Chuckie Dreyfus’ Mealtime Confessions Inspires Momi Berlin

Sep 25, 2019 | Links, Live, Only Berlin

Last August, my mother and I finally opened a hub for our growing business.  We opted for office space near the boys’ school so they may go to the hub after dismissal.  That way, too, we can still eat and go home together.  That despite the never-ending list of office and home chores, this mother still hopes to gather her boys in one table over some food and drinks.

I know that with all the chaotic schedules, it’s tempting to drop family mealtime.  We all could opt to grab a quick bite between commitments and tasks or even scarf down food while working on the computer or watching a television program.  There is also the option for drive-thru and eat on our way home.

Create memories

However, we always believe that family mealtime is that moment to keep in touch with loved ones.  More than encouraging even the little ones to eat and not skip a meal, eating together creates memories.

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I remember it was during our many lunches and dinners that I was able to gather the many funny stories of the boys.  We would joke around and talk about school, life even, and any upcoming events.  I collated all those stories and posted in my blog. Those stories I was able to gather were actually the original content of my blog and the reason I started my online journal.

Connect family

Aside from the memories, sharing the dining table with the family connects each member.  It is during our weekend lunch that I get to see my second son mingling with his brothers.  Often when not in school, our second boy would either be busy in front of the desktop playing online games or with his guitar.  But as we sit down for lunch or dinner,  I get to see him laugh, feed his toddler brother, and joke around. 

Guide youngsters

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I also find sharing the table with the boys as an opportunity to keep in tune with their teenage social life and even troubles.  I always believe in the study that family mealtime improves the youngsters’ self-confidence,  social skills, and behaviour. 

Mealtime confessions

Chuckie Dreyfus' Mealtime Confessions Inspires Momi Berlin

Chuckie Dreyfus’ Mealtime Confessions Inspires Momi Berlin

Thus, when I saw the latest video of celebrity vlogger Chuckie Dreyfus and his daughter Ella about mealtime confessions, I was truly inspired.  All the more that I like sit-down meals with my five boys and husband. 

I like how this father and daughter tandem could be so spontaneous, laugh at their answers, and at the same time know more about each other.  Honestly, I don’t even know the boys’ essential favourites. And that video gave me an idea of how our children and their parents could make their usual lunch a bit exciting.  Yes, I am thinking of injecting some fun games and challenges as we savour our food.  That way, we all get to know more about each other in a fun and crazy style.

As we may get overwhelmed with our activities and responsibilities, there are temptations to drop family mealtime.  But that simple Mealtime Confessions video challenged me to try my best to gather my family at the dining table. A simple meal with some jokes and anecdotes every mealtime will always be a substantial investment for stronger connections away from the table.

Chuckie Dreyfus' Mealtime Confessions Inspires Momi Berlin

Chuckie Dreyfus’ Mealtime Confessions Inspires Momi Berlin

P.S.  Want to see the whole video of Chuckie Dreyfus’ Mealtime Confessions?  Click here.


  1. Jaycelyn amul

    Nkktuwa naman cla momshie..kmi khit mliit lng ang lamesa gv sabay sabay kmi kmkain kwentuhan asaran at kulitan ksma ng mga bagets sarap sa feeling na may bonding ang pamilya..

  2. nhetmendoza

    Awww.. naispire ako sa sinabi ni Chef momsh..
    Sabi ko nga sa asawa ko nagkakausap lang tayo pag sabay nagkakape sa table. . Sabay sabay din kami kumakain sa hapag kainan.

  3. Chad

    I love that you mentioned sharing a table with the family over a nice meal creates strong connections, so true.

  4. aisasami

    Whenever I visit home, my family makes family meal time, the time when we eat together, the most important thing as it is one the few moments where they spend time with me. No matter how old I get, my family still values family meal time.

  5. Art & Home

    What a great post. I’m going to try some mealtime confessions around our table as well!

  6. Patricia M.

    We always have our meals at the dinner table, even before the kids, and we are big proponent of talking to each other so the kids have a beautiful memory when they grow up.

  7. Kristal

    Eating dinner together as a family is so important for us. We try to make the best effort to connect as a family during dinner.

  8. Adriana

    There is nothing more special than a traditional family style dinner.

  9. foodopium

    In our house too we make sure one meals a day we share the table and have the meal together…that makes a lot of difference as you have mentioned…nothing can replace the traditional family dinner…:-)

  10. TweenselMom (@TweenselMom)

    Sharing meals with the kids is very important. It should always be the best time of the day that every member of the family looks forward to.

  11. Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf)

    These are the moments that are unforgettable and form deep connections within people. So delicious. So worth it!

  12. Olya Amanova

    We as a family try to make our meal time a special reunion adventure with delicious food and loving people around.

  13. Steph S

    Mealtime has always been a time to unwind and connect with family for us! And really enjoy your meal too rather than rushing!

  14. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Nothing can top mealtime together with your family and I agree with you that it creates a stronger bond with the family. You guys look adorable eating together.

  15. Elizabeth O

    I think this is one of the best activity a family can do together. Most families don’t eat together anymore because of hectic schedules in work and school.


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