BDO Focuses on Fundamentals and Finds Ways

Nov 19, 2020 | Live

BDO Focuses on Fundamentals and Finds Ways

Personally, the sudden impact of the pandemic threw us off.  The husband is in the construction business, and he had some projects put on hold. Our insurance business was also affected as many clients preferred not to renew their car insurance anymore. Despite that, though, it isn’t the time to sit back and wonder “if;” it is the time to figure out “how.” Many families rely on us to bring food to their table, and we have children as well we need to feed.  So we have to think, adapt, and reinvent if required.  After all, we are in a bad situation, and we shouldn’t let such crisis put our efforts to waste.  

Seeing opportunity in crisis

Since the husband is into the construction business and has a brokerage firm under his wing, he ventures into the buy and sell approach to real estate investing.  He purchased a below current market value property and made improvements on it. We all know most people buy a lifestyle, thus from the progress he made on the property, he shows potential buyers the attractive side of their lifestyle while in that place.  He foresees to sell the improved structure in six months maximum, giving him a potential earning of at least 30% of his investment.

It helps, too, that despite the pandemic, our ever-reliable bank, BDO, is always there to help us with our funding.    The BDO branch, where we frequent, is still open and even has longer banking hours to accommodate its customers from 3:00 pm to now until 4:00 pm.

Aside from the continuous support we receive from our branch, it is good to note that BDO quickly addresses the needs of its people and customers.  Today, all BDO Unibank, Inc. and BDO Network Bank branches are open across the archipelago.

With longer banking hours  of course comes safety that is why BDO also ensures front liners undergo regular health checks and observe the strictest safety protocols, from wearing facemasks and face shields, applying sanitizers regularly and following social distancing guidelines, to keep you and your loved ones protected at every visit.

Focusing on fundamentals

Now more than ever, we need all the information and guidance to navigate and do bank transactions as smoothly as possible.  And BDO never fails to send us notification and updates via its social media accounts and even email messages.

We may say then that we are just lucky to be with the bank that genuinely cares and lives by its commitment – we find ways.  Our bank steps up to play its role for its customers, employees, and even the broader community.  And that is likely to leave lasting memories in our minds.

Finding ways

We love the fact that BDO reaches out to its customers, again, gaining our admiration. We just log in to our mobile banking app to pay a purchase through mobile banking, check our account balance, and send money to relatives. More than the time saved, we can do our banking needs without requiring us to go anywhere. But aside from mobile banking, BDO also has BDO ATM on Wheels.  Many customers can perform various transactions like balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, cash advance, BDO cash card reload, prepaid mobile reload, fund transfer, and even donation. The concept of the ATM on Wheels serves its purpose to help people where BDO branches are closed or in areas where there are no nearby ATMs.

Again, such sincere care BDO shows may be for the short-term convenience of customers like us, but its impact builds a stronger relationship that will surely endure well beyond the crisis’s passing.  And to that, we are grateful to be with BDO.


  1. Flare Rick

    Wow the best ang BDO very helpful sa customers and their staffs are very approachable Momi Berlin

  2. Anarose Lucero

    Ang galing talaga Ng BDO,They truely find ways for us Filipinos..dahil sa mas pinahaba nilang banking hours and pag open nila Ng lahat ng branches nila,mas marami na sila ma aacommodate na BDO clients at maibibigay ang sapat na banking needs nila

  3. jennifer sarno cruz

    ang BDO talaga really find ways….napaka reliable nila lalo pag weekends kasi sila lng yung bangko na bukas saka kahit saan lugar meron silang branch ang ATM’s very convinient….in addition to that meron din silang online banking where you can do lot of transaction in no time.Good job BDO.

  4. Erin Palapag

    This pandemic talaga super challenging in so many aspects. But tiwala lang na maayos ang lahat.
    Maganda din talaga ang BDO sa past job ko na i handle Bank complaints super dali nila magprocess they value talaga the customers. ❤️

  5. Lyka Mitra

    Sa dami po na nilabas na mga pwedeng isuporta sa mga customer ng BDO simula nung nagka pandemya,talagang masasabi naman po na talagang nakatulong ng malaki ang BDO para makaahon ang mga may businesses simula ng bumagsak ang ekonomiya ng bansa.. maraming thankful kay BDO dahil di sila pinabayaan kahit nagkaroon ng pandemya..

  6. Rose Ann Obejas

    Subrang nakakatuwa na may BDO na nagpapahalaga sa kanilang customers. Ang dami nilang ginagawa para mas maging convenient para satin. Isa dito ang longer banking hours ito talaga ay malaking tulong sakin hindi ko kailangan mag madali.

  7. EllaineParame

    Maaasahan talaga natin ang BDO, mula noon, consistent ang kanilang services, hangad talaga nila ang makatulong sa kapawa Pilipino,. SALAMAT BDO, you find ways.

  8. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Wow nakakatuwa talaga si bdo we find ways talaga sa mga tao upang makatulong lalo na ngayon pandemic andyan sya para Tumulong sa lahat hindi anlintana sa kapahamakan kaya salute kamo sayo bdo good job sana ipagpatuloy mo ang ginagawa mo godbless

  9. MA D EL

    Trusted bank po talaga ang BDO,very committed sa kanilang costumers and good news po ito Momi Berlin mas pinahaba pa ang operation time nila.

  10. Jen guzman

    Ngayong pandemic talagang hindi tayo iniwan ng BDO , laking pasasalamat talaga namin at nagbukas ang BDO dito malapit sa amin . Laking ginhawa talaga sa tulad namin na malayo talaga sa mga banko.

  11. Bessie Ramos

    malaking tulong tlga ang bdo nkktuwa kasi sila always we find ways tlga kaya mapagkakatiwaalan ang bdo 🙂

  12. Dhel Manog

    Isa sa pinaka the best bank talaga ang BDO momi Berlin kaya ito talaga ang gusto kung bank at talagang mapapagkakatiwalang bangko at maganda ang kanilang serbisyo.They always find ways talaga para sa mga clients and costumer nila kaya po di nakakapagtaka na marami ang tumatangkilik sakanila.Ngayong may pandemya nga po sobrang dami nilang natulungan kaya nakakatuwa po talaga sila,at kahit saang lugar may makikitang kang atm .

  13. Karen

    Galing talaga ni bdo dami nya ntutulungan at matutulungan pa ngayong panahon ng pandemic always find ways talaga para mapaglingkuran ang kanilang mga customer maasahan sa oras ng pangangailangan dami sila bank at atm machine kahit saan

  14. Jeng Manalo

    Very approaching ng mga staff ng BDO dito sa amin momi kaya trusted brand ko talaga sila! Maasahan lalo na sa oras ng pangangailangan.


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