Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

Sep 19, 2019 | Likes, Live

I don’t have a skin regimen; not until I’ve reached 40 and saw how dull my face was.  I have pimple marks and blackheads, which make my skin all the more unattractive.  My skin can also be genuinely problematic, especially during a hypersensitive situation.  And so, together with skin revitalizing set I regularly apply, I also included water in my skin regimen.

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Admittedly, we have heard elders, and even physicians say “keep your fluids up” when a minor illness hits us.  Well, water is one of the most underestimated medicines.  And I believe drinking water up to eight glasses a day is one way to hydrate both the body and skin.  Another way is by using it as a facial mist.

Yes.  Facial mist.

Water as a skin regimen

A simple trigger like dry weather, dusty climate, and allergens can put our skin to stress mode.  We may experience some flake up, dry out, and even get hives.  And one of the quick remedies for such is splashing some water onto our face.  But when water is not available, a handy facial mist may do the trick.

Often, I could feel my face’s on fire, especially if I am not comfortable in the place I am at.  Sometimes, too, my two little ones would feel itchy for no particular reason.  My eldest has a chronic skin condition, also, and when he eats chicken for days, he would have rashes on his elbow.

These are just everyday situations that generally happen to us.  Thus, I learned to keep a bottle of facial mist on my bag and also one at home.  A few spritzes on the face or affected area and problem solved! It doesn’t immediately heal my son’s rashes, though, but the water spray gives that instant relief not to scratch his elbow anymore.  It also lessens the dryness of his elbow. As for me, a few showers on the face – especially if the ambiance is too humid – and I instantly feel refreshed.

Avene Thermal Spring Water as skin regimen

Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

We only were able to sample two brands of facial mist, and the Avene Thermal Spring Water is what we like best.  It has no added chemical as it is essentially just water that comes from a spring in France.  It underwent a natural filtration process, making it the purest form of water possible.  Its pH level is 7 (neutral), all the more highlighting that Avene Thermal Spring Water is perfectly balanced.

Another way we tested this brand was when my two-year-old son had a sore bum.  He was with his father, and the latter wasn’t able to clean him immediately when our baby soiled his diaper.  Upon arriving from home, we bathed him, and all he did was cry.  He didn’t like his sore bum touched.  Because we can’t apply our trusted cream to heal his bottom, we spritzed a few Avene Thermal Spring Water on his bum.  And when we checked it- I am not exaggerating, but the area magically toned down.  The redness disappeared!

We can’t say Avene Thermal Spring Water is for everyone.  But should you invest in something all-natural, we suggest you consider Avene Thermal Spring Water.  It has no other chemical on it that may harm even the most sensitive skin.  You may start with a small can of Avene Thermal Spring Water and check how it fares. It might end up the only water spray you need.


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  1. Hnhfua

    Sounds great momshie sosyal na mist ☺

    • niamlia

      Perfect to ngayong bermonths malamig ang panahon usually nagdadry yung skin natin especially yung lips. Kaya kailangan natin to. At syempre tubig water is life

  2. Rojean mae lamsin

    Wow galing pala ng product na ito gusto kong matry to for me and for my kids . Dry kasi ang skin namin lalo na kapag sumapit ang cold season. Madalas Petroleum jelly ginagamit ko kaso parang wala epek.

  3. Airam Vee

    wow, super effective and visible ang effects niya ❤️

  4. Queenie Mance

    Wow gusto ko yan matry momsh sensitive skin ko and problem ko talaga ang hands ko nagtutubig at sobrang makati na nagsusugat na dahil sa allergy ko sa sabon no choice ako as a mom kelangan ko maghugas ng plates at maglaba di nmn po ako sanay na mag gloves feeling ko di nalilinis mabuti, dumating pa s point n di na ko nakikipagkamay s church namin dahil sa sobrang dry na ng kamay ko, I really hipe mapili po ako to test it Avene Thermal Spring water baka sakali matulungan nya ko mawala ang allergies ko sa kamayat mairecommend ko din sa sister ko na sensituve din skin ❤️ thanks and Godbless

  5. Jennifer Londe

    Wow mukhang maganda ito momi lalo na ngayon cold seasons di mag magiging dry ang skin momi

  6. Erin Palapag

    Wow na curious ako bigla ako kasi i take water intake seriously since nagkaroon ako ng sakit before dahil hindi ako mahilig mag water i also had skin problem din kaya need ko nag hydrate lagi and true enough maganda ang effect ng water sa skin natin.

  7. Jennifer Sarno Cruz

    Gusto ko sya m try since my pagka dry an skin ko.

