers. As a consumer, I am likewise given the privilege to shop online with delivery and payment options.    Shopping online as well isn’t confined to apparel, accessories, and gadgets alone.  Now, e-commerce has made even grocery shopping more convenient.  And the latest app on grocery delivery services is Easy Grocery.  Easy Grocery  is by far, ahead of the other apps of the same platform.

MOMI SHOPS| Grocery made easy with Easy Grocery

MOMI SHOPS| Grocery made easy with Easy Grocery

Or perhaps Easy Grocery is incomparable because it is very much an improved version of all grocery delivery services.

Reasons you should use Easy Grocery 

Saves you time

It is inevitable.  Even with a list, grocery shopping can be time-consuming.  Traveling to and from the store and browsing through seemingly endless aisles to look for your preferred brand can really eat a lot of your time.  With grocery shopping online, all you need to do is fill your virtual cart anytime – yes,even at 3 am – and in no time, your  pantry will be full again with your favorite food and household essentials.

Eliminates unnecessary spending

Yes, you go to the supermarket with a list but you always go home with about one-fourth of your spending from impulse buys.  These products not listed are on-sale diapers, new Oreo variant the kids got to taste, and last minute impulse buys.  On our part, we are used to grocery shopping with the whole family in tow thus we need to budget for lunch or dinner or both.

Earns rewards points

With Easy Grocery, shoppers earn points from their spending and they could use their accumulated points to purchase.  Though pretty much the same like other rewards card, there is no need to renew any card thus saves you again, time and money.

Shops even on pajamas

With easy grocery, you will be given a personal shopper to go through your list and put them in your shopping cart.  Should there be out-of-stock items, she would gladly text or call you even to give suggestions to help you decide with your choices.  All these you could do at the comforts of your home even on your pajamas.

Orders from multiple stores

One of the nicest features of Easy Grocery is its tie up with a wide variety of supermarkets.  You can order from different stores as long as it is within the same city of your preferred delivery address.  This means if you preferred the fruits and veggies of Rustan’s, you can shop all your perishable goods there.  And as for your other items, you may opt for other supermarkets available.

Tracks your rider

The Easy Grocery app is equipped with GPS tracker to provide real-time data as to the location and estimated time of arrival of the rider.  You could also see the progress of your grocery shopping if your runner or shopper is still in the process of shopping or your grocery items are for delivery already.

Grocery made easy with Easy Grocery

Grocery made easy with Easy Grocery|  My Firstborn received our groceries and the rider could even bring the heavy bags inside the gate should you allow him.

Flexible payment option

You can pay through credit card, debit card, cash on delivery or even the use of earned points.  Easy Grocery doesn’t stop there as they are in continuous negotiation with other establishments and agencies to provide their customers more payment options.

No mark-ups on the store’s SRP

Easy Grocery does not put any mark-ups on the store’s Standard Retail Price (SRP).  You get to pay for the items at exactly the same price as in the store.  Likewise, you get your Official Receipts issued by the store.  All you need to do is pay the rider (who delivers your grocery) with a fixed rate of Php 100 and your runner (who shops for you) with Php 100 also.  This amount, I believe, is just enough to pay for the good deeds they made.  After all, this is pretty much the same amount you spend or even more for your parking or taxi fare and the tip you give to your bagger.


Grocery made easy with Easy Grocery


Though I love grocery shopping with the boys, there are times we are in sudden need of kitchen items.  And Easy Grocery answers that sudden need.  And I am not even forced to look for other items to go with my grocery list as there is no required minimum amount.


So you have a children’s party tomorrow and your son prefers your spaghetti than other store-bought food?  But because you are still busy with the other preparation, you simply can’t go out just yet.  Why not opt for Easy Grocery to do the shopping for you?  All you have to do are the following:


  1.  Download the Easy Grocery app from App Store or Googleplay Store
  2. Set your delivery location
  3. Select a preferred store near you
  4. Make your shopping online
  5. Pay using Credit Card, Cash or Points
  6. Choose your delivery option: store pickup or home delivery


Another thing that makes me love Easy Grocery is that I could even surprise my mom with grocery item delivered to her doorstep.  I just need to settle the payment via credit card.  Often, my mom would complain she forgot to or has no time to do her grocery.  Now, with Easy Grocery, she could have her pantry full again with her grocery needs.

Momi Berlin recommends Easy Grocery

Grocery made easy with Easy Grocery

Grocery made easy with Easy Grocery| Some of my Little Man’s favorite items that I purchased via Easy Grocery.

How would you like to have a mobile app for grocery delivery where you can purchase your personal and home essentials and have the items delivered to your preferred address within 60 mins committed time? It’s easy and convenient grocery shopping right at your fingertips!  It was launched just this Sunday and Momi Berlin got to try Easy Grocery.  Her take?

If you shop haphazardly, always forgetting your ecobag, and forced into buying your kids chips and chocolates at the end of the aisle, shopping online could actually save you all the money, time, effort, and even sanity.

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    A couple of things come to mind as soon as I finished reading your post. 1. Am I right to assume that, if available where one is, shopping for grocery online should be for non-perishable items? After all, we do like to pick fruits and vegetables, meat, ourselves, right? 2. Dang! That made it easier for some people who would rather stay home and do other chores rather than spending time going to and returning. Not to mention, spending yet more time waiting for their turn at the cashier.

  2. Dawn

    Wow! This is like a dream app for me. I used to live alone and doing the groceries is not fun for me. I have to carry so many bags by myself, ohand the hassle of commute. And sometimes, I don’t go out even if I have a few food in store. My mom would really love this new app! This is very smart and innovative. Finally!

  3. Carola

    I love intelligent online solutions and apps. It makes me happier when things get easier :). Yay! This app sounds very handy. I love the idea. And it really has a lot of advantages. It’s so cool that you can track via GPS. Shopping for groceries takes a lot of time. And I don’t always find it a fun thing to do. So this would be a great solution for me.

  4. Joanna

    I think this is a brilliant app, especially because you can shop from more stores and not just one. It sounds quite cheap as well. Here in the UK you can do your shopping online but you have to choose only one supermarket because you need to spend a certain amount of money to quality. I have never done it online through, I like to go and choose my fruits and vegetables myself.

    • momiberlin

      I also would want to choose my own veggies and fruits. But in instances that time isn’t on my side, this grocery shopping service is perfect for that situation.

  5. Louisa

    This is an ideal app but I think I’m old fashioned. I’d still rather go to the grocery and shop for groceries myself. I guess it’s also because I consider my grocery runs time for myself and a time to get out. I’d consider this for times when I’m really unable to get to the grocery.

    • momiberlin

      Yes, perfect during times we aren’t able to get out of the house.

  6. Jullian Robin Sibi

    Wow! That seems like a great and convenient way to shop for groceries! Is it only available in NCR though? It would be nice if this app can be used nationwide. If it does, I would surely recommend it to my lazy friends! Haha!

    • momiberlin

      Hahhaa/ Lazy friends or more on friends who value time. Anyway, the app is working within Makati and some parts within Metro Manila. They will partner with more supermarkets as time progresses.



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