Ways To Back Up Precious Family Photos

Jan 29, 2019 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Ways To Back Up Precious Family Photos

I was going through stuff stored in our bodega when I found old family photos – from when I was a child – stored in shoe boxes. As you might expect, the old photos were mostly damaged. Saving prints is something I should have done better to protect these valuable photos.

Today, keeping old family photos is an easy feat. You don’t need large boxes or a complex storage system to store thousands of photos spanning a few years. Everything is stored digitally, making the whole process quick and easy.

Just because the photos are stored digitally, however, doesn’t mean you can be reckless about them. You can still lose precious family photos when they are not stored (and protected) properly. Be sure to follow these tips to back up your family photos for safekeeping.

Organize First

Before you start uploading photos and videos to the cloud, I highly recommend sorting them first. When the photos and videos are stored in an organized way, accessing them later will be easy. At the very least, you can search for specific photos without going through the entire archive.

Categorizing family photos based on events or participants, followed by arranging them by date, is an excellent system to follow. To make things manageable, use folders and tags to help you mark essential photos that you want to remember.

Choose a Cloud Solution

Google Photos is still the best solution for storing photos in the cloud. The service comes with every Google account, and it gives you unlimited storage for high-resolution photos. You can’t save the original files from DSLR and mirrorless cameras, but the high-resolution version is more than enough for most usages.

There are various cloud storage and cloud backup solutions you can utilize. Aside from Google Drive, you also have services like iDrive and Backblaze providing cloud storage space for your photos and other files.

Ways To Back Up Precious Family Photos

Ways To Back Up Precious Family Photos

While you are at it, consider attaching an extra layer of security by adding an offline backup to the mix. You can organize the backup routine to create a copy of your photos, store them in the offline backup drive, and have the online backup service mirrors that offline drive as an added measure.

File Recovery Options

Having a sufficient backup routine is only the beginning. Knowing how to recover your valuable family photos and videos is also an extra layer of protection. In cases of hard drive failure or other issues, you know exactly what to do to recover your files.

Reliable data recovery services from Secure Data Recovery are there to help you deal with file- and hard drive-related emergencies. Secure Data Recovery has perfected recovery technologies for years, which is why they can recover lost data in the most challenging situations.

All you need to do when your hard drive fails – filled with thousands of photos and videos – is to handle the drive itself with extra care. You already have online and offline backups in place; even if you don’t, you can count on the services of professional data recovery company to get most – if not all – of your precious photos back.


  1. Divine Labbuanan-Cabral

    Thank you sa tips mamsh!!!
    Magawa nga din po ito, ang bilis na din kasi ng panahon ngayon. Importante talaga pangalagaan din mga memories…

  2. Chin Enriquez

    I am kinda skeptical about storing my files on Cloud. Kasi naman everything is digital, pati magnanakaw called hackers hehe. All of my files are stored on mmc and usb. I just make sure they dont get damaged like mavirus or macorrupt or else wala na talaga hehe. Lahat ng old photos namin naanod sa baha noon. No more old photos to look at now. 🙁

  3. Rozel Villanueva

    Ako napakasentimental value kung tao na kahit mismo maliit o mumurahin na bagay e sobrang pinapahalagahan ko lalo ba mga pictures na sobrang laki ng alaalang binibigay sakin

  4. Maria leo nila

    Old photos makes me feel

  5. Maria leo nila

    Old photos makes me feel sad

  6. Camille Crudo

    This is very informative and helpful tip! naalala q po tuloy yung ONDOY days. halos 20 photo albums ang nawash out. Andon ang childhood memories q. Lahat nawala ng isang iglap. Kaya naman sa anak q sinisigurado q bawat milestone nya may picture. It’s both printed and uploaded on facebook. I even make scrapbook of her pictures from pregnancy to birth. ❤

  7. Irish Rhenz Mathew

    Big help really informative,masubukan nga din po.

  8. Kat | Petite Momma

    My heart is still broken because of the laptop, external drive, and phone that crashed along with all the photos I saved throughout the years. Slowly I have been printing the photos I have. Hopefully I’d be able to retrieve from family members some photos of the kids when they were babies. Dami ngang shots, hindi naman nape preserve! Their videos, I upload them to a cloud or on a private YouTube channel.


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