Month: June 2019

Negative Effect of Using the Wrong Pillow

Have you ever experienced waking up tired and restless?  I did.  So the husband bought me a quilted mattress which is best for my scoliosis.  The quilted bed somehow was able to support my neck and back as it contours to my curves, eliminating the back pain.  It does...

4 Bedroom Improvement Hacks

This mother admits that her favorite part of the house is her bedroom.  It is my sanctuary and I could even spend most of my time there especially if I am not well and I just want peace and quiet.  Just this month, husband gifted me the sweetest present.  He told me...

5 Easy Tips to Help Kids Love School

This mother remembers when her three boys attended school for the first time.  They weren't like the other kids who cried and begged their parents not to leave them.  My experience was pleasing as my three boys were all excited to meet new friends and finally learn...

Strength Builder Cheez Whiz Mac and Cheese Recipe

Seeing how my kids grow and interact, I am one of the many parents who believe that play contributes to the overall development of youngsters. Through play, they become more socially intelligent, physically strong, and confident. It is for this reason that I encourage...

Heartsies: Happiness In A Snack

It was about an hour or two, our two little toddlers would come back and forth to the living room and kitchen holding a little light blue pack. They would approach me to open the pack and again, return to the living room to play their favorite shape sorter as they...

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Motherhood, as I live it, is a gift not everyone can appreciate until she learns to truly live it. More musings and realizations, fun discoveries, and mommy tips at Momi Berlin's blog.

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