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Who doesn’t easily fall in love coming home to a nice-smelling abode?  I, for one, love our house or any place when it has that best-smelling blooms scent.  The smell of clean air also creates a purifying effect on my head, encouraging me to finish my work minus all the grumpy feeling.

I believe, a good home freshener adds character and warmth, making the place inviting and charming.  We used to burn scented candles before.    But when I gave birth two years ago and again with the arrival of another bundle of joy just this quarter, we set aside those candles.  We shifted to plug-in fresheners readily available in the market.   Later, though, we became wary of the extra chemicals that come with the formulation.

From my readings, I learned that those plug-in fresheners only poison the air we breathe and only mask the odor.  In fact, though they smell like cinnamon and citrus, they don’t have cinnamon nor citrus listed as an ingredient.  Which leads me to conclude that they are just created to get rid of the smell using artificial fragrances.  Sadly, they only overpower the odor we are trying to cover in the first place.  And my kids inhale them which all the more makes it bad because again, these products do not have the natural ingredients.

Where does that smell come from?

The odor we smell comes from the many polluting particles present inside the house from dead skin cells to sweat, fabrics and even paints, plastic, and pets.

Sometimes, the kitchen smells of mold.  Perhaps because it needs better ventilation.  It likewise smells of fish whenever I fry a few pieces for lunch.  Even the shoe cabinet can get really stinky. It probably is the bacteria which is causing the odor.

Likewise, it is the small house’s inadequate ventilation that causes the indoor air pollution and that bad odor.  We all know that for one, the high-level of humidity increases the concentration of pollutants inside.

How to get rid of the unpleasant smell plus disinfect air?

A musty carpeting, a dingy mattress, a pungent kitchen, and a smelly closet all contribute to the not so pleasant smell inside the house.  They can be eliminated, though, using an air freshener.  But often, as I have mentioned earlier, most bottles of air freshener only overpower the odor we are trying to cover.

To improve the quality of the indoor air, our family opted to use home care products that have eco-friendly ingredients.  They only contain natural oils, essences, and fragrances with no harmful chemicals.  These odor eliminators have bioactive ingredients as well that draw off and break down carbon particles.  They further oxidize the carbon particles to remove undesired odor and give natural aroma.  And the best part is, they have anti-bacterial properties that help sanitize air and surfaces.

Such brand seems too good to be true but honestly, it probably is.

Who are my odor-eliminator buddies? 

The good thing about social media is almost everything is presented to you.  You just need to test for yourself its efficacy or relay on the good reviews both online and from friends.  I opt for the first course of action.    I would want to see for myself and from there decide if I will be a loyal user or otherwise.  Through social media, I got to discover my odor-eliminator buddies.

MyNatureland™ Bathroom Spray

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Home care product from MyNatural

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Home care product from MyNatural

I love the smell of a clean comfort room.  Seeing our toilet all sparkling clean is also an obsession too hard to disregard.  I could skip taking breakfast or lunch but not scrubbing our bathroom. This mother uses MyNatureland™ Bathroom Spray to inhibit germ build-up and also repeal annoying toilet smell.  This home care product is infused with antimicrobial essences that prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and fungi which often grow in bathroom surfaces and tile spaces.  It gives natural sweet fragrance that stays longer than I’ve supposed.  And because it also disinfects, I use it on toilet bowls and even on door handles and trash bin.

MyNatureland™ Room Spray

To defeat the nasty odor in our room and even in the living room, we use MyNatureland™ Room Spray.  It also sanitizes our room that I even use it in our closet to get rid of that “amoy kulob.”  And because it has disinfecting component, I also use it for our linens and curtains without doing any harm to my kids and even the fabrics.  It is because its active ingredients are all natural which are proven safe for home and human beings.

MyNatureland™ Shoe Spray

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Home care product from MyNatural

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Home care product from MyNatural

Bacteria sneak on the feet and in the shoes if they aren’t well cared for.  To sanitize and remove odors in our footwear, we use MyNatureland™ Shoe Spray.  It has botanical essences that work against free radicals in the environment and on surfaces.  I swear by its efficacy. When I spray it in my boys’ shoes, the bad smell is all gone.  It does not only mask out the foul odor but also absorbs undesired smell because of the natural active enzymes present it in.