  8. Clarice Angelica Rogacion

    I really want to try these products for me and my little Ethan. Wish we could win these. All the love for you Mommy Berlin

  9. julie tagum olleres

    wow nkaka nice nmn yan mommy sana ma try ko dn yan super dry kc tlga ng balat ko
    hoping na matry mommy heheh

  10. niamlia

    Perfect to this coming Christmas season cold na weather nalakadry na ng skin especially ng lips. Hopefully ill be the lucky chosen one na maktry netong product na to

  11. Princess Villasin

    maganda sya ngayon tag lamig. ang mga anak ko madalas magkasakit pag gantong panahon.. sipom at ubo. sana ma try ko yang product na yan laging sinasabi ng pedia namim more water palagi para iwas sakit.

  12. Rhea Mae San Jose

    I, myself, is a life long believer and follower of water as a beauty regimen even if it’s a very unpopular opinion among beauty and skin care enthusiasts who advertise a lot of products for keeping our skin healthy. But just to be honest, we all vary on skin types. And being on the unfortunate side of having sensitive skin, most of the skin care products will actually not work on our skin. Some of it can only make the skin condition worse. From my own experience, I don’t use lotions or any moisturizers on my skin. I am even sensitive to soaps because some soaps make my skin dry and even scaly at some points so it takes a lot of trial and error before I was able to find a soap that’s “hiyang” to my skin. Aside from that, I drink plenty of water. I don’t mind going to the bathroom every 30 minutes as long as I can achieve 7-8 glasses a day minimum. It is the only remedy to keep my skin moisturized and clear without applying beauty products. When I had a pimple breakout, none of the beauty products I used have been able to help out even after months of trying expensive anti-acne cleansers on my face, that was when I resorted to water therapy and improving my hygiene and gradually, it helped clear out my skin. I rarely have pimples now, but I am having troubles with white heads on my nose. And having heard of this Avene Thermal Spring Water, and how it is just water with no other chemicals, gives me such relief that I could actually purchase and use as a cleanser for my nose without worrying of my skin reacting to its chemical contents I hope I can get a trial of this and if it works well then it would be the best news for my white heads

  13. Shiela May Napilot

    Wow gusto ko din subukan yan . Napaka sensitive pa nmn ng balat ng ating mga babies panigurado gaganda lalo ang skin nila once na gnmt yan 🙂

  14. Ann Li

    since nalaman ko ang tungkol sa facial mist, naging part na ito ng skincare ko. ma-try nga yang Avene..

  15. Jaycelyn amul

    Thanks for sharing your experience momshie..nakakaexcite nmn po yan gsto q po mtry at sa mga bagets..lalo n kay baby n minsan nmumula dhil sa diaper..lalo na sa mga bageta na sensitive ang skin..mkhang perfect to pra sa knila..sna po mbgyan kmi ng chance n mtry po ito..thanks in advance..Godbless po

  16. Claire Castillo

    This is what I need pala. I will be at my 40 next year and my skin looks dull and dehydrated. It is important that you have skin care products that will help you improve your skin but doesn’t harm it at the same time. This is really great, hope I could have one.

  17. cassiebrie

    Hi Momi Berlin. Super agree ako that water is one of the most underestimated medicines. Hindi rin kasi ako palagamit ng kung anu-ano sa mukha, natatakot kasi ako baka hindi humiyang sakin, may ate gave me something na ilalagay sa face, although ginagamit ko yun, minsan nakakalimutan ko pa rin kaya ang ginagawa ko kapag init na init ako ay TUBIG. Punta agad sa lababo and then hilamos, refreshing. Ganyan din kapag nangangati ako, binabasa ko lang.

    Kapag nasa labas ng bahay mahirap maghilamos lalo na kapag akay-akay dalawang babies if ever i will be the lucky one to have the chance na mabigyan nitong Avene Thermal Spring Water, hindi lang ako ang makakagamit, pwede rin kay ate panganay na medyo sensitive ang skin pati na rin kay hubby na pinagmanahan niya ng pagiging sensitive.

  18. Ish

    Wow! Look and sounds great mommy! I would love to try that ( hoping to win ) since my toddler and newborn both have skin allergies. my toddler has atopic dermatitis and my newborn is frequently having heat rash. I can add up that spring water to our baby bag essentials when going out. Thanks for sharing always your blessing mommy! God bless!

  19. frozngo

    True Mommy Berlin Water is super important sa katawan natin. Para maflush out din mga dumi sa katawan natin. Want to try that product kasi nag ddry face ko kapag lumalamig ang panahon.

  20. Filipina Canaling

    I haven’t tried any facial mist products though nakikita ko na to sa mga vlogs. Would love to try this new one lalo na sa tulad kong may skin allergy sa dust and high temperature at prone to skin dryness ang skin.

  21. Michelle Anne Tumulak

    Super importante talaga ang water kaya dapat hydrated tayo palagi

  22. Josie Acelar

    I want to try those products since sensitive ang skin ko due to skin asthma.. Water is really important since 60% ng body natin ay water. God bless Momi Berlin. More informations and bogs to come.


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