Gardenia Doubles the Fun and Flavor with Its Pocket Sandwich New Flavors

May 27, 2019 | Likes, Live

Do you agree that being a mom is like being a superhero? While trying to be a good protector and inspiration for everyone, she is always running around and doing a multitude of things.  As many say motherhood is a lifetime responsibility, it helps that there is also a trusty little sidekick in tow. This extra hand need not be a caped crusader though. Often, a mom’s best help comes in pocket-sized sizes just like the Gardenia Pocket Sandwich.

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Gardenia Doubles the Fun and Flavor with Its Pocket Sandwich New Flavors

Gardenia Doubles the Fun and Flavor with Its Pocket Sandwich New Flavors

Stay-at-home moms and even on-the-go moms know the importance of snacks for kids.  Preparing them can be time-consuming, though, and at times, stressful.  Plus, they also need to weigh the food’s health benefits.  Thankfully, the Gardenia Pocket Sandwich solves this challenge and offers so much more.

Each freshly-sealed sandwich is any mom’s best friend in managing her youngsters’ snack time.  Developed by Gardenia, one of the leading homegrown bread brands in the country, this merienda-friendly treat comes in an easy-to-bring, no-mess pack.  The Pocket Sandwich comes in delightful flavors that surely appeal to every child’s taste.  Also, each pack is always freshly made for ready consumption, saving busy moms the time to do sandwich preparation.

Kids and moms may opt for their favorite yummy fillings between loaves of creamy white bread-  Cheese, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Strawberry Pastillas. Now, Gardenia is boosting the ante by adding two new variants with DOUBLE the flavors!

Gardenia Doubles the Fun and Flavor

Available now is the combo of White Chocolate and Blueberry, a sweet and luscious mix of milky white chocolate and blueberries.  Another option is the Raspberry and Peanut Butter duo, a blend of raspberries’ sweetness and peanut butter’s creaminess. With these two new additions, snacking is made more exciting for kids and kids-at-heart. They may either fold the Pocket Sandwich and eat both flavors or eat one side after the other.

What makes these new double-flavored snacks a mom’s favorite is that they give more options for picky eaters to eat healthy alternatives.  We all know how mothers struggle when their children get bored with one flavor.  But now with two flavors in one bread, youngsters not only enjoy double flavors but also double the vitamins and minerals that are good for children. Each pack has vitamins A, B1, and B2 which are good for the eyes, and loaded with iron which helps release energy.

Ready-To-Go Treats for Kids

Checking on the Pocket Sandwich myself, I am grateful that Gardenia considered the parents in coming up with such snacks. I, for one, am a busy mom, and with the Pocket Sandwich, parenting can be a little more manageable. More than the tasty and filling treat it gives, the Pocket Sandwich means added mom and child bonding time.  The mother can skip meal preparation and bond more with her children.

Gardenia Doubles the Fun and Flavor with Its Pocket Sandwich New Flavors

Gardenia Doubles the Fun and Flavor with Its Pocket Sandwich New Flavors

Being a mom can be a tiring responsibility, and turning to little help like that of the Pocket Sandwich doesn’t make one less of a mother.  Now, how about grabbing a pack or a dozen of the new flavors of Gardenia Pocket Sandwich? They are available in leading groceries nationwide.

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  1. Dhiasalazarrivera

    Wow buti nlang may ganito na momsh hindi na ko gaanong mamomoblema sa baon ni panganay ko

  2. Julie Olleres

    totoo yan momsh hahaha kc ako minsan kpag sobeng kulit ng anak ko pang uto ko sa kania ung snacks hahaha sunod dn nmn sya

  3. Hnhfua

    Daming gardenia baby.. perfert talaga to pangbaon momshie

  4. Kate Bautista Atkins

    Hassle free sa pagpeprepare ng snacks ng mga kids. Great idea gardenia. Natikman na namin yan at masarap sya

  5. Narcisa Berroya Pepito

    Thanks momi Berlin Ito na ipapabaon ko sa Apo it’s very affordable and easy to keep sa bag ng Apo #momiberlinshares

  6. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Ever since ito taLaga Yung favorite bread naming family masarap Kasi taLaga itong gardenia .. and oh available na palA sya sa leading groceries Nationwide , Matry nga Rin ito .. thank you for sharing momshie ..


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