MyNatureland™ Kitchen Spray

A spray mist of this product neutralizes all the powerful greasy and smoky odors created from cooking.  I love that it leaves a pleasant natural aroma in our kitchen.  I have to come to learn, too, that its biocide component is what controls the germs and smell.  It likewise leaves our kitchen counter grease-free.

Aside from eliminating the powerful kitchen odor, MyNatureland™ Kitchen Spray also disinfects kitchen tabletops, sinks, and storage cupboards.  I could even use it on our chopping board and refrigerator.  Unlike other disinfectants with strong chemical ingredients, this kitchen spray doesn’t discolor surfaces.  I remember I would want to change refrigerator just because its handle faded due to the abusive disinfectant spray I used back then.

MyNatureland™ Car Spray

A totally natural and safe all-purpose disinfectant and car deodorizer, MyNatureland™ Car Spray contains a mixture of plant essences that provide a pleasant and uplifting natural aroma inside the car.  It is also blended with bioactive enzymes that naturally absorbs unwanted odors minus harmful chemicals.

Often, I spray it nside the car as I park it after use.  The following morning as I use the vehicle, there is no “amoy kulob” anymore.  I also love the fact that its scent does not make me feel sick because of its overpowering smell.

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Home care product from MyNatural

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Home care product from MyNatural

Who are the makers of MyNatureland™ 

It was that deep sense of commitment to its social responsibility that pushed MyNatural to introduce healthy and natural home care products.   Its founders are passionate seekers and also believers of natural, environmentally friendly, and sustainable locally produced products.

Born out of its goal to be at the forefront in providing innovative natural products, MyNatural only wishes its consumer a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Its products are a culmination of almost a decade of research and collaboration with top research institutions in the country and even attendance at international conventions.

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Home care product from MyNatural

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Home care product from MyNatural

As we use each product, I may say that MyNatural is more than a brand.  It is a way of life.  It cares for the planet, helps the local farming communities, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.  MyNatural gives no false promises but a sincere product safe for the whole family to use.    Seriously, with each spray, I feel nature’s natural process of bringing air to its fresh state.

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  1. Steven & Ana Rose (@Roads_and_Pages)

    Great post! I enjoyed reading your blog post as it is very helpful in the household. In fact, it made me research for the product and also inquire for it. How long have you been using their product?

    • momiberlin

      Been using their product for about two weeks now. No plans of looking for alternates.

  2. Maan

    Oh I’ve seen this product in Beauty MNL! I was curious to try the car spray but hesitated because, like you, I’m sensitive to strong scents. I’m glad it doesn’t smell overpowering!

    • momiberlin

      Hope you be able to try the product. Love the best their Kitchen Spray. Love the smell of our kitchen after a few spray. Ihihhi.

  3. Indrani

    Wow good range of sprays there.
    My pick would be the Kitchen spray. The smoky odors linger on for long. I trust this spray should take care of that. Glad to discover this brand in your blog.

    • momiberlin

      Same here. Love the Kitchen Spray the most. Then next is the shoe spray. Ihihi.

  4. Louisa Mercado (@2livelovelaugh5)

    These are all things I can use except for the car ones! I like the bathroom spray. Will have to check this out and give it a try.

  5. momiberlin

    Please give it a try. You would surely drop what you are currently using and be loyal to this brand.

  6. Dr. Elise Cohen Ho

    I will definitely be checking this product out for myself. I love to try new natural products.

    • momiberlin

      Love to try new products, too. But once I’ve found a nice product for us, I stick to that brand already.

  7. nilyncartagena

    Uy. This looks like a good product. But this reminds me that our mosquito killers are all used up. Other than unnecessary smells, it’s the mosquitoes na kalaban namin dito sa bahay.

    • momiberlin

      Perhaps with the smell of the room spray, the mosquito might leave your place. Ehehe. Kidding aside, this is one home care brand I would love to recommend to friends.

  8. Mimi

    I am definitely like you who likes the smell of fragrant scents! I myself use a scented wax to calm myself after a hard day in school; however, the scent doesn’t last that long. I’d like to look into this as an alternative! Thanks for the in-depth review 🙂

  9. Michi (@michisolee)

    I also want a nice smelling house so we also have room spray and air humidifier. It is my first time to read about this brand. I hope the price is affordable.

  10. Mommy Gracie

    I badly need a kitchen spray, thank you sis for sharing this. Glad to know that this one doesn’t have strong chemicals and it helps disinfect pa 🙂



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