Faith It Till You Make it

Jan 1, 2020 | Life, Live, Only Berlin

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I was experiencing so much pain that I just cried for days.  The pain seems not to go away. And it hurts the most that the person causing me the pain isn’t aware or seems not to care.

I made myself busy. I checked on my social media and chanced upon this post.

Faith It Till You Make it

Faith It Till You Make it (from @omniandbryce IG account)

This post hit me so hard that I attempted to ponder on it.  But all I did was cry, thought of leaving the house, and just let my feet take me to perhaps a peaceful place.

My feet brought me to the church.  I poured my heart out to Him and waited for his response.  But He just stared at me.

faith it till you make it

After several hours, I still find myself crying.  It seems my eyes don’t run out of tears. I don’t want to acknowledge that I’m experiencing depression. I’ve read once that certain neurological conditions make us cry uncontrollably, and this may be associated with depression.

So I tried to talk to the image in front of me. And talking to Him made me cry more.  But somehow, I felt that there is still something I could hold on so firmly to help me get through.  Something that is my rock that even in times of confusion, hatred, and emptiness, l remain grounded in the truth.

My rock is Christ, and the truth is, He has a unique intricate plan for me.  It may not appear delightful at first or the way I want it to see, but He will never leave me astray.

faith it till you make it

But faith doesn’t have to be spiritual all the time. Faith can also be within me.

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I have faith that what I’ve been experiencing builds my character further and teaches me to be bold.  The same message it wants to impart that my silence and cries won’t bring me any closer to my goal. They prolong the hurt and kill me softly, instead.  And as I die slowly, so are those words left unsaid and never explained.

So am I healed?

Not yet. But at least I’ve learned to faith till I make it.


  1. Omni Amisola Larrosa

    Momi Berl, you are a strong woman of God and God is writing a wonderful story out of your experiences today including the pains you are going thru. Someday, these pains will all be worth it and it will all make sense. Continue trusting in Him. Continue having faith. He is working thru you.

  2. Maribel Cordovilla

    So sad momi berlin, but you have faith amd you make it. Just trust Him and he will give all your desires

  3. roselle

    Sa mga pagkakataon na nababanggit kita sa nakakakwentuhan ko, puno ito palagi ng mga salita ng paghanga. Ganun ang impact mo sa akin. Naiinspire ako talaga sayo. I may look always okay but I’m still broken and healing. So much better than how I was 2007- 2017. Yes, a decade full of pain, hurt, loss, betrayal, and being tempted of ending it all. And then I learned to just always find something that will make me happy… kahit as simple as extra rice or mag ikot sa mall mag isa and paminsan minsan dumaan sa adoration chapel ng Padre Pio sa Libis at magngangawa hehe. Dati kse nagmumukmok lang ako sa bahay and mas mahirap because kung anu-ano thoughts naiisip ko. Let’s have faith that every year gets better. Let’s claim 2020 is the best year ever.

  4. Maj Life

    Big Yes.
    Also love this Qoute from #TheClingyFam

    Faith it!
    You must not give up.
    Go for 2020 Mommy!


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