Best Running Spots in the Philippines

Jul 11, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Best Running Spots in the Philippines

Do you enjoy running outside or even inside your house? Just like any sport, running is highly beneficial to your health. Many people go running to burn calories and stay in shape. However, staying fit and sexy isn’t just the reason you need to get to it now. And to really enjoy the activity, you need to know the best running spots in the country.

While helping you lose weight, running also reduces your risk of cancer, relieves stress, strengthens your joints, and a lot more. The exercise also gives you adrenaline rush just by being in front of a race’s starting line with the crowd watching you. If you go to the gym and hit the treadmill, completing at least a 10-min cardio workout gives a sense of satisfaction. All the more if you know the best running spots in Manila. Here are nine suggestions for locations you can visit:

Quezon Memorial Circle

Let’s start in the Elliptical Road, Diliman. You may begin your run in the President Manuel L. Quezon monument. Around on the outer perimeter is equivalent to 1.8 km. If you want, the circle may also be your jump-off toward University of the Philippines, Diliman, Katipunan, and Commonwealth.

Capitol Commons

This is a relatively new development of Ortigas and Co. Many people come here to enjoy time outdoors and to run. If you’re up for it, the main road is about 500 meters. You can also go for easy runs, drills, and sprints with one 300-meter loop around the park.

Marikina Sports Center

If you live anywhere near Sumulong Highway corner Shoe Avenue in Marikina City, you can run in Marikina Sports Center. The residents of the east come here for the 400-meter track oval, which is accessible for only 10 pesos. Workout in your convenience any time from 6 AM to AM.

Circuit Makati

The leisure village is known for hosting huge concerts and music festivals, but you can also run in this rising entertainment, 21-hectare property right by the Pasig River. Imagine running while enjoying the view of the Makati Business District skyline! Those who want to cross train may add playing football or frisbee and skateboarding to their running routine.

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Best Running Spots in the Philippines

Best Running Spots in the Philippines

Those working in Makati CBD can skip the gym and run in Ayala Triangle Gardens instead. Located right in the middle of the Makati business district, it is perfect for a quick jog before or after office hours. One loop around the triangle measures 1.2 km. As for the view, there are a lot of trees, flowers, people, and public art installations.

Ampucao, CAR

Now let’s go to the trail options. Ampucao in the Cordillera Administrative Region is a 23.3 km trail. It starts in the countryside and ends in Mines View Park. This is a good choice if you can handle moderate-difficulty. Runners come here for cardiovascular and endurance training and enjoy a really nice view.

Nasugbu, Batangas

Here you can find the North Face Thrill of the Trail. Every year, people practice in the 20km trail for the actual event. This makes it one of the most popular running trails in the Philippines. Seasoned local runners would be serious about their training during the event season, so get ready for some action. You and your friends can also visit Fortune Island after your workout.


This remote trail is 2 hours away from Manila and it boasts the beauty of the national forest areas of the country. Starting out at 21km, this trail ends up at a length at 41km if you’re ready to take that distance on. Difficulty various, but most people opt for medium. Relax at the Bumbungan Eco Park after your run.


Last but not least is the Banaue trail. You can start your run at the base of a mountain for a more difficult trail through the Cordillera region. After that, you’ll realize you have just run 40.22 km and the Banaue trail in the heart of the Philippines. It is one of the most upward and lengthy trails across any of the islands in the country that’s both hot and dry most of the time. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water with you for this trip.

Best Running Spots in the Philippines

Feeling heavy literally and figuratively? Gear up hit these locations, and proceed to run. It is beneficial to the body, spirit, and mind. Even short runs can make you feel more energized. Running also makes you more focused, thus, able to enjoy everything life has to offer.


  1. Julie Olleres

    wow mukang masarap ng mag jogging jan momsh❤️❤️❤️

  2. Maria Catherine Matugas

    Wow Ang nice Naman Ng pLace na ito momsh .. sarap Naman pmunta dito at mag relax .. sarap mag jogging o Kaya Naman mag picnic dun sa lilim Ng puno

  3. Michael David Oyco

    Just to add in Marikina, you guys can also try jogging beside the Marikina river. It comes with refreshing views!

  4. Alexandra Cook

    Sounds like the Philippines has so many great spots for runners. Been joining a diff marathon event and I would love to go here if there will be an event.

  5. Elena Toma

    You are very lucky to have so many nice places for running. Great post !

  6. Sharvina.y

    It’s a great idea to know about the best running spots in any country. I don’t live in the Philippines. However, I’ll do visit some of these places, if I find myself there someday!!

  7. Dalene Ekirapa

    WOW! It’s nice to actually know of these running spots. I haven’t come across any yet in my country but I’d love to find some. Can be good for some morning runs!

  8. Viano Dee

    This is good to know. I personally don’t like running anymore. I do but very very short distances. I used to enjoy it till I had a sprain(not sure what it was though but it was so painful) around my hips when I was younger. It was so bad that I couldn’t work or laugh. I can’t even remember how it went. But it was fun till then.

  9. toastycritic

    I’m sure they are great spots. And I might hike in those spots but I couldn’t do the running. With knee issues it’s too painful to do the running. I love a good hike though.

  10. blair villanueva

    This is an awesome list. Actually we can promote that running spot tourism!


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