The most worthwhile used cars in Nigeria

Mar 5, 2020 | Live

Considering today’s economy, the used car market is hot nowadays.  A cheap, good condition second-hand car is an excellent choice, especially for Nigerian cyclists. Let’s take an inventory of the most worthwhile used cars for sale in Nigeria.

TOYOTA Land Cruiser Prado

Prado is currently the leading model in the global high-end medium-sized SUV market.  It is also a new model in the Toyota Land Cruiser series with good power performance and emissions up to Euro III standards. 

Advanced engines provide reliable output power and torque, coupled with a highly sturdy frame and an enhanced suspension system, making even the most rugged journeys comfortable and smooth. 

The new PRADO fully inherits the traditional advantages of LAND CRUISER, which gives users a strong sense of trust because of its ultra-high passability under adverse road conditions. At the same time, its comfortable driving performance has evolved, whether it is off-road or urban roads.

Mitsubishi Pajero

The most worthwhile used cars in Nigeria

The most worthwhile used cars in Nigeria

Mitsubishi Pajero is the first small three-door four-wheel drive off-road vehicle developed and produced by Mitsubishi Motor Company of Japan in 1982. The most beautiful thing about it is its strong cross-country ability. 3.0L Pajero sets four drive modes and can use the shift lever to switch smoothly even while driving. 

At the same time, it adopted a transmission lever operation mode. It also obtained the high accessibility of cross-country by using the function of the central differential lock and the setting of auxiliary reducer.  The vehicle’s front and rear driving forces are likewise optimized. Pajero has achieved a high level of balance instability and corner performance, whether on a good road surface or a skidding road surface.


Many people in the used car market are very eager for the Toyota Camry. It is not only the best-selling car in Nigeria, but also with the lowest failure rate among all the Camry models. 

The Camry is a model under GAC Toyota. Over the past 37 years, the Camry has continued to take the lead, winning the trust of 20 million car owners around the world.  It is also considered the real king of medium and high-end cars in the world.

Mazda Atez

Atez, the flagship and strategic model of FAW Mazda, has so far won heavyweight awards such as the 2013 German Red Dot Design Award, the World car of the year Award, and the Ward Top Ten Interior Award. 

At present, there are not many Ataz in the used car market.  If the car is in good condition and you prefer the Atz, don’t hesitate when you saw one.

Compared with Japanese mid-class cars of the same class, Atez has apparent advantages.  Such advantages are excellent control and good appearance.  It is also ahead of its competitors in the same year, and third, To add, Atez is more people-friendly in price. 

If you don’t care much about space and you can accept some glitches in your craft, then choosing Atez will be a good decision.

Mercedes E-Class/ S-class

The most worthwhile used cars in Nigeria

The most worthwhile used cars in Nigeria

If you have a good budget and have a penchant for luxury cars, you can also consider these two used cars. As well-known luxury cars in the world, their advantages are distinct: high quality in Germany, luxurious and exquisite interior decoration, rich configuration, reliable power, and precise handling. But the cost of maintenance, though, is high. 

The most significant difference between S and E is not the configuration function, but the difference between the texture and luxury of each of the same configuration. The features of the S-level series are all available at the E-level. 

Driving an S-class feels like a ship sailing. With excellent sound insulation and noise reduction, the only feeling one gets while onboard is stability.  



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