Rights Women Should Get After Divorce

May 25, 2019 | Live, Only Berlin

Rights Women Should Get After Divorce

Marriage is a bond between two persons. They share love, care, respect, and life with one another. But sometimes, marriage ceases. When the marriage contract dissolves, it does not mean that all the responsibilities of both parties also vanish. They are still legally and morally bounded with each other.

One partner may try to escape from his duties, and the other one has to suffer. In such a case, you can consult the law as there are rules and regulations for the safety of rights, especially for women. Here is a list of some rights that women should receive after divorce:

Financial Assistance

Females need assistance during divorce in pending or after divorce. Women who remain in a more extended period in marriage are more favored for financial support. They need time to rehabilitate or lack the financial assistance given the low income compared to their husband. In such cases, they are allowed to avail financial aid from their spouse until the time they gain skills to increase their income or support themselves.

Legal Fees

If your husband is earning more then you and you are involved in divorce proceedings, then he is liable to pay your legal fees. It is not acceptable that he can afford the best attorney, and you cannot. When you have to select an attorney, you can consult anyone while discussing this provision. Your husband will pay your legal fees.

Some jurisdictions set aside a portion of your marital property to set off your legal fees. Otherwise, your husband is liable to do so.

Retirement Plan and Benefits

Rights Women Should Get After Divorce

Rights Women Should Get After Divorce

Retirement plans and Benefits are part of your marriage assets just like your house and other properties and investment that you both share. You can collect your part of the benefit from your husband.

Estimation and calculation of such benefits is a complicated procedure so you must leave it on your attorney who has the relevant skills and experience. We suggest you consult Wilmington NC Family Law Attorney if you want to get the most satisfactory and impressive services along with solutions to your problems.

Share in Marital House

If you, along with your partner, has purchased a house while in marriage, then you have the right to share one of its portions with your husband. This rule is applicable even if you have not contributed to the mortgage payments.

In case your husband has made payments with premarital funds for the house, and you have children, and you are the custodial parent, you can ask the court to award you the possession of the house.

If your husband is the sole owner of the house, you can request the court to decide not to sell the house until the divorce is not final.

Rights Women Should Get After Divorce

These are just some of the immediate rights you must know after your divorce was granted.  We wish you were able to fight for your rights.  But it is in our prayers, too, that your marriage will not lead to divorce.

Rights Women Should Get After Divorce


  1. Dhiasalazarrivera

    Sana may divorce din dito sa pinas

  2. Julie Olleres

    yess po kpga tlga about sa mga ganyan kailangn na ng mgandang pag paplano

  3. joema

    Choosing you partner is really hard from the start and how the relationship goes is not to our knowing–we just hope and give it a shot. Truly, marriage is no bed of roses as the one doing the deal or both may at time fall out of it, in what ever side of the affinity we may try to perceive.

    However, the one discussed here is not only on the point of view of the other side of bread winner. Yes, parties (considering the bond is about to be broken and for convenience, we will now call them as such rather than partners), will need to (should) get a piece of what they owe to have, that is in legal terms (going legal means all emotions are gone and all the reasons just pops out of no where or shall we say went out from hiding), have there piece of the pie.

    To the couples who are, after 20 so year, still walking together… Kudos to you. I say, you won the lottery 100 times over the moment you got married. may you have 20 so more years together.

    To the couples who got ill-fittedly jointed together, you are not alone. Many many many are still like you. I pray for guidance and strength and of course, wisdom–that at the point of reasons you take the best step for your well-being, and the well-being of your family. For even in suffering or inconvenience in this relationship, we still have our responsibilities to make.

    Momiberlin, this is a very interesting post. Thanks.

  4. Hnhfua

    Nakaka sad momshie but dapat talaga may divorce dito sa atin for me lang po ha

  5. Narcisa Berroya Pepito

    No comment about here momi Berlin sorry but everyone deserves to be free if you love yourself and your kids that’s all #momiberlinshares

  6. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Yah true momsh pag kinasal Kayo taLagang hati na Kayo sa lahat at Kung anong meron sa hubby mo at meron sayo . Kaya kaiLangan talaga think about the marriage di Kasi ganun kadali magpakasal take mahirap Lalo na mag pa divorce laki Rin Ng gagastusin Kaya kailangan talagang kilala muna Yung hubby mo o Yung papakasalan mo Kung talaga mag kakasundo Kayo sa lahat Ng bagay ..


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