Heartsies: Happiness In A Snack

Jun 22, 2019 | Likes, Only Berlin

It was about an hour or two, our two little toddlers would come back and forth to the living room and kitchen holding a little light blue pack. They would approach me to open the pack and again, return to the living room to play their favorite shape sorter as they munch on those tiny little snacks.

Heartsies: Happiness In A Snack

Heartsies: Happiness In A Snack

The chocolatey goodness in a snack

In the many times I opened the pack for them, I easily understood the excitement. I would always get a piece from the pack and each choco coated heart shaped biscuit spells love. One would easily fall in love with each bite-sized goodie. Its milk chocolatey goodness gently melts in your mouth that would lead you to ask for more. The taste isn’t nakakaumay; on the other hand, you would ask for more until you’ve realized you’re sitting with an empty pack in your hand and wondering how you managed to eat several packs in just a few minutes.

Perhaps, that’s how my two little ones would describe their latest favorite, Heartsies. Its smooth, rich, and sweet taste of chocolate would leave them craving more and more. And this mother lets them have this occasional treat as a perfect dessert or playtime snack.

The milky bready taste in a snack

Heartsies’ biscuit is somewhat crisp but so easy to chew in. Its milky but bready taste makes it doubly enjoyable to munch. I love the sturdiness and crunch of its biscuit and the fact that it doesn’t leave any oily feel on the tongue. The chocolate coating, on the other hand, has the mid-level of sweetness that keeps the umay at bay.

What I love most about Heartsies it that its chocolate melts the moment it hits the tongue – giving one a splendid burst of smooth, rich, and sweet chocolate against the crispy milky biscuit.

Nutritious goodie in a snack

Heartsies Choco Coated Heart Shaped biscuits are manufactured and distributed by SnackerooSnackeroo is a brand dedicated to providing a whole new snacking experience through a variety of happy, fun-filled, and nutritious snacks catered to all ages. More than Heartsies, Snackeroo also has Big Boss, Bits n Chips, and Itsy Bitsy. These happiness in a snack are available at select Robinsons Supermarket and Puregold Supermarket.

Remember when I told you in about an hour or two, my two little ones would go back and forth the kitchen area to get some snacks in our snack box? And every time they come near me, they would ask their mother to open the light blue pack.

Heartsies: Happiness In A Snack

Heartsies: Happiness In A Snack

The following day I checked our snack box, there were no longer Heartsies inside. I truly wonder if it were my two toddlers who finished all the packs or their mother who also hoarded a few packs before hitting the sack. Now, we need to do a quick trip at the grocery to refill our snack box. Munching on some Heartsies truly bring happiness in every bite.  Better try it yourself to understand that smooth, rich, and sweet chocolate feel that would leave you craving for more.


  1. Hnhfua

    Wow yan pala yung laman momshie masarap pala yan

  2. nhetmendoza

    Ay gusto ko to momsh.. parang perfect din sya pag sa mahabang byahe or nagwowork ka may nginunguya nguya ka. Haha. Mukhang ang sarap. Patok sa mga bata.

  3. julie tagum olleres

    ayy chocolate love ko yan mukang masarap yan momsh❤️❤️

  4. Narcisa Berroya Pepito

    New snacks momi Berlin mukhang matuwa nito si Apo ko salamat

  5. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Wow chocolate coated herat biscuit momsh . For sure magugustuhan Ng baby ko ito chocolate lover sya eh

  6. JOanna Lyn

    Super love din to nang son ko kasi sobrang hilig niys po sa cheese.


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